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by Welmer on May 29, 2010

A reader sent me a link to the Gynarchy International website, which is a strange publication that advocates a female supremacist society ruled by Amazonian lesbians. I’ve seen the site before, and at first thought it must be a joke of some sort (read the FAQ), but the more I look into it, the more convinced I grow that these people are serious.

For the most part, the women involved appear to be dominatrixes of one kind or another, which means some of them are probably prostitutes. Lesbianism is quite common among prostitutes, so this isn’t all that surprising, but what really gets me about the site is the men involved in the forum.

These guys are really, truly sick.

Here’s an excerpt from a forum topic titled “Personal Bidet:”


i truly hope your post did not offend any Superiors as my previous Mistress had not urinated in a toilette from the first day She claimed me as Her servant. While She has never forced me to serve as Her toilette when She has had to relieve her bowels (thankfully), it is still the duty of every male on this planet to obey every command from their Superiors. Now that my Mistress has moved back to Sweden, i find myself missing waking up with the hot, acrid and wonderful taste of my Mistress relieving Herself in my mouth every morning.


Personally, i love the taste and warmth of my Mistress’s urine flowing into my mouth.

Funny how the taste varies; sometimes a bit salty, other times bitter, depending on her diet and other things. Any one else notice this?

She likes to bottle her pee and store it for me to drink later, but when it’s refrigerated it tastes eniterly different.

One might be tempted to dismiss this as the ravings of deranged perverts, but the men on the site appear to have swallowed the ideology as willingly as the excretions of their masters:


Caste is a interesting way of thinking about it!

I guess their’s 3 seperate things that will have to constitute any real societal change:

1. mindset of Womyn
2. mindset of males
3. society

Easiest of the above should be to convince Womyn they are superior, hardest will be to convince all males. Society itself would probably be changed along the way to adapting needs and beliefs. I think it’s obvious societies any larger then a small town will not be able to enforce a caste system onto males – so we have to either convince all male’s or convince enough male’s to defend the majority vote in a democracy.


So how to convince, really important to outline why the gender relationship is not 50-50, and that Womyn are the primary organism, most capable and complete. The male is a rough, low featured ‘worker’ version. This imbalance needs to be accepted, recognised and that it makes the Womyn more capable, especially with intellectual and spiritual intelligence – not necassarily more logical, or computationally intelligent, as this is a function also within the ability of the male so it can achieve complex ‘work’. I think that is more than just a different societal caste, but actually a different creature. It does redefine a few text book’s but all are made up of varying amounts of facts surrounded by supporting assumptions.

Another of the reason’s why the Gynarchy appeal’s to me is that increasingly future societies should allow greater level’s and ranges of individual sensation together with broader community wealth and security. That really increases the requirement of societies to be able to understand and manage personal welfare more and more in the context of an evolving technobiological society. Skill’s like empathy are much more natural for a Womyn to employ.

I guess we are all here on these forum’s to think about it and hopefully try and make progress towards what we feel is a hidden truth that the world is needing to recognise now. I feel a bit stupid not realising about Female Supremacy earlier, but I find it so liberating embracing something that feels so true.

Additionally, they are interested in implementing new castration techniques so as to achieve their goals:


Hi Ms Aline et al,
I happened to see the question and answer below at a Yahoo Group.

A Female member asked whether male castration by injection was possible. The answer given was, ” The drug, Neutersol, has now been approved for use in pets in the U.S. It works by injecting a dose into each testicle. I have no idea how much a human dose would be. Right now they’re only talking about using it on puppies. ”

I think it may be worth the Lesbian Sorority asking American members to find out more about this, but that is just my opinion. Hopefully all the Gynarchy membership can consider the ethics and implications of utilizing such a new and potentially useful though untested development.

Although these fellows probably represent the extreme, I think they are actually a good caricature of the prevailing mentality of a number of men, including so-called conservatives.

As disgusting as what they are writing is, their opinions are valuable in that they give us a very clear view of the goals of female supremacism, which, as it turns out, involve drinking urine and castration.

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Chuck P January 9, 2012 at 12:43

As much as advocates of a pure gynarchy are doing some wishful thinking, the practical side of the issue must be considered.
There has never been a purely male dominated rule either
because of the complexity of society.

A more realistic expectation would be of a binarchy where women have a significant role in the management of world affairs, otherwise
there are enough proud males around who would do all in their power to undermine a predominantly female ruling system.

In the arena of international relations cooperation among all factions is essential for stability.

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Danielle July 14, 2012 at 14:17

I will admit that the consumption of urine is extreme. And global gynarchy probably not going to happen, at least not any time soon. However, why not a gynachy country? We have whole continents with extreme forms of male dominated ruling. Every Muslim nation is male dominated in a similar fashion, with the men treating their wives as these women want to treat their men. And the Muslim religion covers all of Africa, almost all the middle east, parts of Europe, and nearly all of the southern half of Asia. Nature always seeks a balance. I think it is only fitting that such an extreme of feminism start here. Male populations are being chemically castrated in the US anyway with all the estrogen pumped into cows for more milk, chickens for more eggs and bigger breasts, etc… Corporate America is emasculating itself. Things have to balance out. Plus look at the population. Men are not the majority anymore, anywhere. There are a lot more women on the planet than men. Women are starting to make more money than the average man. Over 60% of college grads are women, over 90% of honor roll students are female. The number of gender variant men has skyrocked to about 1 in 4! By gender variant I mean anything from simple cross dressing in the bed room to full blown transvestites and transsexuals. Even the number of intersexed children is on the rise, and about 90% of them identify as being female. I find the term “male majority” a joke, because there is no such thing anymore.
Sorry I didn’t mean to get on a soap box, but facts are facts.

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andy October 18, 2013 at 08:20

You are very right, Ms. Danielle. And believe me, such a country would have willing boys (like me) who would try so hard, and admittedly often fail, to learn the new Feminist reality….

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annette cd April 26, 2014 at 11:34

World gynarchy of drinking women’s urine and male castration sounds like it would be an interesting lifestyle change for men to support female supremacy.

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Becky August 17, 2014 at 16:47

The article reflects misunderstanding of the issue and the people involved. That can be remedied by education. I suggest that you try to understand then try to live with the female supremacy phenomenon, because it is here to stay. It is the way of the near future and that’s a good thing.

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