British Survey Reveals Worker Preference for Male Bosses

by W.F. Price on August 11, 2010

Over two-thirds of Britons prefer male bosses, says a survey released by British recruitment website 3,000 employees participated in the survey, and a significant majority of both men and women indicated that they preferred male supervisors.

The issue was not that women are too meek or not intelligent enough, but rather that they backstab, slander and harangue employees. Some of the complaints revolved around hormonal issues, with most workers saying it was obvious when it was that time of the month, and others said female bosses had a hard time keeping their work and personal lives separate.

Almost half of employees said they trusted male bossses to be open and honest, whereas females often had a “hidden agenda” that created a climate of uncertainty and fear.

Some of the positive attributes of male bosses, according to the survey, include straight talking, less interested in office politics, and less likely to bitch about others.

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