Historical Fact: NOW Supported Child Murderer Andrea Yates

by Welmer on June 2, 2010

Because a feminist commenter has called me a liar for saying that feminists support the right of women to kill family members without consequences, I’d like to highlight the efforts of the National Organization for Women to overturn Andrea Yates’ conviction for murdering her five children.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Houston Area National Organization for Women is rallying support for Andrea Pia Yates, the Clear Lake mother who has admitted to drowning her five children.

In addition to forming the Andrea Pia Yates Support Coalition, the local chapter of NOW plans to help raise money for Yates’ defense fund, the organization’s state president said Thursday.


Shortly after Andrea Yates was arrested, NOW adopted a resolution regarding postpartum depression during a national conference, Bell said. The resolution urges the judiciary to “consider tragedies of this sort in the full context of the nature of postpartum depression,” and calls for more research into the illness.

So there you have it. Child murder totally excusable according to NOW. Call it “postpartum depression” or use whatever excuse you want: the fact remains that the feminists do not want to see a woman punished for murdering her children, and are willing to pay money to have her conviction overturned.

Does anyone think a man should be excused for murdering his family because something was bothering him such as, say, his wife whoring around town?

How about it, feminists?

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