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by Gx1080 on October 4, 2010


The more money a social circle has, the paler it gets. It happens in way too many places to call it a conspiracy. Quit whining about it.

Being the pack leader of a bunch of nerds, chumps or whatever you want to call them is not an achievement. Ask these guys.

The only three kinds of men that are acceptable in our modern PC, lamestream media are the professional bullshitter, the thug and the fag. It’s no coincidence that those men are incapable of forming families.

All the makeup on the world won’t make fatties thinner, uglies prettier or sluts less STD-infected.

Internet Tough Guys are guys who are too cowardly and/or lazy to be real thugs.

Getting laid is actually easier than killing the final hard-mode boss at World of Warcraft. The problems are, first, is hard to do both, have a job and a life because there’s only so many hours in a day, and second and more importantly, both require actual effort, which discounts a massive amount of guys. And, you know, you could have another hobby.

Treating competition and desire for victory as sins is the consolation of the mediocre.

Modern welfare is a bribe to the underclass so they don’t revolt as well as a way for decadent elites to feel better about themselves and to impress their peers. Since both are driven by human ambition, and profit is what it matters in an economy, its nature is to grow to the infinity.

Women abhor emotional stability but love economic stability. Men abhor economic stability but love emotional stability. Opposite, but both are driven by the impulse of wanting to shine and prove themselves as worthy mates.

Chivalry originally was a code of honor, justice, loyalty and killing anybody that breaks the rules of that code. It changed in the Victorian age to a bunch of feel-good bullshit for a) Keeping the suckers stupid enough to believe it outside of the gene pool and b) Allowing chumps to rationalize their inadequacy.

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