Young Man Shows Exceptional Restraint Despite Girls’ Violence

by W.F. Price on December 16, 2010

The headline for this video on the Seattle Times is “Pregnant teenager attacked on Metro bus,” but if you watch the entire thing you’ll see that the person who takes the greater part of the blows and abuse is actually the pregnant girl’s boyfriend, who somehow maintains his composure despite being hit, kicked, slapped grabbed and threatened by a vicious gang of young women. He also acts as a peacemaker and tries to defuse the situation even as he’s being hit in the face. Of course his girlfriend, who doesn’t seem too concerned about her unborn child, can’t help but try to escalate the situation…

I guess the assault on the young man wasn’t worth a headline, but the footage is pretty graphic. You know these articles that have been coming up about an increase in violence amongst young women? Well, here’s a real life example on tape:

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