Feminists Use Mad Men to Agitate Against Fictitious Pay Gap

by Welmer on April 21, 2010

I’ve only seen a few episodes of Mad Men. I didn’t find it all that impressive. Although Jon Hamm is a pretty good actor (despite the unfortunate surname), there’s only so much you can do with the poor material. One thing that annoyed me while watching the series was the thinly-veiled social commentary, which is loaded with worn-out old themes. The depictions of an America dominated by cigar smoking capitalists reminded me somewhat of the hackneyed Communist propaganda of the late postwar era.

Now, an article in a mommy blog has reminded me why Mad Men bothered me. Claire Moshenberg, writing for Moms Rising, has taken an episode from the show to demonstrate the crushing burdens that fall on the poor, oppressed women of America today. Trotting out the tired old lie that women “make 77 cents to every dollar earned by a man,” Moshenberg suggests that things haven’t changed much for women since 1963.

I suspect that this is the point the writers of the show – seven out of nine of whom are women – are trying to make. Although the irony of powerful women writing victimhood propaganda is probably lost on the young feminist activists, it’s pretty obvious to me, and demonstrates that where women are in charge today, consolidation of eternal victim status and concomitant privilege for women is the overriding goal in all endeavors.

This is really where the pressure responsible for the rise of the manosphere came from. In our culture, feminism has come to so dominate the efforts of women that there is almost nothing that women in power do that isn’t tainted by it to a large degree. There is no true desire for equality — it is an eternal power grab at the expense of everyone but educated middle class and elite adult women that will never, ever end unless someone puts a stop to it. If no one does, it will consume and wreck our society, which, in my more pessimistic moments, I see as an inevitable consequence.

But at least some of us can try…

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