Med Student Has Baby on Airplane, Tries to Flush it Down Toilet

by Welmer on July 8, 2010

Indian surgeons rushed to save the life of a child critically injured when its mother tried to dispose of it in the lavatory, where she had given birth. The baby was taken to the hospital still attached to the toilet bowl, which had to be sawed off to remove the child from the lavatory.

The mother, who had recently completed a degree was returning home via Turkmenistan Airlines. She managed to get off the plane before the child was found, but was identified and arrested in the airport.

Whether or not she will eventually become a doctor is unknown.

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Speechless July 15, 2010 at 20:54

This says more about her culture than anything else.

Punjab is a highly patriarchal state/culture within India. Female infanticide and gender-selective abortion has skewed the male-female ratio there. Pre-marital sex is taboo and pre-marital pregnancy – ? Forget it! A shame that would disgrace her, her family, her ancestors and generations to come.

Her siblings would NOT be able to marry if their sister got pregnant before marriage. In India it’s difficult to get married if you even have a cousin who is divorced.

I’d like to know more about this case – especially why she didn’t get an abortion in the states – perhaps she couldn’t afford it.

I wonder if the Indian media will ever release her name. This is highly controversial and could result in yet another death (her’s).

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alpha August 11, 2010 at 10:09

That’s right, speechless, blame her CULTURE, not HER . Pre-marital sex is taboo? Is it so in the CITIES???Do you even live in the Punjab?????????

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