Marriage 3.0

by Pro-male/Anti-feminist Tech on October 28, 2010

What is marriage 2.0?  It has been described in many different ways but this picture from Roissy captures an important aspect of it.
Marriage In One Picture

Who is the guy in the picture?  We have no way of knowing. That’s because men do not matter in marriage 2.0.  At the wedding, the beginning of the marriage, the man is just a guy in a tux.  Everything else in the wedding is about the woman.  He could almost be replaced by a mannequin if it weren’t for the final act of marriage under marriage 2.0 — divorce.  At that point the man is nothing more than a wallet to be pillaged by the woman (and lawyers).  Again it doesn’t matter who the man is.  Any man will do.  In between the wedding and the divorce the man will similarly have no identity either because marriage 2.0 elevates the woman and dehumanizes the man.  In marriage 2.0 the man might as well be a piece of furniture, and if he starts causing problems like trying to assert himself, he may get thrown away (aka divorced).

Knowing this what will marriage 3.0 look like?  The man will be there less and less until he isn’t anymore.  The “marriage strike” is misnamed because more and more men have decided and will decide to completely stop looking for a wife knowing they won’t find one.  How will marriage continue after that?  The only possible way will be if women start marrying themselves, such as this woman from Taiwan.  Chen Wei-yih, the woman who is marrying herself, could be the first woman to engage in marriage 3.0.

The wedding industry will heavily promote marriage 3.0 to deal with falling revenues due to men’s loss of interest in marriage.  Commercials will say, “Why wait for a man for your special day.  Marry yourself like an independent woman and have your special day on your schedule.”  Such an advertising campaign would save almost all of the wedding industry, except for the tux rental portion, because everything in a wedding is about the bride.  To save the tux rental industry the marriage 3.0 advertising campaign will include promotion of the use of mannequins wearing tuxes to replace the men who are no longer getting married.

Where will the men be in all of this?  Since divorcing themselves isn’t going to do anything for the “married” women, expect women to petition the state for increased taxes in some form to be transferred to them.  Whether this will happen or not or how long this will be in effect will depend on several factors, not the least of which is how long the misandry bubble will last.  Otherwise, men will completely ignore these “marriages” and get on with their lives as they see fit.

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