Is Male Studies OK? Forbes Magazine Not So Sure

by Welmer on April 21, 2010

Forbes Magazine has been publishing a lot of feminist material lately, and has set up an exclusively female community to give women a male-free department where they can pressure the publication and its readers without any interference from pesky males.

One of the current conversations concerns the legitimacy of Male Studies, which is a new discipline that aims to provide boys and men with some space of their own where they are not subject to endless feminist tirades against men. Needless to say, the Forbes women are not all that enthusiastic about the idea.

Forbes women’s objections include the rejection of feminism by Male studies. Interestingly, April Scarlett of the Forbes Women (posting on their Facebook page) conflates feminists with all women:

But creating a new studies program for men by ripping on women/feminism is hypocritical. The gentleman in the article is doing exactly to feminists what he is accusing [them] of doing to men.”

This is something men ought to pay attention to, because it is not at all clear that all women are feminists. Although it is often a tempting thing to do, painting all women with the feminist brush is no more accurate than it would have been to paint all Germans as National Socialists during the years the Nazi regime was in power.

It may well be true that all women at Forbes Magazine are feminists, and it seems that feminism (or at least lack of resistance to the same) is a virtual prerequisite for women, not to mention men, in positions of power, but I’d go so far as to say that most women do not self-identify as feminists.

The feminist party, if we may call it such, probably claims only about 20% of America’s women, and the hard core likely little more than 2-3% of all women. In fact, the predominance of lesbians, who comprise roughly 2% of America’s female population, at the highest levels of feminism suggests that true radical feminists are a small group indeed. However, this small group wields enormously disproportionate power in media and politics, and much of that power is due to the willingness of men like Steve Forbes to support and foster its members with jobs and cold, hard cash.

Forbes Magazine is probably shooting itself in the foot by betting that the future will be dominated by this tiny group of power-hungry women. Perhaps, because Steve Forbes has five daughters, he sees them as the future corporate masters of the United States, but I doubt it will play out like that. Forbes has always been favored by conservative men, and these kinds of attacks on its core readership are bound to eventually sink the ship.

The sooner the better, as far as I’m concerned.

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