As Feminism Takes Over US Universities, Decline Sets In

by Welmer on June 3, 2010

Professor Ross Forman, who earned his doctorate in comparative literature at Stanford, had a tough time finding work in American universities, but found an inviting atmosphere in Asia, where his education and skills were valued despite his being male. More and more American academics – most of them male – have been traveling far afield to find work in the better environment provided outside of the United States, where higher education has increasingly come to resemble a ladies’ book club.

In addition to the ideologically-rooted hostility against men standard in American universities, skyrocketing tuition costs and bloated budgets for the benefit of such departments as women’s studies have taken their toll.

Although foreign students continue to flock to American universities, the best and brightest in countries such as China and India are increasingly likely to stay home and attend elite, domestic universities. Fortunately for them, professors such as Ross Forman are stepping in to fill in to provide them with the best America has to offer, allowing them all of the benefits of American expertise without the drawbacks and mediocrity that have come to characterize American higher education.

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