Obama to Nominate Radical Feminist for Supreme Court?

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by Welmer on April 16, 2010

There has been some speculation that Elena Kagan, the allegedly lesbian Solicitor General, is a favorite for Supreme Court nomination. Perhaps this is to be expected, but it remains to be seen what the American public’s reaction would be to having a radical feminist up for a position as a Supreme Court justice, which is one of the most powerful positions in the United States.

Kagan’s appointment as Solicitor General was enthusiastically endorsed by the Feminist Law Professors blog, which gives a good indication of exactly what her positions are in regards to feminism.

However, according to Salon, her liberal credentials are suspect. Not only does she supposedly support the “the Bush/Cheney vision of Government and the Thomas/Scalia approach to executive power and law,” she has maintained a suspicious silence about the constitutional abuses perpetrated in the “War on Terror” that followed 9/11.

Therefore, Kagan may represent the worst of both the liberal and conservative worlds, being a staunch defender of feminist entitlement on the one hand, and willing to allow breaches of the Constitution in the name of security on the other. We should remember that feminism isn’t about left or right, but rather about supremacy and power. It has transformed from a movement into a regime, and therefore we should expect its powerful leaders to behave just as power always has: ever hungry for more.

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