Women Engage In Double Standards Far More Then Men Do

by Obsidian on March 6, 2010

Yesterday’s discussion, along with other items in the news, has inspired me to write this post, about just how much Women engage in doubles standards all. The. Time.

This is an important topic, since it won’t be long, if you’re a guy, before you hear some lady bemoan stuff like “the sexual double standard” or “the income gap”, a form of a double standard, and so on. And to be sure, both of these issues gets mad facetime and ink. Much, much less is said though, about the very real double standards in reverse, let alone Presidential attention. But fear not, for I have come to shed the searing Light of Truth on these and other pressing matters of the day, for once you know the Truth, it shall set you free.

So let’s dive right in:

Female Double Standard #1: Women Objectify Men MORE Than Men Objectify Women. This is a fact, easily proofed by the most casual of observations. How? Simple: height. Women make no bones about not wanting to date a Man their own or shorter height. Take a quick spin around the Internet, there you will see Women being quite flippant, and others downright adamant, about rejecting out of hand a Man’s lack of vertical cred. Of course, many of these very same Women will call any Man who judges a Woman’s objective beauty scale to be “objectifying” and the like, and notice, have you ever heard Men en masse deny this? Even more to the point, isn’t it true that Men settle much quicker than do Women, all things being equal? Then there’s the reaction of many of these ladies when they’re called out on the carpet for their blatant objectification of the Male form and rank discrimination based on physical factors one has no control over. Even when you freely acknowledge their right to choose whomever they want to be with they’ll attempt to shame you by calling you names and the like. Yet these are the very same people who have no problem labeling others as racist, homophobe, fascist, etc. Pot, meet Kettle much? Of course, a Woman’s desire for a taller Man hearkens back to our Evolutionary past, when choosing a Man based on his physical size was a reasonable thing to do; after all, somebody had to do the heavy lifting and if necessary, killing of potential enemies. But in an age where even a kid can pull the trigger of an AK47, and when much smaller wives kill their hubbies all the time, such a fixation is really kind of silly. Yet Women will vehemently defend their right to be basically, a bigot, and will engage in rank hypocrisy at the same time. The reason why I say that, you see, is because often these very same Women will poo poo Evolutionary Psychology as being inherently misogynistic. But as we can see here, they have no problem actually embracing with a big ole bear hug, EP when it suits them.


For more on this, please see anything in the current press about Lori Gottlieb, also my recent post on her and her book “Marry Him!”

Female Double Standard #2: Women Are Snobs Much More Than Are Men, AND, Don’t Really Believe In Merit Either-We are often berated about this sort of thing by Women en masse, yet many of these very same Women have no problem looking down their noses at “lesser” Men for not coming from the “right” pedigree, or not having gone to the “right” school (or school at all), not being in the “right” social circles, and so on. As author and avowed lesbian Norah Vincent chronicles in her must-read book, Self Made Man, Men are much more inclusive than Women are, especially when it comes to merit-if you can do the job, you’re in. Moreover, Men are more apt to create a system that’s more “flat”, that is to say, that is more amenable to Men or Women being able to move from one social class to another, based again on merit or at the very least, effort. Not so for Women, and this can be most vividly seen wrt Game — you wanna know the real reason why so many Women flail so wildly about on this issue?

Because Game gives Men the tools to move up through the social hierarchy that was once reserved only for the “natural Alphas” Women always desired; “how dare those poor schlubs step out of their place!” It rankles many Women deeply, in ways they themselves may only be dimly aware.

For more on this point, please see my post, Why Game Elicits So Much Hate.

Female Double Standard #3: “Reproductive Rights” Is About WOMEN, Not Men. And Women Want To Keep It That Way, with quite a few news items appearing before us involving this thorny issue, for example: the recent Pro-Life promotion efforts in the Black community, or the Woman who live Tweeted her abortion, or the Healthcare Bill that’s tied up with abortion-none of them addresses the very basic and simple premise: that it only deals with one half of the population. “Reproductive Rights” is taken to mean something that only Women can have. Men have no reproductive rights that any court is bound to respect.

This becomes deeply problematic because Women have successfully put forward the notion that dads are optional now. Indeed, many Women are becoming single mommies *by choice*, and not just among the Lori Gottlieb set. Have we forgotten the “pregnancy pact” girls in New England a few years back? As the book Promises I Can Keep clearly shows, poor Women want to be moms and are prepared to go it alone if need be. Of course, there is no Male equivalent to such a book, even when I asked its authors whether they had interviewed the baby daddies. They hemmed and hawed and finally had to admit, no, they didn’t. Hmm.

At any rate, the issue is clear: if a Woman has the right to determine when, and under what circumstances she is to become a parent, it is only right and just to say that the same should apply to Men. But, a quick perusal of some of the much staunch advocates for “Choice” on the Internet, will have no compunctions vociferously denying a Man’s right to choose, too. Here again, Women want the double standard to be removed when it impacts them negatively, but have no problems with it when it doesn’t. Like I said, hmm.

And don’t even get me started on Mandatory Paternity Testing…

Female Double Standard #4: Women Have No Desire To Financially Support A Man For ANY Reason-Here we get to the good part. While Women en masse are all for overturning archaic notions of gender and the like, when the rubber hits the road, they not only balk but are vehement in their refusal to Man Up. Case in point? Paying for dates. Regardless of the fact that Women now make up a clear majority of the American workforce and are more educated and higher earning than many Men, to say nothing of the effects of the Mancession, Women can still be heard trying to shame Men into paying for dates, or paying more for dates, or saying “I’m not gonna support a lout” and so on. Yet, when has *any* Man said such a thing, historically speaking? It was expected that not only was the Man to pay for the date(s), but he was also to support the wife *for life*. We all either saw firsthand, or have heard of the guy who, on payday, hands his check over to his betrothed. Well, Today’s Women say “screw that!” — they’re having none of it. They want the goodies of earning a higher income, but none of the responsibilities that come with such a high honor.

But wait Obsidian, I’m not like that, some of you ladies reading along may say. And indeed, some of you aren’t like that, my own personal life, present and at some points in the past, attests to this. And for this you are to be commended. Nevertheless, you know as well as I do, that there are easily twice or thrice as many Women out there, who take the view I outlined above, with no problem whatsoever engaging in double standards.

Research Question for the Fellas; listen closely, and please respond:

1. Of the past 10 Women you’ve dated or otherwise were romantically involved with, how many offered to pay for the *1st date*, without you prompting them to do so?

2. How many of them paid, or offered to pay, for *any dates* during the life of your courtship?

3. When’s the last time a Woman called you up and asked you out on a night on the town — on her dime?

4. When’s the last time a Woman bought you a drink?

The responses, should be most interesting to read.

The bottomline here is that Men en masse, never seemed to have that much of a problem paying for dates and supporting their Women when it called for them to do so; after all, until relatively recently, Women weren’t as fully self-supporting in that regard. But now that the tables have turned, Women have made it quite clear that not only do they not have any desire to return the favor, but they also don’t have any problem denigrating any Man who fails to measure up.

Yet another case of the Female Double Standard.

My job is done here.

Holla back

The Obsidian

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Anthony September 21, 2010 at 07:05


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Mo September 26, 2010 at 23:41

Yup you see it so much these days and its gotten worse over the last few years. Especially women balking at men’s height. I think then men should have every right to comment publically and ask about women’s weight and age. Just point blank ask women their age and weight until they knock it off about men’s height. Maybe that will shut women up about being so adamant about men’s height. We all know women get pissed about being asked their age and weight but at the same time men have had ENOUGH when it comes to women obsessing over men’s height. Yes don’t deny it women you clearly know you do it even though you try and deny it we know you do it publically constantly talk to your GF’s and do the disgust UGH looks when it comes to men’s height. So I think it’s only fair that we men then should be able to ask you about your weight and age until women realize that men HATE it absolutely HATE it when you obsess about men’s height and men FROWN upon women obsessing over men’s height.

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JebbahDenia November 9, 2010 at 20:16

From what I see, it’s evenly split. We (both male and female) get to a situation like this and bash heads. We have the same insecurities just that they are different. Men look for beauty and Women look for height. Of those two, it’s still looks. It seems we conform to what society thinks are our “good traits”.

If there was a woman so hot but had a foot wart… it wouldn’t be THAT bad. It’s gross though. No need for anxiety either.

It use to be man pay for woman. Now it’s I pay you pay. I think that’s healthy though. If someone wants to buy someone a drink out of camaraderie, I wouldn’t expect one back. Also, who in their right mind would join accounts (merge tabs whatever) in this day and age? Marriage is questionable. My advice is don’t join accounts. People should pay their individual impact. Women get the write off… but it’s only because they have the same rights as men more and more everyday (That’s iffy). We got to vote first so I’d put it under the bridge.

My pet peeve is how they dress and then retaliate like showing their cleavage isn’t going to draw attention. They know damn right if a man had his dick through his fly it would be off to jail. Trying to be “sexy”? Well, the word sex is in sexy… Looking beautiful is not showing a cleavage.

I’ll never understand that part… If they think they’ll get treated different. If they don’t have their cleavage showing. Then, it’s time to put it away and get treated based on performance, not job benefits. Obviously the one that are doing this are using the cleavage to their benefit. Men aren’t as lucky in that regard… women are the best assassins. True, it would be nice to look at something during work (pleasing to the eyes) but if it’s costing a promotion or job satisfaction – reconsider.

If men are scared of competition they’ll have to get use to it. Insecurities are only holding men back. If a woman is doing a better job, do it better. It’s much like if a man were to do the job better. It’s not really about gender as it is for proving qualification.

We are very anxious in today’s world. Imagine another man banging your ex with a bigger dick. Start becoming all worried over an ex.

Let bygones be bygones. Race is really the same way. Imagine how black females feel. I personally feel all this does is separate people into classes and pit them against each other (we also have economical classes to further do this). You don’t need to date a black woman (say it is a cultural preservation). Just out on the street be respectful. Let law do its thing.

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Mo December 2, 2010 at 14:55

Awe not so fast single mommies!! Wait a minute single mommies guaranteed will get chastised for not being able to hold down a successful marriage!! Single mommies will constantly be crucified in the workplace and in general. In the workplace if bosses sniff out that she’s a single mommy guaranteed she will be snubbed that promotion, she will get berated because now by being a single mommy she will want all this time off but yet she wants to be paid full but yet she wants and needs all this time off for her child. Jobs will look down on single mommies and by being a single mommy will make them that much harder to be employable because employers will see single mommies as constantly needing all this time off, constantly needing to rearrange “her” schedule for her child. Companies that sniff the single mommies out will be like heck we will just hire a male or an older lady because they won’t be asking for all this time off, they won’t need to constantly rearrange “their” schedule. Like most of our parents have told us WATCH WHAT YOU ASK FOR!! There will be a huge price for be the single mommy (career and in general). In the general public people will look at you the single mommy and constantly criticize you about how you can’t hold down a successful marriage, why did you get divorced, how are you going to raise you’re child on your own.

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Mo December 2, 2010 at 15:08

Don’t join accounts???????????? BS that irritates me to death when these couples decide to not join accounts!! When couples get married its couple’s decisions on things (big items) and I completely DISAGREE that accounts be separate. NO!!!!! You put your accounts together and you work as a team. Also when couples have hard times like in this economy then husband or wife can lean a little bit on the other and don’t have to completely stress out. People that do this not combining BS sounds just like the little whiny babies at parties that constantly cry and moan to their mommies and like mommy he/she didn’t share or the little 2 year old brats that the parents let whine about everything and don’t learn how to share. Also people that give marriages a bad rap shame on you!!! Marriage is sacred and divorce should be completely FROWNED UPON!!! Shame on you people for getting divorced!!!!

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Kristen March 2, 2011 at 17:17

I agree with all of the above. Even as a female I have ALWAYS believed men should have the SAME reproductive rights as women. Women just use men for child support most of the time and don’t actually use the money for the kids. Of course not all women are like this but this is what I have seen and experienced. My own father abandoned us and never paid support or kept contact but I assume he did not want children and I don’t hate him for this. If my mom got to choose to parent us then he too should have a choice. I never pay for the ENTIRE date, but I do insist that he pay for his food and drink and I pay for mine. However, I still do love having my chair pulled out for me!

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Nick March 7, 2011 at 11:05

I enjoyed the article, and the issue is one I’ve been following for quite some time. I believe it is always better to find out where people stand on an individual basis if at all possible rather than making broad generalizations. It’s easier to make subtle influences in my environment than to try and change the world all at once. My concerns range from male infant body mutilation to the lack of reproductive rights for men or even the lack of personal birth control methods for men or even lack of reasonably reversible surgeries such as RISUG in western cultures. If the road to a good relationship means having to sacrifice then I have to say that I have seen Men put infinitely more on the line than women would even talk of risking. I don’t think women should be aloud to raise sons without their father present, it just serves to perpetuate their own howling about men and saps the child of personal power especially in a culture that refuses to recognize men are susceptible to physical abuse and that single parent households account for more child abuse than dual. I my self have reported accounts of child abuse to my local police, to the Department of Human Services, and to Child and Family Enrichment only to be ignored and turned out, but when another woman reported seeing the same My God did they jump through hoops to get those kids out of there. The biggest difference that I’ve seen between women and men is women will choose to believe a lie before they take the testimony of a man, and the tragedy is this has become a societal value. I expect that men will be further shamed and sexually humiliated by their abusers and that society will continue saying that under age men wanted sex simply because of their anatomy then have to pay their rapist for the next twenty or so years, only to be faced with another woman who thinks that’s how normal women behave, or a man who’s mind is so mangled with hate for lack of justice he can only seek to ruin any female presence that might attempt intercede his pain/resent himself as a man so deeply as to kill him self or change his sex.

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ken March 24, 2011 at 11:52

You left out the double standard; ‘every woman wants a good man, but does not want to be a good woman.’ There are many black women who do not see anything wrong with screaming and yelling or verbal abuse. There are many women who want the best man she can possibly get and in turn wants you the B/M to settle for her.

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Lila Lilly April 22, 2011 at 21:46

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Lila Lilly April 22, 2011 at 21:51

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nick June 4, 2011 at 01:39

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Jim Golding June 17, 2011 at 00:00

Laura Sclechinger calls this out in her book; The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands. So does Alison Armstrong of PAX who has taken the Mars Venus idea to the next level. You were just getting started, how about physical abuse, women love to ‘fix’ their man but don’t dare mention that they put on 60 pounds after the honeymoon was over, it’s really systemic throughout the way most women relate to men in our culture.

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Joe DeChristina July 21, 2011 at 15:33

Whether or not his points are true, the fact of the matter is that there is a seemingly socially-inherited female psychology of the double-standard. To further this point, look at the way men and women screw people over. Men typically take things on headfirst, headstrong, and headlong. Women, on the other hand, seem to manipulate. They are not as physically strong or intimidating as men, so they have socially had to develop a suitable and effective means to manipulate people to get their way, i.e. seduction.

This seems to be the case in younger women, though. Younger women see these pop figures like Lady GaGa, Ke$ha, Beyonce, and all these other “sexy” idols to seemingly have power. That power is through fame and money. It is also through sex appeal: The idea that a woman can have a man on a leash by “showing her goodies”. This power is appealing to a massive group of young women who think that the only way to make a name for herself as made by the media is through the media. There then comes the necessity to manipulate, to hold to double-standards, and to thus demean men.

If anything, this double-standard take is a defense mechanism. I have written a few papers for school about the teenage brain. Respond to my e-mail address if you have questions or if you can correct/expound upon my points.

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Sp August 11, 2011 at 12:01

Those are very hasty generalizations about men and women.
Not all women care about height.
Men are visual and cannot be with a women who they do not find attractive while a women is able to date a man based on personality.
Men want women to always look good while they get to walk around looking however they want to look.

About paying on the first date, you are generalizing a whole sex based on what men feel pressured to do.
Most women do not mind paying half and in fact do so a lot nowadays.
But men sometimes don’t give them the chance or of they do they feel like it wasn’t a real date or that their not “man” enough.

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R.Maccallister August 25, 2011 at 06:44

I got you one better on the whole double-standard thing.
You know the whole equality and independence thing, what’d they call that, oh yea…the Feminist Movement – remember that? Women were to no longer to be the weak, powerless and passive over their own destinies. It was a powerful and useful movement, and women sure did rely on it…when it was convenient for them. Because women get the opt-out, “I’m only a woman!” – clause when they don’t measure up (easily) to men in life. Exept for career-oriented, worldly women, women in general get to live a perpetual childhood all their lives. Sure, you have those timecard punchers who present shades of grey, but what I’m saying is women get a free ride in life by overzealous men who fall all over themselves in their phony chivalry to accomodate and flatter them (and for less than noble reasons)Women usually don’t have to pay dues in life to get worldly things, worldly status, as men do. It’s handed to them.Women (the takers) are handed credit cards, cars, a neverending list of thoughtful gestures by men (the givers). Men provide physical security and are expected to tackle tough physical domestic chores. And what do women have to do in return?
Look pretty.
Or dent a mattress just a few minutes a day.
Or steal the scene with appearance and revealing clothes. Not pretty? Men will **ck anything. They’ll shower gifts on *anything* to get them taking steps toward the closest mattress. And women submit, embrace, even covet this “game”, because it get’s them closer to that mythical state of “Bling-Bling”, that hollow illusion that society calls materialsm, but the bible calls idolitry. Green is EVERY woman’s favorite color. But back to the femininists thing…
The whole thing is about equal footing, that they’re as strong and as capable as men. It’s all a public relations gimmick, though. Women, by only gravitating toward males who exhibit superficial traits of materialism (Bling-Bling), isn’t that an implicit admission that you, by association, are weak and impotent, and require being taken care of by a stronger partner? Think about it. Any economically-impoverished woman with all but the absoloute lowest standards of appearance will have a constant stream of men approaching them from all directions all the time. But a man in that same impoverished state will never get a date or liason with a woman, he is of no worth. The stronger sex in a predicament of powerlessness (poverty) would almost never be looked at by women. So the double standard applies: We demand that the standards of equality be applied everywhere, unless you men exhibit weakness, cause WE’RE the only ones permitted weakness.
So the point of it all, is that women are the only ones who can be “weak” and still retain her feminine virtue. On the other side of the coin, a “weak” man can never have masculine virtue in the superficial, objectifying eyes of Women everywhere.

I know this will draw the ire of all women readers, but deep down you know I’ve touched a nerve and opened a very ugly door that you won’t admit to. And that green is the only color that you judge potential mates with.
“Waitress”… – yes I’ll have an order of Double Standard with a side order of Hypocrisy. And for desert, a medium order of Superficiality.

“, ……And what will the gentleman be having…”

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ghost September 2, 2011 at 21:16

I like how so many women think that no matter how fat they are, they deserve a hot, in shape guy. Every single day I see the following couples in order from most to least: Hot guy-fat girl, fat guy-fat girl, hot guy-hot girl and last and certainly least, fat guy-hot girl. If you’re a guy and you don’t resemble one of the guys from twilight, you aren’t even worth getting to know. I’m not fat nor am I in shape, but I know I’m a nice guy, and I know I treat a ladys right, when I actually have the opportunity to. Girls say they just want a nice guy who’ll treat them good but then they always go for the fakes. The every-which-way hats with stickers still on the flat bills, the pants sagging down below their ass showing their boxers, and whatever other stupid “cool” fads that stretch from middle school kids to college students! It apparently works for those guys, I don’t know why. I’ve had girls who were bigger than me reject me and go for the fake punk ass with the fake ganster walk and the fake ghetto talk. And then they end up breaking up cuz she realizes what an asshole loser he is, and then she goes right to the next fake. Not to be mean, but to make a point of female shallowness, I’ve had a girl with a deformed appendage grimace and say “I guess I could force myself to like you.” when she found out from a friend that I liked her. She wasn’t in perfect shape either, but because I wasn’t, I’m not good enough.. I liked her cuz she seemed nice and sweet until that day, but she didn’t even care to know who I was. She knew I was a nice guy but since I don’t sport abs or big arms and front like a douchebag I’m not worthy. I’ve heard girls argue that fat girls need a hot guy to feel better about themselves so they know they can get a sexy man. Well.. by that logic, hot girls shouldn’t need to date hot guys cuz they already know they can get them! Men put up with so much more than women do. Women can act like children and make a hysterical public scenes over anything, and we just have to stand there and take it like a man, but when the man has a correction for the woman, he just has to shut up and let her think she’s right. Woman don’t want equality, they want it all! Equality means equal sacrifice and work as well as benefits.

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Chris September 22, 2011 at 15:56

Some good points. What’s the best is how women will often say that they “don’t care about height, as long as he’s taller than me.” My shorter male friends, who are highly intelligent, good men, and have tons going for them, laugh at that and call BS!

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Christina November 17, 2011 at 18:18

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adam November 20, 2011 at 21:16

I have a girlfriend who I’m on again, off again with (her idea, not mine) who has double-standards up the wazoo. For example: we live two buildings away from each other. If I ask her to come over, she’ll say no, she has her dog, she has to clean, she’s too tired, she’s watching a movie, she’s snuggled in bed reading, it’s too cold, or she doesn’t feel like it. Guess which one of those is acceptable as an excuse to say no when she wants me to come over. None. She can hang up on me when she’s mad, but if I do it I get called immature. She can see other people and it’s part of our deal, but if I do it, it means I’m not serious about us. She works all day and I need to understand how tired she is, but when I work all day she says my job isn’t that stressful (driver, you tell me). She’ll snap at the littlest thing I say, but if I say anything about anything she says, it’s a huge deal. And, of course, in bed, if she’s not wet it’s because I didn’t turn her on. If I’m not hard it’s because I have issues since guys just need an opportunity. ALL DOUBLE STANDARDS.

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LR December 24, 2011 at 11:44

Both men and women care about height in relationships. And taller girls and shorter guys are left with nothing. But for a handsome, sexy guy, he needs to have money, education, and status or else he’s a fag, queer, loser, and stupid if he doesn’t have these things.

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LR December 24, 2011 at 11:46

Actually, bigger wives kill their husbands. And bigger husbands kill their wives than smaller ones.

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Guest December 24, 2011 at 12:03

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Cass January 11, 2012 at 16:52

While I agree that men do have to endure double-standards just as women do, I don’t agree with the fact that one sex is “more judgmental”, as this is a very broad generalization. In my experience I have met the type of women that many men describe (slutty girls who go after douche-bags, etc.) as well as women who go after the “nice guy” men typically describe themselves as. On the flip side, while some of the guys I know or have met are jerks, there’s always going to be a decent amount of great guys out there. While it’s great that arguments of the numerous double-standards in society are being made for both sexes, I think people need to start taking action and stand up against the judgments and stereotypes present so that these double-standards can be eliminated.

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Viviana January 14, 2012 at 11:37

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hotchili February 16, 2012 at 08:25

I totally agree with the issues mentioned on this page, most notably the first one, about a man’s height. I am 5’6″, and have paid for it at the hands of women most of my adult life. I’ve heard many times in bars, etc. “he’s good looking, but too short.” And the one admiring me agrees(she has to fit in with her friends, go along, you know). If I were even 5’10 instead, I would have had a whole different life. Nevertheless, I remain a positive guy, for of course I know how foolish these peeps are.

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Anonymous February 19, 2012 at 12:24

I’m a female, and I had to answer your final questions. I have actually done all of those, but my now fiance had decided to always take my wallet and pay for it himself. He dicided it, even though I was fully willing to pay. I don’t think all women have the double standard, and I don’t think it’s fair to say that men don’t. There will always be some sort of hypocracy between genders, as humans in general seek “perfection” in a mate because that is the baseline for procreation humans. We are all in a sense animals; it is unfortunate though that people can’t learn to just accept everyone as they are no matter the status or gender. I think double standards are there on both sides because we use them to make ourselves feel better for being judged too. This is all just opinion of course.

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Kiwi March 28, 2012 at 21:29

Never, never, never, and never. I f***ing hate double standards

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Jessica April 10, 2012 at 06:22

I’m sorry to disagree with this awesome article but I’ve been rejected once because I was taller than the guy I liked.

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Ted May 15, 2012 at 18:56

over 70% of my girlfriends throughout my life haven’t had a vehicle. Because it didn’t even cross my mind, I never made an issue out of it – but since last year when I decided to abandon my car because 1- I suffer anxiety attacks after driving over 10 minutes, 2- I’m an environmentalist and realize that even if we figure out a better method to fuel cars that the metal torn out of mountains to make them is wasteful and stupid and so I believe we should have already converted into a public trans-culture, 3- Cars are money pits: Insurance, Maintenance, Gas and more… I prefer to walk or bike – If you’re obese, in my eyes you’re no better then a heroin addict, get off your lazy ass and ride a bike, run, walk. I’ve been online dating for over a year now and I’m only able to get about 1 in 10 girls to meet me and they are very open about telling that the reason they turn me down is because I do not have a car. This mentality is consistent – diamonds anyone?

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daveies May 19, 2012 at 05:37

if you aren’t a millionaire being male can be very oppressing. There are good women out there though. Females are raised to believe in magical fairy tales of a prince that does absolutely everything for them and save them from themselves, males are raised hearing we are one track minded and think with our willies. There are good men and good women, unfortunately through media the definition of what we are looking for has been warped. Bein a male is hard, being a woman is hard. Women is western civilisation have a lot of freedom and the feminist movement has gone a long, long, long way. It’s time for a mens movement. Not for domination, for equality. There are no more problems in western society. Only blatantly pathetic bias towards women.

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Jean May 28, 2012 at 16:49

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Nancy July 4, 2012 at 08:35

Female Double Standard 1: I don’t really think one sex objectifies one more than the other. Of course looks is the first thing a person is generally attracted to. It is biological and natural. If your sitting in a bar and a good looking man or woman walk in, of course you are going to notice them for that reason. However, once you get to know the person they could be total D-bags. Personally height is not really that important of a factor to me. Most the guys I am attracted to are not that tall. And when it comes to physique, I prefer men that are not overly muscular. My boyfriend is 5’7 and weighs 140 pounds and I think he is sexy as hell. Hell Most people have different types that they look for. For example: Some women believe that men only want a woman with big boobs. That is false. Some men prefer small boobs. Everyone has their own idea of beauty.

Female double standard 4: In my opinion men and women should work together, especially if they are married. If they are just dating then they should take care of themselves. I have no problem paying for a date when my boyfriend and I go out. Personally it makes me feel good that I can do something nice for him. He does nice things for me all the time. We live together and he was disabled and couldn’t work. So I was the one supporting us, and it wasn’t that big of a deal. We have been together for 5 years, and he has never been rich. He wasn’t considered a social guy and I have no problem with that.

I do like how in your article you say not all women are like this, and I agree there are a lot that are, just like some men do the double standard all the time and others do not.

And to Adam, if you read this….you need to get a new girlfriend because she sounds horrible.

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Tigerheart July 21, 2012 at 11:29

Good post.As for the height issue,thats a woman’s personal choice in the EXACT SAME WAY as its a man’s personal choice in regards to the shape and size of woman he’d prefer.But if she wishes to put a man down personally then its up to that man to be a REAL MAN IN TOTAL EQUALITY and put her down equally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!If she tries to manipulate the situation under the guise of ‘You cant say anthing bad to woman whatever the circumstances’ just ignore her as she probably have to give in to the urge to open her big fucking mouth telling everyone how she is the “victim” thus marking herself out to any man with a brain, as a little girl with double standards.Another option if your a genuine hard bastard(and dont give a fuck what anyone thinks)is to keep insulting back untill she screams and cries again like a little girl.she’ll think twice then about giving her opinion in future to men.Believe it or not your helping her grow up to be become a real woman in total equality,men are out of their fixed traditional role if women are out of theirs,no automatic sperm donations or finacial security,everthing is only on condition of argeement i.e. whatever either side wants can only be obtained by the other wanting that already.
Like if a man wants his cock sucked he has to be with a woman who already wants to suck the cock.He cannot take her choice against her will and magicially expect the relationship to continue just cause he’s an immature fool(women control sex dumbo).
If a woman wants five children for argument’s sake then she going to have to be with a man who already wants five kids.if he doesn’t she cannot take his choice against his will and magically expect the relationship to continue just cause she’s an immature fool(its men who have sperm dumbo).
Only minor difference is women could offer a compromise willing to go back into fixed role of house&children in return for the man’s sacrifice of his choice for her, the extra child that she wanted.
Men on the other hand cant really offer women the compromise of sucking half a cock !

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Lisa August 19, 2012 at 23:00

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Caleb September 24, 2012 at 08:50

Lisa, I am taking the time to write this comment just to tell you that you’re an idiot. And before you release the shit torrent on me, no, I am not calling you that way because you are a woman. There are women here who have expressed their disagreements in a much more rational and civilized manner. No, I’m calling you an idiot because of how you argue and the tone of your comment, as well as being insulting and irrational. You structured your point in a hypocritical, immature fashion typical of radical feminists who pretty much provided the fodder for Obsidian to write this post, wherein you vilify men as the source of all evil, while you are just an innocent victim of these unkempt, careless, inconsiderate, self-centered, women-objectifying dogs.

For a start, I don’t see what’s wrong is with the height issue. Women prefer taller men. Period. There’s even been studies showing that, as far as physical attractiveness goes, women prefer men who are taller than them. What’s more, nearly all of my girl friends (not girlfriends, mind you) said they preferred men who were taller than them, though not MUCH taller. And as a rule, shorter men have more ground to cover in order to win over a woman than taller men.

Regarding the expectations of working full-time, cooking etc., nowhere in the article did it say that men place all the responsibility on women, or expect them to be their slaves. Again, this is your feminism-warped mind lashing out at what it perceives to be women-bashing. It’s not. Yes, just like you’d expect your man to be kind, hard-working, sympathetic, clean, responsible, funny, smart protective etc., so should you, in your turn, strive to be the best for him. It’s what healthy relationships are made of; you’re not making a compromise.

As for the birth rights and responsibility, that is unfortunately, a serious issue of today’s society. And it is another example of double standards, since the responsibility is thought to belong entirely to men. But let’s think this through: with the exception of situations like sexual assault or drunk sex, sex is consensual. That means that both adults, man and woman, agree on having sex with each other. Even more so, it is the woman who decides whether or not she’ll have sex with a man.

Now, men can’t hide whether or not he wears a condom or not. It’s impossible. Women can see this, and I’m pretty sure women understand the risks of unprotected sex just as well as men, or even better since they are the ones at risk of getting pregnant. Ergo, if a woman consciously agrees to have unprotected sex with a man, she is EVERY BIT as responsible for an unwanted pregnancy as the guy. She’s not a victim of circumstance, it’s not like she had her hands tied and couldn’t do anything. Quit trying to argue that sex takes place independently of women’s will and involvement. If a guy chooses to have sex without a condom, he can’t do it without her consent. If she wants to avoid the risk, she can simply refuse to have sex until he gets a condom. If she does have sex with him, she is no less responsible for any unwanted children.

On the other hand, women can lie about taking the pill or not. She can hide her not taking the pill. Again, maybe you’d say, “Well, the guy shouldn’t have taken any chances, he should have worn a condom”; but again, I’ll say the woman shouldn’t have taken any chances either and sought to protect herself. If she doesn’t want any pregnancies, she should have said no. If she does engage in sex while LYING and deliberately setting up a pregnancy trap, then she doesn’t deserve anything less than contempt. It’s a sad thing, you know, that guys get bashed when they accidentally father children (not saying they don’t deserve it), yet women get away with pregnancy traps.

Not only that, but although men provide half of what’s needed to conceive the child, most of the decisions belong to the woman: she decides whether to have the child or not, whether to disclose his or her paternity or not, to raise the child by herself, with her father, or with another man of her choice, whether to let her father see the child or not. The father doesn’t have too much of a say in the matter. Still, he is expected to pay alimony, is prosecuted if he doesn’t, yet nobody calls women to account if they don’t let the dad visit the child (even when he’s not a dangerous, raging, violent alcoholic), and nobody checks whether the woman spends the money to the child’s benefit.

1. Yep, seems like you too think sex is entirely the man’s responsibility. As you can see from my post above, “keep it in your pants” is not a good answer; a man’s sexual desire is just as normal as a woman’s. They share EQUAL responsibility. If one is careless, that doesn’t excuse the other. A man who skips the condom is no more excusable or guilty than a woman who agrees to engage in unprotected sex. You say “keep it in your pants”? I’ll say “say no to unprotected sex.”

Oh, and by the way: a vasectomy usually affects a man for his entire life, and, if he wants to have kids again, he’ll have to do a vasectomy reversal which, depending on age, the time elapsed between the vasectomy and the reversal technique and other factors, decreases the chances of pregnancy and may cause some side effects (e.g. 50-80% develop antibodies against their own sperm), and overall it’s a pretty complicated and time-taking procedure. Not to mention the psychological effects of taking one’s manhood away from him. The pill, on the other hand, affects a woman’s ability to conceive a child over a limited period of time, studies have disproved most side effects, and it takes a lot less time and is a lot less complicated than a vasectomy.

2. Please note that we no longer live in caves. We’ve come a long way since. Like Nancy said, both men and women tend to objectify members of the opposite sex. There’s plenty of douche-bags who see women as sex objects, and there are women who use men to get what they want. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of radical feminists who think that all men are the same, and it is alright to view and treat them as disposable tools because hey, all men are heartless, primitive, simple-minded, forever horny hounds.

And independence as in what? Please explain what you meant. If you’re talking about independence as in being able to choose your own destiny, to determine your own career path and family options, to define your sexuality, to make autonomous decisions regarding your life, by all means, I couldn’t agree more. But if by that you mean being a bitch, I’m afraid you got the wrong definition of independence.

3. This is an immature argument. Breastfeeding is natural, and you pretty much can’t conceal it if you’re in public. Plus, don’t women allow their husbands in the delivery room? As far as I know, if the wife or the doctor doesn’t let the man in the room, he won’t enter, but he has the right to be there. There’s nothing embarrassing about giving birth. It’s a wonderful, unique moment in any man’ s life, for crying out loud! It’s the birth of his baby, how can you not expect him to be there when it happens?

And if it’s the female relatives who give birth, well, I don’t know where you got that one from. I’ve never heard of any man going in the delivery room when one of his female relatives was in labor, or at least I haven’t heard it would be a common practice; I, for one, would never go in that room while my cousin, aunt or anyone else is giving birth.

The prostate exam is a different story. Would you like to have your husband or anyone watching you while a doctor shoves his or her entire hand deep up your ass? No? Didn’t think so. This isn’t a double standard; men wouldn’t have ANYONE watching, man or woman, just like I’m sure women wouldn’t allow anyone else to watch them removing their tampons, for instance. It’s not about double standards, it’s about dignity.

4. Well, think of it for yourself: there aren’t many strip clubs for gays because of how society views homosexuality; this is an entirely different discussion, that has little to do with double standards against men or women, but more with discrimination and freedom of sexual orientation. Also, be sure that there would be just as many strip clubs for women as there are for men, if there was enough demand for such clubs. But there isn’t that much, and there’s little incentive to invest in this business; why invest in something that would turn out to be unprofitable?

To conclude this post which is longer than I’d intended it to be, equal rights mean equal responsibilities and liability; if members of both sexes enjoy the same rights, it is only fair to judge them by the same standards. If you truly believe in equality between the two genders, understand that vilifying either gender isn’t going to help.

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michijo September 24, 2012 at 13:47

This is so stupid. It talks about height, as if it was a major issue, obviously written by a short man. I am a tall man and this has never landed me a date. I was hoping with double standards you would talk about women having sex purely for pleasure, then complaining that men are not interested in love. That is a real double-standard of the modern woman.

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Jerry October 19, 2012 at 11:17

Ok, this is gonna be a long one:

1.) Attractiveness. Every Alpha Male knows this: any woman thinks they can hook up with ANY guy. You could have the fattest, ugliest girl with facial hair, and somehow she believes that if she can put on a black mini skirt, that makes her Halle Berry, and as a consequence, she will throw herself at the likes of Tom Brady. But who can blame her. Have you ever seen the Terrell Owens’ baby mammas to whom he is cutting child support checks? Did you see the housekeeper that slept with Arnold Schwarzenegger?
Yet, most guys I know will not even attempt to strike up a conversation with an attractive girl. In our twisted world, the Ugly Betties can bed the welterweight champion of the world (see Tim Bradley), and have the chutzpah to proclaim that “we’re even.” (Watch HBO’s 24/7 where she literally looks into the camera and makes that proclamation). Go ahead and Google a picture of “Tim Bradley, Monica Bradley”, the wife of welterweight champion Tim Bradley. She must be at least 40 pounds overweight, yet she is married to one of the best athletes in the world (ok, we can all agree he did NOT beat Manny PacQuiao). That’s kind of like Screech from Saved by the Bell marrying a Victoria’s Secret Model, and saying, “Yeah, we’re even, that makes sense.”

2.) Cheating. There seems to be this prevalent notion out there that guys do all the cheating, and the girls all play the innocent victims. RIGHT. Again, every Alpha Male will confirm this to you: women cheat just as much, if not more than men. The only exception to the rule is when it comes to married mothers (but they cheat too, just not as much). In fact, its been my experience that more women who are in committed relationships will hit on you rather than single women. What’s the saying about monkeys? Don’t let go of one branch until you have another firmly within your grasp. The reality is that most guys don’t have enough lothario in them in order to even consummate an affair. But women can snap up an affair with a cheap, short skirt and a coquettish smile.

3.) The Law. Gender inequality is no more evident in family courtrooms across the country. Walk into any family law courtroom, and you will find jaw-dropping instances where women screw men over something fierce. It’s literally like legalized bank-robbery. And amazingly, men take it, thinking that somehow they have done something to deserve it.

The most egregious case (actually, I’m having a hard time scoring this one) must be actor Jon Crier’s ex-wife. This chick has a kid with him, was arrested for felony child abuse, has been in and out of rehab, but the California Courts, in their infinite wisdom have ordered that Cryer pay over $8,000 per month to her EVEN THOUGH SHE HAD NO VISITATION RIGHTS! If you have never been a family law attorney, you should know that the fact that you are a woman and you are not only stripped of primary custody, but any sort of custody at all, is EXTREMELY rare. Put it this way: you’d have to be one of the biggest F-Ups in the history of civilization to be a woman and lose all rights.
In their opinion, the California Appeals court prefaced by saying, “Although, understandably, Jon may have found the situation unfair”. Kind of makes you wonder about the state of the law when a judge admits that something is unfair.
Recently, a Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader pleaded guilty to having sex with her 17 year old student. She wound up getting probation. Wonder what would have happened if she had a penis? Does anyone doubt that she would be doing time at Pelican Bay fighting off the sexual advances of some cholos from the west side? And she is now thumbing her nose at the law by continuing her official relationship with the boy. Don’t get me wrong, from his standpoint its not a bad deal. But isn’t Lady Justice supposed to have a blindfold?
And what about the 20 year old girl who had sex with Justin Bieber? Mariah Yeater, in her brazen desire for money did what even Bernie Madoff would have never imagined: commit a felony to LEGALLY get money! Yes, you heard that right. By committing the felony of statutory rape, and by having his baby, under California Law, she would STILL be entitled to massive child support payments approaching millions of dollars.

4.) Education. Now, I would never endorse law school as a solid investment, actually quite the opposite, but for all its shortcomings, the one thing I loved about law school was its unflinching fairness towards women. I mean REAL fairness. Most girls growing up starting in grade school, up through high school and in college could get away with not doing their homework. They could flirt with the Chemistry teacher to nudge their grades up a couple letters. They became accustomed to raising their hands during class and babbling the most ridiculous musings and answers.
But in law school…
That’s no longer the case. A stupid answer said in a classroom of 100 of your peers will be shredded with equality irregardless if you are a man or a woman, without prejudice if its a male or female professor. And guess what: women don’t like it at all! They get into law school singing “I am woman, I am strong, I want my equality”, and yet at the end of a class lecture after they’ve been eviscerated in front of all their classmates, they think to themselves, “You know what, this EQUALITY thing, maybe it’s not such a great thing after all. I kind of like the antiquated double standards of generations past.” I knew one girl, who became so apoplectic at the prospect of being asked a question in class, wound up losing over 40 pounds from the relentless stress and toll on her body. She dropped out the following semester.

5.) Standards. Ever notice that when a man refuses to date a girl because she does not meet HIS standards, that man is either (multiple choice) a.) gay, b.) bisexual, c.) stupid or d.) sexist. Yet, if a man does cannot check off every box on HER dating profile, he is summarily dismissed. You even see this in the movies. (watch Anna Kendrick in the movie Up in the Air, with George Clooney)
Consider the movie starring Indian Actress Aishwarya Rai, in Bride & Prejudice, where she, in one breath croons a song where she blithely sings that she wants a man who believes in equality and does not care for the way she looks, yet in the very next breath states as a matter of fact that she doesn’t want “a man with a big tummy” or a bald man. That particular song in the movie was so ridiculously hypocritical, that the fact that its so hypocritical bespeaks the state of our society. Blatant double standards imposed by women aren’t given a second thought, they are just accepted like the laws of Thermodynamics, and not to be questioned.
I think that the feminist movement was needed, and that women deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. I look at many of the Middle Eastern countries, and how they treat women, and to me, it looks so disgusting. But, I believe that in our march towards gender equality, we have gone way, way, way too far. And we need to start to walk it back some. And we need to start holding our daughters to a higher standard.

Ever notice how the first female to play in the men’s PGA tournament failed to make the qualifying cut, even though the course she selected was carefully tailored to her game (mostly short Par 3′s). And even though she failed miserably, and choked big time, the media kept feeding us a bunch of bs about how strong and brave she was and what an honor it was that she competed in the tournament. BS! A loser is a loser is a loser, no matter your chromosomal makeup.

Lindsay Lohan now epitomizes the modern American woman: flippant, irresponsible, reckless, with an absence of any concern for the consequences of her actions. As with society’s kid’s glove treatment of women, Lohan has been repeatedly been threatened and warned by judges of every stipe and color. And each time, she has been set free. But as any aging Hollywood actress or any woman who has lost her nubile figure will attest, that kind of behavior will get old real quick.

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Jerry October 19, 2012 at 13:07

I want to follow up the previous tome with another gratuitous rant:

Beauty Standards.

Does anyone out there in America, namely guys, think that Mila Kunis is the sexiest woman in the world, according to Esquire Magazine? I mean, really? Put it this way, if you walk down the streets of any city here in California, whether it be San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Sacramento, San Diego, or Los Angeles, I swear to you if Mila Kunis passed you on the street and you did not know who she was, you would NOT even notice her! Since her film Black Swan (where she was admittedly pretty hot, but not super hot), she has gained about 20-25 pounds. She now has a beer belly (carefully airbrushed from the magazine, I might add), a plump face, with no distinguishing features. The only part of her which is sexy are her big cat-like eyes. Other than that, by California standards, she is just average. By Hollywood standards, she is the plus-sized girl “with a good personality”.

And recently, People Magazine named 40+ year old Jennifer Lopez to be the most beautiful woman alive. Again, are you kidding me! Yeah, everything above the neck is great, but going down south will crash you into one big pan handle. Now, I know that People, with its flagging ad revenues, and depleting readership need to hitch their wagon to the Hispanic demographic. I get it. But her?

And don’t even get me started on Scarlett Johanson.

What I am trying to get at is that I have always suspected that women’s groups like NOW have been chiding magazine editors to name full-figured women to being the new standard of beauty. By doing so, they lower the standards for themselves, so they can now skip the gym, and stay at home and indulge in ice cream.

The only problem here is that when women try to create this fake, societal construct where “all women are beautiful”, they are just being a bunch of idiots. If “all women are beautiful”, then by extension, are “all men successful”? Are all men millionaire? Are all men “winners”? Do we still have standards for women?

And what is beauty, or any other adjective, if there is no analytical or objective framework to decide what beauty, intelligence, or athletic ability is? In other words, if “every woman is beautiful”, then implicitly that would make every woman average looking, which consequently would make them all look pretty boring. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that you can’t have some women who are hot and attractive, without having some women on the opposite side of the spectrum who are fat and ugly. As men, we have known that for all our lives, and we have accepted this truth.

For whatever reason, women refuse to accept it. Yet, it remains one of their more charming double-standards to deny men the same dispensation.

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A Reader October 25, 2012 at 13:46

I’ll keep it short- don’t EVER stop writing. :)

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bob December 16, 2012 at 15:04

Had wife of six years walk out leave me with a 4 and 1 year old. Told me if I ever tried to collect child support she would press charges I was molesting our children. She moved to New Mexico from New Jersey married new fellow and stayed away for 9 years. Had to raise my children without contact or support of any kind from her. The interesting thing is had to raise the children with the sensitivity that no one can touch their private parts . Only doctor if Im there , hand them the wash cloth and advised them repeatedly when they were young to wash their own hineys and privates ,dad cannot touch you during bath or anytime . A lot of women know full well their power and how to maneuver it. I will never marry again or mix my wealth now that all the main things in life are paid for children’s education ,home. I love women but they are free and myself also. And so be it.

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Jim March 2, 2013 at 12:00

I think I’ve been fairly lucky re the whole paying for dates thing- current gf insisted on going dutch for everything bar birthdays and christmas, obviously, and when I lost my job she was happy to be the one paying for awhile-never made a big thing about it and was just as happy to let me pay her back in kind for the same amount of time when I found work again before returning to a50/50 split- but then again she’s always been a tomboy- not one argument in a year and counting as i’m never expected to read her mind if there’s something bothering her- fairly certain i’ve lucked out there^^

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Me Me May 25, 2013 at 09:39

When I divorced my EX I left the children. TALK about a double standard. Women and men judge me for not taking the children since that is what women do. WELL ask if I pay child support. YES this was MY LAST year. And I paid more than most of the women I was friends with where suppose to get. ….. I say suppose too since NONE were getting their child support. NEVER did.
Now as far as short. I have dated short men and I have dated tall men WHY is it WRONG for women to have any standards as far as potential mate? I ask for a man I am sexually attracted too, height is part of that, works out and looks good for his age. MEN have to ask my age. I still get carded at near 50 LOVE IT. BUT men who look every single day of their age plus 25 years seem to think that his lack of effort to be attractive is NOT important. Nice men are rarely nice. They are horny men who think they are entitled to attractive women BECAUSE people LIKE you tell them they are. It is natural for men to desire an attractive woman. AND it sick and petty for women to be attracted to attractive men. Double standards are coming your way guys. As women are able to pay their own bills they will seek men who are HANDSOME. EASY ON THE EYES. These are the men I will pay to have dinner with. NOT some 50-year-old fat balding guy who is boring to boot.

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Paul June 3, 2013 at 09:30

Me Me, sorry to hear about your situation, but I guess we can agree that it’s the exception rather than the rule. More often, you’ll hear men rather than women being crushed by a divorce. For every woman who gets the bad end of the deal, there are four-five men who got the same thing.
About height: any woman is entitled to a man she finds attractive. But guys get put down for not wanting someone twice their own weight; no-one tells women anything about their refusal to wouldn’t date a dude 4-8 inches shorter than they. Also, weight can change, height doesn’t. It’s not about preferences, it’s about hypocrisy. Women berate guys for being ‘shallow’ while being ‘shallow’ themselves.
Furthermore, it’s not that men berate women for wanting attractive guys. We simply adapt to the image you create. It’s women who say they’re into personality and emotional connection and all that jazz while guys are dirty horn-dogs that would bang day and night. That’s the norm for a woman, as per the rules dictated by women themselves. Men have no choice but to assume that’s true. Just like women use the word ‘virgin’ as an insult towards guys who don’t sleep around at any chance they get in order to suggest their lack of assertiveness or aggressiveness, so do guys use ‘sluts’ for women who sleep around: because guys are taught – not by men, but by women – that a good woman goes for personality and long-term commitment and not looks or one night stands.

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Justin July 4, 2013 at 10:03

I think right now, there are double standards for both men and women; I don’t personally think that either side is worse about them, just different. As for equality in parenting, I think that if a man doesn’t want a kid that he has accidentally created, he should be able to opt out of being a parent, including the financial aspect of parenting. He made it crystal clear that he didn’t want the kid, but the woman kept it anyways, and the man gets penalized. On the other hand, if a woman decides she doesn’t want to keep the baby, the man has no say in the matter. Somebody please tell me how that is fair. I don’t have too many problems with the whole “double standard debate,” but I have seen a lot of men get screwed over when it comes to unplanned pregnancies.

Having said all that, I don’t see why the majority of men on this page are so mad that women like certain things in guys. I like women with big tits, a nice ass, and a pretty face; why then aren’t women allowed to be attracted to tall, dark, and handsome men. I think a lot of you guys are insecure about your looks, and because of that, aren’t confident when talking to women. Women love confidence. If you are insecure with your body, work out! It will give you a huge confidence boost. A year ago, I started working out with a body builder and, while I don’t have the body of a body builder, I do have the body of most male models I see in underwear ads and actors in superhero movies. Just because you don’t want to improve your body to get more attractive women, doesn’t mean you have to take it out on all women everywhere.

Women – first of all, ask anyone who knows me and they will say that I’m not shallow – yes, I like women with big tits, a nice ass, and a pretty face; but some of my favorite women in the world whom I love immensely would not fit my usual qualifications, but it doesn’t matter to me because if I think you’re beautiful, you are; it doesn’t matter if you have what I normally like.

Now women, all that being said, I think you are more manipulative and hold men to more double standards when you’re in a relationship. I don’t have any problems with women I don’t date, but it seems like most of my relationships with women have been relatively similar. For example, my current girlfriend is very career-driven; and while I haven’t had any experience with those kind of women (I’m used to women relying on me, as sexist as that sounds), I still feel like she needs to make time for the relationships if she wants to be in one. I love this woman to death, but I have to jump through hoops just to ask HER out on a date, on MY dime. But the second she wants to go on a date with me, I clear up my schedule even if it means getting someone to cover a shift for me at work. Also, if it takes me more than 2 hours to reply back to a text of hers, she goes bat shit crazy and asks me what’s wrong and if I’m mad at her. On the other hand, last night for instance, I asked her out on a date for next week, and she didn’t get back to me for 4 hours (after I had already gone to sleep) and in her reply, she said the reason she didn’t reply back sooner was because her back hurt and it put her in a shitty mood. I bust my ass all day and my back is in constant pain, but I get back to her texts in a timely manner… Sorry for getting so specific – it just happened last night, so it’s still fresh. My point is, women need to focus on being more equal IN relationships. IMO, you guys have nailed it as far as OUT OF relationships.

Sorry for the novel, guys – just had a lot on my mind.

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shelly August 4, 2013 at 06:35

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Jelly October 2, 2013 at 05:02

Shelly, I must say… For someone claiming to have received “higher education”, you sure must have a lot of nothing to do in your life but assert your dominance over men! Surely in the environment of your supposed “higher education”, you would have been exposed to what gender equality, because what is higher education if it’s absolutely fucking biased towards a gender?

Wake up and smell the coffee! We now live in a society where MEN and WOMEN are given EQUAL RIGHTS. You’re asking what ever happened to the gentleman who asks their love interest to a date, as well as the existence of the gentleman who pays. I’m not sure if you have watched modern day romantic films recently, but there are quite a few films released where the woman is asking the man out to a date. This is the case because films generally reflects society’s beliefs, interests and values. Films nowadays reflect society’s belief in women asking their love interest to a date. It’s not society’s fault that you haven’t caught up to their belief of gender equality – and in the film’s case, allowing equal opportunity to ask their love interest to a date.

Now I know most women are not like you, in fact you’re one of a kind! But what conforms you to a particular category is your need to “…sit back and complain and whine what people dont do for them”.

Shelly, at least try to prove you had higher education when trying to prove a point, because you simply came across as lady who lives alone with 15 cats in your post. I’m not going to tell you to get a life as some would typically say to end an argument, but rather tell you to remember what your “Higher Education” taught you. Unless of course… you never really had one

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Eric November 4, 2013 at 08:28

I am a single father. My son is 11. His mother left the entire picture when he was 8 months old. I have pressed for child support. Virginia repeatedly throws it out because the mother won’t cross the state lines to come to the hearing. Outcome .. No help. I have 2 daughters. The price for each head per month $450.00. No consideration for the fact that I am a single parent. Virginia belongs to the single mother. There is absolutely no respect for a father here. I am an active parent. I am not a deadbeat by any means. I am in my 4th winter with no heat. I have the hardest time keeping food on my table. I have not been able to fix my car for 4 months. I walk to get food. I have not had the luxury of a vacation in 4 years. The mother afforded a new motorcycle and also a trip to Mexico for a week not to mention several concerts out of state. The system is abused and its almost encouraged to be abused by a woman. I don’t have an opinion. I know it’s a fact.

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SG November 6, 2013 at 16:18

Something else to consider is that women often get paid less than men do for the same work.

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Anonymous February 6, 2014 at 20:37

I’m going gay.

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Richard Weed February 25, 2014 at 14:13

I’ve not Heard one thing mentioned how women use sex to manipulate a man into what she thinks will be a lasting relationship with sex. I actually divorced my wife for alienation of affection. I loved her but sex was never on her mind. She is a beautiful woman on top of things. She uses her appearance to win men over. We had great sex unit I married her. After the wedding, she closed the legs on our regular sex life. She was performing like a porn star prior to the wedding, but after we sealed the deal…sex was not to be discussed. This is very cruel on the minds and emotions of men. I promise you if women would tell men from the jump that sex wasn’t going to be an important part if their relationship, these men would dump her immediately! It’s deception and fraud. Women in our society manipulate and patronize men with their evil lies and deception about their so called love feelings for their man. Let a man tell his woman that he loves her but he just doesn’t want to have sex with her…this would not fly! The woman would scorn at the rejection. He would automatically be cheating but yet this isn’t how we should feel. I say bullshit! These kinds of women are plenteous and very evil.

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