Rampage in New Mexico over Albuquerque DV Case

by Welmer on July 12, 2010

A man armed with a gun stormed into a fiber optics manufacturing company today killing five, including his ex-wife or girlfriend, before taking his own life. Four others are in the hospital with gunshot wounds, including two who are undergoing emergency surgery. The man’s children have been located and are fine. According to one article, the man was a former employee of the company, so there was obviously some grievance besides simply the ex-wife/girlfriend. Perhaps some of her coworkers were offering her support in a pending court case, or perhaps he was laid off; these are a couple of things I can think of that have sparked mass shootings in the past.

Interestingly, the police are quoted saying that the shooting resulted from a “domestic violence dispute.” This could mean that the man had recently been served with a restraining order, which seems in many cases to provoke these shootings. When a couple lives together and one would like to end the relationship, they may avail themselves of a restraining order which will summarily eject the unwanted partner from the domicile by force of law. This is supposed to prevent contact, but in some instances so enrages the recipient of the order that he (or she sometimes) retaliates with deadly force.

We don’t know whether this is the case in this particular shooting, but given how many suicides these breakups cause, there are bound to be some people who will take action against others besides simply themselves.

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