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by Welmer on April 23, 2010

I came across a blog written by a woman who calls herself a postfeminist (among other things), and is apparently hated by feminists despite the fact that she seems to deal with similar issues and themes. This woman, Susannah Breslin, strikes me as someone who is genuinely curious about the world, and is looking for truth in her own way. Breslin has written extensively about the porn industry and contemporary American sexuality, publishing some very revealing stuff, such as her “Letters from Working Girls” and “Letters from Johns” series on prostitution.

I came across Breslin while researching the concept of “triggers,” because The Spearhead has been accused of “triggering” on many occasions, and I thought finding out what triggers feminists might be revealing. Evidently, Susannah Breslin does, and that alone sparked my interest.

What is it about Breslin that causes mutual dislike between her and feminists? My take on it is that she’s a radically honest person. She has the artist’s tendency to bring out the substance of a subject, including the stuff that is usually hidden out of some social consideration, and feminism is dedicated to perpetuating a massive fraud. She threatens their facade of lies, and it sends them over the edge. Kind of reminds me of Roissy, I guess.

I’d suggest readers take a look at Susannah’s work. As far as I can tell, she’s an example of one of those rare women with a true hunger for truth and knowledge — the type who cuts through the pretty lies and reveals the beating heart of humanity. In the process, she manages to retain her own humanity. Impressive.

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