Dismantling Feminism: A Brief Introduction

by Thag Jones on September 22, 2010

In order to dismantle feminism, one must see it first as a part of the larger movement of progressivism, particularly with progressives like Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood and known Nazi collaborator. This philosophy has turned and continues to turn the values on which western civilization was built on their heads, which was always their intention. It might even seem like a classic example of “it seemed like a good idea at the time,” but there are no good ideas gone bad, only bad ideas and good ideas. Progressivism and all its offshoots are bad ideas and the results speak for themselves.

It could be argued that the downward spiral of western cultural values gained huge momentum in the much-lauded 1960s. The prosperity of the post-war era brought a hitherto unknown level of general material comfort and stability, ushering in social programs and greater freedom to use leisure time unknown to previous generations aside form the very wealthy of the population. The result, it would seem, was a spoiled generation that, in its relative opulence, could only think to demand more – more freedom, more leisure, more fun. Fast forward to today and we have a generation of entitled brats who expect lavish rewards for every banal accomplishment. As an example that seems harmless enough on the surface, take graduation ceremonies for kindergarten or even daycare. Who benefits from this? Surely not the children, who are only being trained to expect promotion for little actual work. The parents beam with pride, each watching the whole event on small screens as they preserve the auspicious occasion on digital video cameras and cell phones, as though the child had accomplished something out of the ordinary.

Undeserved rewards, which have come to be known as “rights,” have grown out of this progressive movement, of which feminism is a significant and formidable part. I cannot imagine the traditional head of household father getting excited the way today’s parents do about an accomplishment as trivial as little Bobby’s first crap in a plastic potty, but that is what a good many parents do now, because little Bobby has a right to feel good about himself – also known as self-esteem, that squishy, psychobabble nonsense that tells us we should always regard ourselves highly no matter what losers we might be. In the meantime, self-respect has gone down the toilet along with the strong moral sense that made this civilization great. Like cash payments for good grades, many young people today expect rewards for doing something that should be its own reward and that should be done anyway.

Along with the rise of the concept of “self-esteem” has come explicit permission to do whatever one wants because, if one has “self-esteem,” one regards one’s self favourably no matter what an abomination one becomes. Everything becomes a route to “empowerment” in this culture of unearned rewards and no responsibility. When a person is taught that he (and I use “he” as a neutral pronoun, much to the chagrin of feminists) doesn’t have to do anything to earn respect from others or himself, why bother being a decent person? Why bother struggling through “mistakes” when you can just have an abortion? So what comes next is the disintegration of the family unit – because people aren’t feeling “fulfilled” enough within the confines of marriage and need to “find themselves” – and the total devaluation of human life.

Of course the irony is that now that so many women have been duped by feminism, women are on the whole less happy now than ever, thanks to all these wonderful changes that have taken place. Government schools have been dumbed down to a shameful degree, single parent (usually the mom) “families” are so normal now that girls grow up thinking it’s a viable life choice to stay single and reproduce, the “right to choose” (choose what? The colour of the drapes?) is an unquestionable stance within feminism, and all the traditionally female realms (sewing, cooking, etc.) are sneered at by the enlightened sisterhood. Because of that, we are more dependent than ever on the state and corporations to provide for us what a family used to be able to provide for itself.

All this feminist-progressivist brainwashing has rendered us slaves, units of production without value, and where reproduction is concerned – formerly a key motivation for family life – we are all disposable. A woman can get sperm from a sperm bank or a one night stand, or easily dispose of her husband (or unborn offspring) should they be inconvenient to her, thereby making man and child disposable and woman not much more than a free whore and a maker of replacement units that she can ship off to daycare at six weeks old to be paid for by the state.

Perhaps the undeserved praise we lavish on our children is a subconscious effort to make up for the way we’ve killed our collective spirit. We make children disposable, then treat the ones we “keep” like special snowflakes so that they never quite grow a spine. Wash rinse repeat. Looking into the future, it is bleak indeed if this trajectory isn’t changed. It will take a great effort to change it and it won’t happen over night – heck, it may never happen for all I know, but that doesn’t mean we should sit back and watch it all crumble. In a world where some mothers think nothing of pole “dancing” lessons for kids, we are headed for nothing but lewdness and vulgarity. The movie, Idiocracy, doesn’t look all that far fetched, which is a sad statement indeed.

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