Uncle Sam’s Predator: How a Woman Games the System by Snaring Soldiers

by Welmer on May 26, 2010

Bobbi Ann Finley has been taking young soldiers for all they’re worth for years, draining their bank accounts, getting pregnant with their children, and marrying multiple men at once. The system set up by feminist family law has made her job a lot easier, and armed with false identification she targets one victim after the next, making off with benefits, cash and their progeny.

Bobbi Ann has at least 9 children and has been married to at least 11 men, but the hapless young men keep falling prey to her scam. It seems outrageous that she can get away with what she has, but one must keep in mind that every military base is surrounded by attorneys and services for soldiers’ wives — even if these leeches don’t offer a thing to the soldiers themselves.

America’s feminist political climate has opened the door wide to this kind of abuse, and it was only a matter of time before Bobbi Ann and the like learned the game and started consuming young men.

Finally, one of the young men’s mothers has caught on to her and launched a campaign to bring her to justice. She may be facing some punishment, but if she is caught it is sure to be light, and the back child support from the many men she has snared will be a payoff that should keep her going for quite a while after any short jail sentence she may serve. Evidently, she lies to the police, too (big surprise there), and has even taken that so far that she was arrested for giving a false statement.

Here’s one young soldier’s experience:

Cheeseman says he married Bobbi Ann on a Monday and she was gone the following weekend. When she took off, Shane’s credit cards were maxed out and his bank account was empty. It wasn’t until months later that he learned he wasn’t the only victim.

Ms. Finley has been at large for almost a year. Anyone who knows her whereabouts should contact local authorities and do their part in bringing her to justice.

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