Churches Starting to Become Aware of Feminization Issue

by Welmer on April 1, 2010

According to a British charity, Christian Vision for Men, the church has become too feminine, and is driving men away. Carl Breech, a Baptist Minister who is General Director of CVM, points out that most churches are currently about 70% women, and this disparity ought to be addressed through male-targeted language, imagery and programs.

CVM thinks that the old-fashioned language, which emphasizes “love” of Christ, is misinterpreted by young men today, because love has come to be equated with sexual intimacy. Rather than using such flowery, effeminate language, they suggest that sermons emphasize why men should respect and admire Jesus. Discussion of issues that are concerns for men, such as pornography, are also suggested.

Personally, I am skeptical about the chances for revival of a patriarchal institution in a society in which most wealth is in the hands of women. It is often older donors who give the most to churches, and old women outnumber old men significantly. Even preachers want to make a living, and if that means catering to women, that is what they will do.

The structural changes brought about by the sexual revolution may be too much for most of Christianity to handle, as the message churches preach is becoming irrelevant in today’s society, and the advice spiritual leaders give is often counterproductive, and sometimes harmful. If, as many churches have already done, the bulk of Christianity simply becomes matriarchal and feminist, the contradiction between scripture and practice will slowly tear it apart, just like the Episcopalian Church in the US, which is a shell of its former self.

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