Mom Busted Teaching her Daughter to be a Ho

by Welmer on May 14, 2010

Lashawnda Sharmaine Potts, A 29-year-old Seattle woman, has been charged with sex crimes for making sexually explicit videos with her daughter, who is 13 years old. The video showed them both dancing nude as the mother directed and instructed her daughter in the fine art of sexy dancing.

The mother was visiting the girl in violation of a court order during the incident, and has also been accused of having her daughter drive her around while she bought drugs, probably crack cocaine.

If convicted of the sex crime, Ms. Potts would face a mandatory minimum sentence of 3.5 years.

Events such as these confirm the emergence of the society envisioned by Roissy, who predicts that women will encourage their daughters to use their sexuality to gain maximum advantage in a chaotic society wracked by feminism and other associated degenerative trends.

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