Young Men’s Eyes Are Open

by W.F. Price on December 14, 2010

A friend sent me a link to an encouraging article in a college newspaper written a little less than a month ago. In it, guest columnist Derek Devine responds to one of the typical “what happened to chivalry?” pieces we so frequently see. These are usually written by naÔve young women who believe in fairytale romances they were watching in their childhood a few years earlier.

Mr. Devine, a student at the University of Portland, suggests that the call for chivalry from women is simply a self-serving desire to have their cake and eat it. Furthermore, he actually mentions the word “misandry” and writes that he is not happy about having to deal with it as much as is the norm.

Last week, a piece was released entitled “where has all the chivalry gone?” I found the majority of the piece to be insulting and presumptuous, even for someone who deals with and reads as much misandry as I do.

Devine gets into the reasons that the modern concept of chivalry is bogus, bringing up many of the points we are familiar with:

As a woman in the 2010’s, I’d challenge Ms. Frazier to ask a guy out if she misses dating so much. These relationships are a two way street, why does it just have to be men expending their physical resources to make the other person involved feel special? Or maybe she’d like to contend that there is a good, not sexist, reason why men should just shower all women everywhere with money and effort, and receive nothing in return.

The way chivalrous conduct was portrayed in Frazier’s article was archaic and completely sexist. The “it doesn’t matter if it’s cheap, as long as you spend money on me” vibe is stomach turning. Saying you miss chivalry is just saying you miss being treated special just because you’re female. Which is fine, just recognize that what you’re saying flips off the last however many years of feminist activism so that you can vote.

Things are definitely changing. Young men are not the blinded fools they were just a couple decades ago. The triumph of feminism has blown away the old hypocrisies and, ironically, left women more on their own than ever. It’s encouraging to see young men’s growing awareness, but it would be even better if young women finally saw what a disaster feminism is turning out to be for them, personally.

I think they will. We may yet see young women cursing the feminists who yanked them out of their homes and away from their children and put them to work in the salt mines of corporate and government bureaucracy.

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