NY Times Finally Admitting There’s a Problem

by Welmer on February 16, 2010

In reference to a recent article in The Atlantic magazine (I want to write it up, but need a little more time to do so), David Brooks of the NY Times has come out and said that boys and men are getting the shaft. Of course, he doesn’t explain why, and his proposed remedies are weak and likely to be ineffectual, but he said it. This is important. People are finally starting to listen.

Coming from the NY Times, the following is almost revolutionary:

The current financial crisis is no different. The U.S. will have to produce 10 million new jobs just to get back to the unemployment levels of 2007. There’s no sign that that is going to happen soon, so we’re looking at an extended period of above 8 percent unemployment.

The biggest impact is on men. Over the past few decades, men have lagged behind women in acquiring education and skills. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, at age 22, 185 women have graduated from college for every 100 men who have done so […]

In years past, we were treated to the same steady drumbeat of “women good, men bad” that so many of us have grown accustomed to, but now major media organizations have finally started to face the obvious and write about the crisis amongst America’s men.

This is just the beginning, so I wouldn’t expect any changes anytime soon, but when you have even hardcore feminists like Eve Ensler soft-pedaling their anti-male stance you know something is in the air.

What this means for us is that we have to be very careful not to get our hopes up about any kind of cooperation — it’s never worked in the past. As Gloria Steinem has said, the feminists want 65 more years of feminist revolution, and they haven’t lost a battle yet.

I’ll come right out and say what nobody in the mainstream media wants to admit: feminists have to be purged from positions where they can harm men and boys. Feminism is female supremacism, nothing else. A woman (or man) spouting feminist rhetoric in a university should receive exactly the treatment one would expect a professor calling for the return of black slavery might receive. Companies should fire troublemaking feminists. Politicians who support feminist laws should be exposed and thrown out of office as soon as feasible. Feminist judges should be removed from the bench. After WWII, the allies carried out a program of “de-Nazification” in Germany. I think that is an appropriate model to follow in dealing with feminists. There can be no common ground with supremacists, and there is no sense in dealing with them until they have been properly rehabilitated.

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