Another Woman Caught Shaking Down Soldiers

by Welmer on June 19, 2010

Another woman has been caught taking advantage of the bonanza that awaits women who snag military husbands. In this case, Tammy Treat/Patton/Benson, actually managed to pull off bigamy, marrying one soldier, and then after he deployed finding another dupe. While her deployed husband was in Iraq, Tammy took every single bit of his money, and then when he came home and found out she’d married another man she made off with every cent, leaving both husbands in the dust.

Seems Tammy had been married before, and when reporters reached her first husband he expressed no surprise at all at the event, suggesting she was just doing it for the money. Her mother was also contacted, and, of course, blamed Tammy’s problems on other people bothering her.

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