Stimulus Supported Jobs Employing Women Set To Disappear

by Pro-male/Anti-feminist Tech on October 4, 2010

The current recession has been called a “mancession” because men working in the private sector lost their jobs, whereas women – mainly working in government and quasi-government jobs – had their jobs protected.  The stimulus provided funds for women’s jobs, which kept these women employed.  However, the stimulus is nearing its end, so women are starting to lose their jobs like men have.

Last Thursday, tens of thousands lost their jobs when a stimulus supported government job program came to an end. The program provided temporary jobs to youths and “disadvantaged parents”.  ”Disadvantaged parents” means women since government does not provide that level of support for fathers.

The job losses for women will not end there.  States are running out of money, and without the stimulus will not be able to employ the armies of women they do now.  California is the most obvious example, but many other states have their own problems.  It has been estimated that up to 400,000 people working at the state and local levels of government could lose their jobs — If things get bad enough which is likely, it could be a lot more.  Since government jobs are held primarily by women, this means women will be losing their jobs.

Another reasons government layoffs could be much worse than 400,000 is that government workers are unionized and there are byzantine rules governing such layoffs.  For example, the state of New York is having trouble figuring out how to select 2000 people to be laid off because of this issue.  However, there is a solution that will likely be used: lay off everyone and rehire people as needed, similar to how Reagan fired the Air Traffic Controllers during their strike in 1981.  Again, since women make up the bulk of government workers especially at the state and local level, this means that not only will lots of women lose their jobs permanently, but many more will lose their jobs for an extended period of time waiting to be rehired.

All of these factors will conspire to create lots of unemployed women.  What will these women do? Perhaps they can go on Craigslist and offer their services for odd jobs such as cleaning up dog poop. Another possibility is prostitution. Already, rental postings on Craigslist are offering free or low cost rentals in exchange for sex.There has even been a case where a woman traded sex for gas. These examples happened despite the fact that prostitution is illegal.  These are serious possibilities for soon to be unemployed female government workers.  After all, being a government drone doesn’t provide a lot of experience for the productive economy.

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