How Female Suffrage Destroyed Western Civilization

by ramzpaul on September 15, 2010

By ramzpaul

A few weeks ago Google paid homage to the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. The following tag was on their home page complete with a little pink checkbox that represented a woman making her choice at the ballot box.

Celebrating 90 years since the ratification of the 19th Amendment, guaranteeing women the right to vote”

As a globalist corporation, Google does not “celebrate” various anniversaries based on the whims of some individual webmaster. Such decisions on what to commemorate on Google’s main page are carefully determined based on cynical political calculations. Either the occasion must be non-controversial (e.g., Celebrating the 71st Anniversary of the Wizard of Oz) or politically correct.

A Short History of Cultural Marxism

“Political correctness” is simply the modern slang term for what is properly known as Cultural Marxism. Cultural Marxism was developed in 1920s Germany at Frankfurt University. Unlike Revolutionary Marxism which advocated violent revolution to establish a new society (such as the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, etc.) Cultural Marxism advocated destroying Western Civilization through cultural subversion. One of the key concepts spawned from the Frankfurt school was called Critical Theory. The Critical Theory ideology that was developed in the 1930s was responsible for many of the “politically correct” memes we hear today, such that sex (gender) is a social construct.

The architects of Cultural Marxism were expelled from Germany in the 1930s once the National Socialists (Nazis) gained power. These refugees found new homes primarily in America and England. When World War 2 ended, the Cultural Marxist ideology soon metastasized quickly across American and English universities.

So while it is popular to imagine that all these radical cultural changes (such as feminism) started with the hippies and beatniks in the 1960s, the roots actually extend back to 1920s Germany and 19th century Marxism.

Over the past 50 years, Cultural Marxism has been wildly successful in the West and it is now the de facto ideology for the establishment. As was the case in the Soviet Union, everyone knows what thoughts are politically acceptable and what thoughts are heretical. Global corporations such as Google are savvy enough to “celebrate” the proper political ideas.

For example, while Google is proud to celebrate the 19th Amendment with a cute pink checkbox, I doubt Google would celebrate the 2nd Amendment with an illustration of a White Man holding a rifle. And all of us who were raised under Cultural Marxism instinctively know why this is the case.

The 19th Amendment

The right for women to vote now seems as American as All-You-Can-Eat buffets and Wal-Mart. Try suggesting to a typical God fearing, flag waving, Republican and Tea Party conservative that giving the vote to women was a bad idea, and watch him recoil in horror like a vampire looking at a cross. To even think of such a notion is anathema and un-American. After all, our brave troops are fighting the evil Muslims in the Middle-East to protect our right to vote!

And yet, for most of America’s history the vast majority of men (and women) were opposed to women’s suffrage. So were George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln all secret women haters with small penises? Or might they have had another reason to oppose female suffrage?

The 19th Century Argument Against Suffrage

Most of the arguments against female suffrage have now gone down the memory hole. School children are now taught that suffrage was inevitable and the people who opposed suffrage in the prior generations were simply backwards and ignorant. Because it is obviously axiomatic that female suffrage is a good thing. To even debate the subject would be crazy! As such, historical writings against suffrage are ignored and buried.

However, extracted from the depths of time is an essay written by a woman who was opposed to suffrage. This essay detailed the logical reasons why female suffrage would harm America.

Thoughts on Female Suffrage

By Madeline Dahlgren, 1871

We acknowledge no inferiority to men. We claim to have no less ability to perform the duty God has imposed upon us, than they [men] have to perform those imposed upon them. We believe that God has wisely and well adapted each sex to the proper performance of the duties of each. We believe our trusts to be as important and sacred as any that exist.

It is our fathers, brothers, husbands and sons who represent us at the ballot-box. Our fathers and husbands love us. Our sons are what we make them. We are content that they represent us in the corn-field, the battle-field and the ballot-box, and we them in the school-room, at the fireside, and at the cradle; believing our representation, even at the ballot-box, to be thus more full and impartial that it could possibly be were all women allowed to vote.”

Notice that it was assumed that men and women have different biological natures and, as such, God has given men and women different responsibilities. The notion that sex is just a social construct would have been considered to be absurd. Also notice the frequent references to religion. Prior to the Cultural Marxist revolution (Cultural Marxism abhors Christianity) Christian ideals were appealed to in an unapologetic manner.

The basic argument against female suffrage was that women were represented by their husbands, fathers and sons at the ballot-box. The essay further argues that as mothers raised their sons (this was before mothers warehoused their children in daycare to pursue their corporate careers) women actually fundamentally shaped the character of men, and hence, the direction of America. As such, women had a powerful voice and they were represented.

Later in the essay, Dahlgren predicted that female suffrage would create competition between men and women which would create an antagonism. Instead of a family standing in unity, suffrage would divide the house. Such division would create discord into the family and weaken the marriage tie. Dahlgren predicted that divorce would become common if women were given the vote.

Dahlgren writes:

We hold that the new status will prove to be the worst kind of communism. The relations between the sexes, so carefully guarded by religion and by parents, by law and by society, will become common and therefore corrupt. The family, the foundation of the State, will disappear. The mothers, sisters and daughters of our glorious past will exist no more and the female gender will vanish into epicene. “

As a contemporary of Marx, Dahlgren correctly identified that the push for female suffrage was Marxist in origin. Fifty years later the Cultural Marxists implicitly agreed with Dahlgren that the best way to destroy Western Civilization (aka Christendom) was to undermine the family. And the seeds that were planted in the 19th amendment paved the way for the spawning of what would be known as feminism.

The people opposed to female suffrage proved to be right beyond their wildest predictions. As Google was celebrating the 19th amendment, a British newspaper detailed the boasting of a 26 year old woman who claims to have had sex with 5,000 different men. If Madeline Dahlgren were alive today, I am sure she would have understood the connection between female suffrage in the West and the decline of civilization.

Single mothers, rampant divorce, abortion and falling birth rates are part of the cancer that is destroying what is left of Western Civilization. But very few people (even conservatives) fail to realize that the inception of this cancer can be found in the passage of the 19th amendment.

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