Defeated as Men, Japanese Boys Don Skirts

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by Welmer on April 19, 2010

The phenomenon of the Japanese “herbivore,” or grass eating boy, has been explored on The Spearhead before, but it has apparently been raised to a new level. Young Japanese men and boys have given up on being male, because there are only penalties for being so, and are now wearing skirts and acting like girls.

I have studied postwar Japan to a limited extent, and one of the things I learned was that feminism was never much of an issue for the postwar Japanese, because the US occupational authorities imposed suffrage and women’s rights from the top. It seems that our policy has borne fruit, and that Japanese masculinity has been severed at its root. It might be said at this point that Japan is the first true eunuch nation — surpassing even the Anglo societies that imposed feminist supremacy on the Japanese.

This problem is (obviously) not limited to the Japanese. However, in a culturally isolated island nation such as Japan, the effects might be more pronounced in some respects than in more integrated societies such as Europe, the British Commonwealth, or the US.

Although these trends may seem like cause for dismay, I don’t think “redefining masculinity” is always a bad thing. Boys and young men have a way of reinventing things when what they are faced with is awful, and it appears that being a man in Japan, with the stagnant economy, rising divorce rate and disintegration of the family is a pretty raw deal. If this silly trend of foppish and girlish behavior is actually a flat-out rejection of the role that a misandrist society has handed to men, then at least we might be a bit optimistic in that the boys are actually making some form of protest.

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