Women Engage In Double Standards Far More Then Men Do

by Obsidian on March 6, 2010

Yesterday’s discussion, along with other items in the news, has inspired me to write this post, about just how much Women engage in doubles standards all. The. Time.

This is an important topic, since it won’t be long, if you’re a guy, before you hear some lady bemoan stuff like “the sexual double standard” or “the income gap”, a form of a double standard, and so on. And to be sure, both of these issues gets mad facetime and ink. Much, much less is said though, about the very real double standards in reverse, let alone Presidential attention. But fear not, for I have come to shed the searing Light of Truth on these and other pressing matters of the day, for once you know the Truth, it shall set you free.

So let’s dive right in:

Female Double Standard #1: Women Objectify Men MORE Than Men Objectify Women. This is a fact, easily proofed by the most casual of observations. How? Simple: height. Women make no bones about not wanting to date a Man their own or shorter height. Take a quick spin around the Internet, there you will see Women being quite flippant, and others downright adamant, about rejecting out of hand a Man’s lack of vertical cred. Of course, many of these very same Women will call any Man who judges a Woman’s objective beauty scale to be “objectifying” and the like, and notice, have you ever heard Men en masse deny this? Even more to the point, isn’t it true that Men settle much quicker than do Women, all things being equal? Then there’s the reaction of many of these ladies when they’re called out on the carpet for their blatant objectification of the Male form and rank discrimination based on physical factors one has no control over. Even when you freely acknowledge their right to choose whomever they want to be with they’ll attempt to shame you by calling you names and the like. Yet these are the very same people who have no problem labeling others as racist, homophobe, fascist, etc. Pot, meet Kettle much? Of course, a Woman’s desire for a taller Man hearkens back to our Evolutionary past, when choosing a Man based on his physical size was a reasonable thing to do; after all, somebody had to do the heavy lifting and if necessary, killing of potential enemies. But in an age where even a kid can pull the trigger of an AK47, and when much smaller wives kill their hubbies all the time, such a fixation is really kind of silly. Yet Women will vehemently defend their right to be basically, a bigot, and will engage in rank hypocrisy at the same time. The reason why I say that, you see, is because often these very same Women will poo poo Evolutionary Psychology as being inherently misogynistic. But as we can see here, they have no problem actually embracing with a big ole bear hug, EP when it suits them.


For more on this, please see anything in the current press about Lori Gottlieb, also my recent post on her and her book “Marry Him!”

Female Double Standard #2: Women Are Snobs Much More Than Are Men, AND, Don’t Really Believe In Merit Either-We are often berated about this sort of thing by Women en masse, yet many of these very same Women have no problem looking down their noses at “lesser” Men for not coming from the “right” pedigree, or not having gone to the “right” school (or school at all), not being in the “right” social circles, and so on. As author and avowed lesbian Norah Vincent chronicles in her must-read book, Self Made Man, Men are much more inclusive than Women are, especially when it comes to merit-if you can do the job, you’re in. Moreover, Men are more apt to create a system that’s more “flat”, that is to say, that is more amenable to Men or Women being able to move from one social class to another, based again on merit or at the very least, effort. Not so for Women, and this can be most vividly seen wrt Game — you wanna know the real reason why so many Women flail so wildly about on this issue?

Because Game gives Men the tools to move up through the social hierarchy that was once reserved only for the “natural Alphas” Women always desired; “how dare those poor schlubs step out of their place!” It rankles many Women deeply, in ways they themselves may only be dimly aware.

For more on this point, please see my post, Why Game Elicits So Much Hate.

Female Double Standard #3: “Reproductive Rights” Is About WOMEN, Not Men. And Women Want To Keep It That Way, with quite a few news items appearing before us involving this thorny issue, for example: the recent Pro-Life promotion efforts in the Black community, or the Woman who live Tweeted her abortion, or the Healthcare Bill that’s tied up with abortion-none of them addresses the very basic and simple premise: that it only deals with one half of the population. “Reproductive Rights” is taken to mean something that only Women can have. Men have no reproductive rights that any court is bound to respect.

This becomes deeply problematic because Women have successfully put forward the notion that dads are optional now. Indeed, many Women are becoming single mommies *by choice*, and not just among the Lori Gottlieb set. Have we forgotten the “pregnancy pact” girls in New England a few years back? As the book Promises I Can Keep clearly shows, poor Women want to be moms and are prepared to go it alone if need be. Of course, there is no Male equivalent to such a book, even when I asked its authors whether they had interviewed the baby daddies. They hemmed and hawed and finally had to admit, no, they didn’t. Hmm.

At any rate, the issue is clear: if a Woman has the right to determine when, and under what circumstances she is to become a parent, it is only right and just to say that the same should apply to Men. But, a quick perusal of some of the much staunch advocates for “Choice” on the Internet, will have no compunctions vociferously denying a Man’s right to choose, too. Here again, Women want the double standard to be removed when it impacts them negatively, but have no problems with it when it doesn’t. Like I said, hmm.

And don’t even get me started on Mandatory Paternity Testing…

Female Double Standard #4: Women Have No Desire To Financially Support A Man For ANY Reason-Here we get to the good part. While Women en masse are all for overturning archaic notions of gender and the like, when the rubber hits the road, they not only balk but are vehement in their refusal to Man Up. Case in point? Paying for dates. Regardless of the fact that Women now make up a clear majority of the American workforce and are more educated and higher earning than many Men, to say nothing of the effects of the Mancession, Women can still be heard trying to shame Men into paying for dates, or paying more for dates, or saying “I’m not gonna support a lout” and so on. Yet, when has *any* Man said such a thing, historically speaking? It was expected that not only was the Man to pay for the date(s), but he was also to support the wife *for life*. We all either saw firsthand, or have heard of the guy who, on payday, hands his check over to his betrothed. Well, Today’s Women say “screw that!” — they’re having none of it. They want the goodies of earning a higher income, but none of the responsibilities that come with such a high honor.

But wait Obsidian, I’m not like that, some of you ladies reading along may say. And indeed, some of you aren’t like that, my own personal life, present and at some points in the past, attests to this. And for this you are to be commended. Nevertheless, you know as well as I do, that there are easily twice or thrice as many Women out there, who take the view I outlined above, with no problem whatsoever engaging in double standards.

Research Question for the Fellas; listen closely, and please respond:

1. Of the past 10 Women you’ve dated or otherwise were romantically involved with, how many offered to pay for the *1st date*, without you prompting them to do so?

2. How many of them paid, or offered to pay, for *any dates* during the life of your courtship?

3. When’s the last time a Woman called you up and asked you out on a night on the town — on her dime?

4. When’s the last time a Woman bought you a drink?

The responses, should be most interesting to read.

The bottomline here is that Men en masse, never seemed to have that much of a problem paying for dates and supporting their Women when it called for them to do so; after all, until relatively recently, Women weren’t as fully self-supporting in that regard. But now that the tables have turned, Women have made it quite clear that not only do they not have any desire to return the favor, but they also don’t have any problem denigrating any Man who fails to measure up.

Yet another case of the Female Double Standard.

My job is done here.

Holla back

The Obsidian

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