Manhood Academy: Special Ed at Best

by Paul Elam on May 2, 2010

Feminism is characterized by one primary and toxic element.

The women’s movement failed to self police.

By valuing power over principles, and unity over legitimacy, they coalesced around malevolent elements that would ultimately define, and disgrace, their cause. Rather than remaining true to an ostensibly reasonable call for inclusion, they mutated into a bald faced grab for female centricity. They became the very sexist louts they claimed to abhor.

As a result, gender feminism is not the light of reason, but much more like a burning cross, issuing a grotesque, dystopian glow; a suitable backlight for an Orwellian nightmare.

I know, not all feminists are like this. But until the voices of those supposed “not all’s” break their convenient and conspicuous silence, this is all the mention they will get, which is more than they deserve.

There is a lesson here for the men’s rights movement, and one we need to observe, in my opinion, with thoughtful diligence. And as fortune would have it, we now have just that sort of opportunity.

It is a training exercise in moral housekeeping courtesy of The Manhood Academy, a website that is flying the banner of men’s rights, and claims to promote advocacy for men, but actually does nothing more than hide a couple of fascist pigs beneath a thin veneer of social consciousness.

At the core of their “philosophy” is an e-book entitled Principles 101, Feminism, Manhood and You. The title is the most succinct thing about it. The contents are like an assortment of cut outs from internet discussions pasted together in a stereotypic fit by a tweaking meth freak. As a result it reads like a plane (a loose thesis) circling an open field in search of a landing strip (a cogent description), and runs out of fuel before even making the initial approach.

As far as I was able to extrapolate from the jumbled maze of irrelevancies, it all boils down to a few central points.

1. Men are superior to women in every way and have the right, and duty, to subjugate them- by any means necessary.

2. Any form of majority rule (or human decency) gets in the way of this. We need masculine dictatorship, Manhood Academy style.

3. They are willing, hoping rather, to teach other men to be just as screwed up as they are, and turn a buck in the process.

When I say they, I am referring to the sites admins, who go by the pseudonyms of Professor Plum and Dr. LeDice. In the book they support their ideas with several gems of Academy wisdom, oh hell, lets call it hisdom for the sheer manly thrill of it. Here‘s Doc’s and Prof‘s central tenets, in their words:

  • Simply put, manhood is your authority- to govern the lives of others, especially women.
  • Do not tolerate disorderly behavior from women. (Paul’s note: “disorderly” appears to be interchangeable with “disobedient“)
  • Allowing women to vote is no different than allowing children to govern themselves.

And, in one of my favorite passages, the authors take a shots at Angry Harry and yours truly for apparently not being willing to dwell on the “superior strength and intelligence of males.” p. 45 Radio personality Tom Leykis takes a hit as well for distracting men from their “loss of authority” with women by saying that sitting down to pee is unmanly. p. 46

Hey, I don’t make this stuff up. Go read for yourself if you have time to waste. Or, if you set your watch back 100 years, it may prove to be a home away from home.

Now, there are some snippets throughout the text that ring true. Nothing new, mind you, mostly the standard critique of political correctness and feminist ideology. Most of it in some form or another could be found in the comment sections of any MRM forum going back at least 15 years. But even those tidbits of accuracy are wasted. Whatever truth these morons possess is as useful as a Stradivarius to a man with no arms.

One of feminisms most successful hoodwinks was that it convinced the world that the <1% of men who are real deal sloping brow bullies are somehow representative of men in general. It is a lie I have refuted with so much regularity over the years that I had all but forgotten that some of these guys are actually out there.

And now a couple of them are waving our flag. The first two words at the top of their home page are “Men’s Rights.” When I read it I wanted to hurl.

One might ask why all the fuss. Why give any press to or pay any attention to a couple of rejects on the internet? The place is full of them. It is a fair question that deserves an answer.

Actually it deserves a couple of answers.

One, as messy as it can get, we do have the responsibility to do what feminists won’t, e.g. pursue justice, not domination, and do so without practicing the bigotry we are fighting. That’s the simple part.

Another reason is that this stuff can hurt us if we are not careful.

In a totally innocent effort to support the idea of examining the effects of feminism on men, Dr. Miles Groth, who hosted the recent Symposium on Male Studies at Wagner College, made a comment to the Manhood Academy forum in which he stated the general idea that literature that pursues that course of inquiry was suitable to be evaluated for inclusion in a male studies program.

Doc and Prof Manhood played it though, just as though Professor Groth had given them an honorary doctorate, and the next thing you know, the “endorsement” is being “exposed” over at the Daily Kosby some writer named Angry Mouse, as proof that the male studies initiative is about oppressing women.

I have had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Groth on several occasions, and working with him on the articles he publishes at Men’s News Daily. Any idea that he is interested in subjugating women would come as a complete shock to me.

In responding to the Kos article. Dr. Groth told me the following:

“The authors of Principles 101 took my comment entirely out of context. I was simply supporting the idea that all materials addressing the effects of feminist ideology on men should be reviewed for inclusion in male studies curricula. It was not a direct endorsement of Principles 101, which I had not read. Upon reviewing the material in that book, I can only conclude it is promoting a misguided and now certainly dangerous perspective on boys and men.”

And for the record, Dr. Groth’s statement is consistent with every bit of experience I have with him.

I have to hand it to Angry Mouse over at Kos. She played a good round of gotcha, with a major assist from the faculty at Mantard School. She even blocked off quotes from the book under Groth’s name, as though those specific words had been read and endorsed by him, though no such thing ever happened.

Sometimes lessons come hard, as I am sure Miles Groth just found out. I am sure he would do that one over.  But I hope we are all paying attention. The men’s movement is not just playing comment wars any more in obscure forums populated by opinionated spectators of a growing cultural battle. The movement is actually moving now, and where we have always been targets for condescension and ridicule, those little cap pistols will be replaced by much bigger guns. Even a totally innocent misstep like the one from Dr. Groth will be seen as a cut in which to pour salt.  It will be exploited the same way we see gaffs by politicians played in the media.

Every vulnerability, real, perceived, or fabricated, will be played against us in a major league game of dirty pool that will make Kos‘s antics look like nothing.

Expect it. Count on it. And be prepared to draw lines.

Now would be a good time. Allow me to respectfully suggest that if you are an MRA blogger and/or activist, that you go on record about this one. If you link to them, please consider removing it. If you visit the site, please consider there are better options that don’t put you in the company of the mentally unemployed.

There are enough MRA’s, and the numbers are growing, that we don’t have to defend every idiot that can start a website and say he’s against feminism. Indeed, things are getting to the point that if we aren’t careful about that, it is going to really do some damage.

Let’s do what they didn’t and what they won’t. Let’s go on the record that we stand for something greater than this lunacy. Let’s take out the trash and keep our house in order.

Paul Elam is the Editor-in-Chief of Men’s News Daily and the publisher of A Voice for Men.

Dr. Paul is a pseudonym only.  The author of this article, Paul Elam, is not a qualified medical or psychiatric professional and does not purport to offer counseling, psychiatric services, or expert psychological advice.

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Steven July 22, 2010 at 08:18

Hmmm, I must have read a different one then you did. My take on the ebook was different than yours. I do agree that it went on and on, but that’s about it.

The one thing that I wanted to point out is that I didn’t take it as anti-feministic. I’ll reread it again, but it seemed to be only a guideline of how to control the outcome of a male female interaction. The same techniques can be used between men. Interestingly we use our knowledge of body language to accomplish the same goal.

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JCAR October 21, 2010 at 09:29

I was open to your criticism of the manhood academy and their ebook until you started making hangman arguments. The ebook does not say that men have the right to subjugate women. It does not say that men are superior to women in every way. It does not say that women shouldn’t be allowed to vote. These are outright lies.

I don’t agree with every single thing the ebook says. The author can sometimes come across as an asshole. I do, however, agree with the social principles that it endorses. It endorses male/female cooperation instead competition for power in private life. It endorses male leadership and authority in a relationship because evolutionary psychology has made males the most fit to lead. It condemns oppression and violence against women. It encourages men to turn a dysfunctional situation into an orderly situation with assertion and discipline. It encourages men to lead their women and their male peers by example.

I was annoyed by the typos, though. Couldn’t they just have gone over it and made the corrections? There were so many typos that I almost think it was intentional. lol

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Collin November 1, 2010 at 12:06

I strongly disagree with how you took the e book. Firstly, I think you were either reading it in an entirely different mindset, or just plain out don’t understand the meaning of authority over competition.

Obviously the author was not trying to say that women are worthless creatures not worthy or capable of even taking care of themselves, rather he was arguing against the position they have placed themselves in, in today’s society. They fight for a position of domination and leadership, when, in general, men are much more suited for this position of power. We have genuinely different levels of thinking and processing that allow us to handle a vast majority of situations entirely differently.

I think you should reread it, except this time without such a bias mindset that the author was out there just to bash women. If you would take your head out of your ass and actually listen to some of the things the author claimed, you will see that most of it was not very far from the truth. He at no point said women should not be able to vote and never said they were inferior to men. He simply stated that men and women were created to fulfill different roles in both relationships and society and the appropriate parties should stick to their respective duties.

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Nicholas November 23, 2010 at 13:09

Looks like Manhood Academy has answered Paul Elam, calling him on his false accusations: rebuttal

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KLG April 21, 2011 at 09:39

I just read their ebook..and it is one of the most hateful things I have ever read against women. It is full of stereotypes and over-generalizations. Society should be EQUAL-it shouldn’t emphasize one gender over the other. Their book compares women to children that need to be managed because they don’t have the mental capacity to do anything. Then they add in the age-old…stereotype that women are hysterical and over governed by emotions. Then they go on to say that women are inferior in the workplace and are floated by while men do the “real work”. What a crock of shit. I was never one to buy into the whole “women are underpaid” line that often gets thrown around. I am a woman who has worked and excelled in many male dominated fields. I hold my own and have never “bullied or berated men” into being subservient. I tested higher than anyone (women and men) in regards to mechanical ability and knowledge on military aptitude tests. I was always good at science. If there is something heavy that I need to lift…I find a way to do it myself. I never expected my boyfriend to pay for meals. We always paid equally while he was employed. In fact, right now, I am fully supporting him financially so he can go to college and not have to work. I am not a girly girl but I am not butch either.

Their statements on womens mental ability are scientifically false. Their propaganda mill should be shut down. They are a dangerous and hateful group.

I am not militant and attempting to make men subservient. Society should be entirely equal. I agree that divorce law and child custody standards need to be changed to reflect current times. Men do get the raw deal in those cases and it is unfair. Those laws and standards were formed in a different time where women didn’t work. Now, women can hold their own and don’t need to be funded by alimony. Children in these situations shouldn’t automatically go to the woman which is, unfortunately, often the case.

There is more I can say here…I would have commented to the Manhood Academy page but they will just respond with another picture of a woman with a black eye with the caption, “bitch should have kept her mouth shut”-like he did to another comment poster. Or he will add the wining little girl pic. And here I thought what he was saying was that women were the “immature ones”.

All I will say is that men shouldn’t be the bread winners and women shouldn’t be baby making house keepers. Tasks should be split whenever possible. I watched my genius level mother who excelled in physics, math, biology and chemistry (graduating first in her class) become a soul-less resentful house wife. My father worked 3 jobs to pay off everything early so they could “have fun” when he retired. My mom died of cancer then my father had a quadruple by-pass surgery and almost died himself. Just shows you how “successful” that “coveted” 1950′s style of “family” works out to be. My dad has all kinds of money stashed away…but is all alone now. Live life to the fullest while you can. Don’t waste your time on stupid shit. Live your life and help others when you can.

Both genders contribute to society equally. I am sick of all of this finger pointing bullshit from both the feminists and the man-ists. They sit there and hatefully blame all of society’s problems on “the other side”. Everyone is different. Everyone has different interests and abilities that are not limited to/by their gender.

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Begby May 11, 2011 at 09:03

Sorry KLG,
we don’t want androgynous wives who traded their sexiness for masculinity. We don’t want a roommate who is obsessed with splitting everything down the middle. We don’t want someone who brings no femininity to the table, yet expects us to be fully masculine. We don’t want a mechanic or a army ranger as a freakin wife.

If we wanted any of that crap, it would be far cheaper and easier to have male friends as roommates.

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Luke March 19, 2014 at 01:50

I’m sorry, but I have to agree with Manhood Academy. Men have continually put themselves down, just to work with women, when we actually have the capacity to be so much more. Women have continually strayed away from opportunity, because they’re natural coward, because they natural overgrown children. Arthur Schopenhauer was very correct when he made that comparison. The only thing keeping women from whoring themselves to us for food and shelter is because they have the government to whore themselves out to. Meanwhile, while they’re busy trying to manipulate men to do what they want, real men are making real progress… like creating the wheel, the steam engine, the spaceship. Women have been holding themselves back. And because they were scared of change, because change is blunt surprise. Just like when you try to surprise a child, they get scared sometimes and hide behind the nearest adult.

Men are physically bigger than women and children. We should be managing our emotions better. If we don’t, we are dangerous and scary to smaller people, like women. So, I’m sorry to say, we do have to man up, women aren’t going to be around to dry our eyes when we’re throwing a fit.

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