The Fountain of Youth

by Hestia on June 1, 2010

According to legend Ponce de Leon searched in vain all over Florida and the southern states for the fabled fountain of youth, but his explorations were in vain when this magical water was never found. Little did Ponce de Leon know that the real fountain of youth had been with him all of the time, that he knew it intimately it could be said, for this secret was in his pants. The anti-aging properties attributed to this mythical fountain has been found by the modern woman in the form of foreskin fibroblast cultivated from the medical waste leftover after circumcision procedures on baby boys. So popular are such products they have been highly recommend by the Queen of Gab herself, Oprah Winfrey.

Every year millions of newborn baby boys in the United States undergo a circumcision procedure to remove skin and nerve endings from their penis. This procedure is known to cause a loss of sensation and skin mobility and may possibly lead to sexual performance problems later in life. The tissue removed from this procedure is then sold for profit to cosmetic companies and medical research labs where the tissue is utilized in the development of new technology and products. In other words, young boys, barely part of this world, are welcomed to the human family through this cruel rite for the benefit of aging women who will pay top dollar to stay forever young. It’s revulsion and misandry packaged in a bottle, put on the shelf, and sold for top dollar!

If these products utilized tissue from the circumcision or excision of baby girls, would they still be popular? Would they even be allowed to be sold? I think not and for this reason my disgust is especially great.

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