The Chemical Sterilization of the Western Man

by Hestia on June 4, 2010

In our sick, toxic world, men have come under attack through many avenues. A hateful ideology began the attack and legal repressions have followed. Our culture kicked out the father from his rightful place as the respected leader of his family and replaced him with the deadbeat dad, ordered to pay child support by a misandrist justice system all while denied access to his kids. The sugar, spice, and everything nice sex has been encouraged to embrace the dark queen and let her do unchecked, poisoning the well of gender relations and destroying meaningful relationships for several generations of men and women now. Such attacks are well-known by those of us familiar with the gender war, but there has been another grenade of toxicity thrown onto the battlefield, one that is seldom spoken of: the chemical sterilization of the western male.

The class of chemicals known as phthalates and Bisphenol A are used as additives in many plastic items on the market today. Baby bottles, childrens toys, food storage containers, shower curtains, personal care items, and water bottles are among the thousands of consumer products that contain some for of these chemicals. These chemicals have wreaked havoc with the human body and are believed to be endocrine disruptors in both men and women. While these chemicals cause harm to both sexes, the damage done to the male body is particularly disturbing and worrisome. Testicular atrophy and decreased sperm counts have been attributed to phthalates and Bisphenol A. Reproductive malformation in male babies has been shown to begin in the womb and an increased rate of testicular cancer may be caused by this class of chemicals. Testosterone levels are also on the decline thanks to these toxins. These are clearly some very serious issues and ones we all need to consider for the health of ourselves and those we care about.

Whether the ill effects of these chemicals was unintentional or not is debatable, but what isn’t is the damage these chemicals have caused. In the last fifty years, we’ve seen men destroyed from all angles and unfortunately our environment itself has quickly become anti-male with technology gone awry.

Thankfully in this case there are a few ways for men to protect themselves and their sons:

*Avoid purchasing plastic items unless they are free of these chemicals as many consumer products are quickly becoming. This is especially important when it comes to items that young boys might play with and/or put into their mouths. Toys, baby bottles, disposable diapers, teething rings, and the like all need to be considered carefully. Alternatives are available and I’d be happy to pass along information for anybody interested in items for babies and small children that are not only toxic plastic free but “unleaded” as well.

*Look for alternative ways to store leftover food. Canning jars are a good alternative as they are sturdy, inexpensive, and can be used in a variety of situations including freezing. Glass food containers are available for purchase. A variety of metal water bottles now abound.

*Switch out your shower curtain or curtain liner for a new PVC-free variety available at nearly every big box store now. These curtains are only a dollar or two more expensive than their toxic counterparts.

*Know what to look for on plastic products. Items with the recycling codes 3,6, and 7 typically contain phthalates or Bisphenol A. Forgo purchasing such items whenever possible.

*Use low or no-VOC paint when painting the interior of your home, especially rooms that will be used by little boys.

*When shopping for home improvement supplies, personal care products and bug sprays, avoid products containing the chemical ingredients found in this article to avoid harmful additives as much as you can.

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martin January 30, 2011 at 02:51

I have been aware of this attack on the male for quite some time and really think their needs to be something radacal done to awaken people…. you only have to look around you and see the young male generation are starting to look feminine, they have thinner bodys with shoulders as thin as womens…. i also am shocked to hear some are wearing makeup and everyone knows this is not normal for a man to be so vain. This attack certainly on the western male is much more disturbing than one can fathom because it is being perpetrated quite deliberately by government so as to make the male more passive whilst they plunder us into a scientific dictatorship, just look whats going on write now around the globe, it makes it alot easier for them to carry out their plans if the male becomes passive- feminine!!!!

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Rebel May 31, 2011 at 10:49

Western males becoming sterilized?

Don’t see that as negative. At east, not for men.

There is definitely a very positive outcome: no c/s payment, no alimony to pay.

And if men become so feminized that they are no longer interested in women, it is still another great advantage: no rape accusation.

And if men are no longer willing to sacrifice their lives for their family, … well, it’s even better: much less work for men, more leisure hours and… much, much more freedom than we ever dreamed of.

And if men are no longer willing to go and die for “their” country: that’s the cherry on top of the cake for men while women go out and fight wars.

In the end, men are the winners.

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