Avoiding the Fate of the AMC

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by Keoni Galt on February 14, 2010

In the terminology of the Venusian arts, AFC, as we all know, stands for Average Frustrated Chump. This article deals with an even sadder specimen of the male species – the Average Married Chump.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for those of us suckers, fools, naive idiots and morons that either got married before we knew better (such as myself), or are dumb enough to sign on the dotted line for Marriage 2.0. despite knowing better. Yes, we get it, all you MGTOW-ers and PUA-ers  – getting into Marriage 2.0 with a Western Woman is dumb, crazy and foolhardy. Better to go your own way and avoid women altogether…or just game the young sluts or crazy cougars for commitment free, protected sex. Believe me…we get it.

Nevertheless, there are men that have or intend to get married. This column is intended for those of us that are crazy and foolhardy enough to think we can actually marry a Western woman and and have children to create a family – and not be emasculated, pussy-whipped, cheated on, cuckolded, divorced and ass-raped with vagina-mony and child support judgments in our Soviet-styled family court system.  In fact this article is actually about how a married man under today’s marriage 2.0 regime can actually do his own part to avoid all of the pitfalls and dangers of today’s divorce – child support racket.

I write this disclaimer, simply because I’ve observed numerous discussions of marriage in the “man-o-sphere” invariably always have a chorus of MGTOW-ers and PUA-ers that always have to weigh in with their “you married guys are idiots” or ” it’s best to avoid marriage all together.”

Thanks guys…we already know. We still have to deal with our own realities, and telling us over and over again how stupid or foolish we are may make yourself feel better about yourself and the path you chose to follow…but it doesn’t actually help those of us that are already married or who intend to get married and have children in the future.

Most of us already know what Marriage 2.0 means. Most Spearhead readers know about the history of the feminist movement and it’s deliberate and destructive unleashing of the demons of female sexual dystopia on society. They actively subverted and corrupted Marriage 1.0 – the institution of Patriarchy – to deliberately destroy the foundation for civilized society, so as to build a Brave New World Order based on the illusion of  “gender equality.” That, of course, was merely the mechanism to inculcate a sense of victim-hood into women so that they would rebel against the gender roles that were clearly defined under Marriage 1.0, and forgo getting married at a young age when they are most fertile, so that the likelihood of having multiple children in stable nuclear homes with a Father who was the primary authority figure in that home, would become a near obsolete anachronism.  The proof is in the pudding – the Demographic decline of the West is a fact, and proves that the real goal of feminism was and is all about population control.

By taking up the mantle of Patriarch, and having a successful marriage with multiple children, while increasingly dangerous to men and their children under the current feminist regime, is in fact a blow to those that seek to prevent the formation of stable, Male headed nuclear families in the first place.

So what can you, as a man, do, to become that Patriarch whose wife and children love and respect?

While it is a complex issue – and there are so many variables at play, it is impossible to ensure ONE CORRECT way to make a marriage in today’s feminazi-fucked world work, there are a number of things you can do to at least lessen the odds as much as possible.

To start with, there are a few points that all men who are contemplating marriage need to consider:

The Principle Feature of Female Sexuality is Hypergamy

Unless you understand this principle fully and completely, you WILL have trouble in your marriage.

To put it succinctly – the key to surviving — and indeed, even thriving — in marriage 2.0, is to behave and conduct yourself as if you were in marriage 1.0…the old school definition. You MUST wear the pants. You MUST be the literal and figurative Head of your household. If you cannot do this, you should indeed go your own way or confine yourself to Gaming women for short term relationships with no commitment.

Remember: NO woman respects a man she can rule. Any man she can rule, is a man she will have contempt for. Any man she has contempt for, she simply cannot lust. And if she doesn’t lust you, she certainly will not “love” you.

To put it even simpler than that, you need to understand the key to a successful marriage is establishing and maintaining a relationship based on the reality of her hypergamous instincts. The first thing you must do to ensure success, is of course to choose the “right” woman.

So what are the qualities of the “right” woman? After all, we Men of the Spearhead,  hold a special scorn for women that continually make the empty claim “Not all women are like that!

In terms of morality, attitudes and behavior, indeed, not all women are “like that.” There are women who have been raised in an environment that makes it far more likely she will have the self-control, maturity and awareness to accept your leadership role to make sure you have a successful marriage.

In short…here are the characteristics that make a successful marriage with a Western Woman more likely –

*Was she was raised in an intact, happy nuclear family?

This is perhaps THE most important prerequisite you should have in assessing whether or not the great risks involved with marriage in today’s society are worth taking on with any particular woman. In many ways, we human beings develop the same attitudes, behaviors, habits and ethics of the people who raise us. From childhood, we are given a template of life that we both consciously and subconsciously follow. Women from a broken home were raised within that template. When a woman comes from a broken home and raised by a single mother, she WILL internalize the same attitudes and behaviors of her mother, the same attitudes that broke her own mother’s home up greatly increases the chances that she will break up your own home that you make with her as well. This is especially true if she comes from a broken home for which the mother places all of the blame for the breakup of the marriage on the ex-husband/father.

Does she have a positive, respectful relationship with her Father?

Take careful note of any prospective wife’s relationship with her father (the guy she considers as the primary male that raised her..not necessarily her bio-dad). Does she respect him? Is he an authority figure to her that she admires, and will listen and follow his advice? If she doesn’t respect the male authority of the home she was raised in, she’s not going to respect your male authority in your home either.

*Is she is younger than you?

This one factor really gives a man a “head-start” in establishing a relationship of proper balance – one in which the man and the woman fulfill their complementary gender roles. It also increases the likelihood that she is either a virgin or relatively inexperienced.  By virtue of your older age, you will hopefully have accomplishments, achievements and experience that she will admire and respect. She will be “looking up to you” from the very beginning. That’s a much easier place to maintain your “up” status if your relationship is founded on that to begin with.  Besides, if your goal is to have multiple children, it doesn’t make  sense to marry an older woman. How many kids did Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have again?

* Does she have a sense of moral awareness and justice?

Observe her attitudes and beliefs when she is presented with scenarios, dramatized performances or real life examples of the issues that are directly related to marital success. What is her opinion of a friend that she knows is cheating? Does she condone, excuse or justifies her friends or family members doing things like cuckolding, cheating, or divorcing? What are her opinions of movie stars, rock or pop stars and other celebrities that engage in all sorts of marriage destroying behaviors? Does she hold men and women equally accountable? Does she think it was perfectly alright for Tiger Woods wife to hit him with a golf club? Take stock of all the examples that show her attitude when they present themselves. All of the attitudes she expresses that adhere to what feminist society would consider ‘politically correct’ are bright, red flags. Ignore them at your own risk.

* What are her life goals? Does she understand the realities of her own biological clock and the opportunity costs of pursuing the education/career track versus having children?

Listen to what she says are her primary goals in life. Is she following the feminist script of education-career- THAN maybe a kid or two onto the road of fulfilment and having it all as a supermom? Or is she perfectly content to stay home and raise children? Will she support you in your own career goals? Will she complement your own life’s mission goals…or is she determined to set her own goals (which inevitably end up competing with yours, not complementing).

* How does she manage money and credit?

Is she a compulsive shopper? Does she consider shopping to be a primary form of entertainment? Most importantly…does she have credit card debt? If she finances her compulsive clothes shopping with credit cards that she never pays off in full, she will be dragging you into debt slavery right along with her after the wedding. Oftentimes, the “experts” will cite “money troubles” as the leading factor in a marriage breaking up. In politically incorrect terms, this usually means she spends more than they can pay off, and she resents him for failing to “provide.”

Now, let’s just say you think you’ve found “the one” who fits the bill. A woman that is least likely to give you the gift of a broken home, child support/vagina-mony mandated slavery and alienated children. You get married.

While the previous list of characteristics are definitely founded on the principle that “not all women are like that,” after all, not all women are raging sluts living the feminist dictated lifestyle,  it is after marriage, when you settle down into a routine of daily living with each other, that in fact you will find out that ALL women ARE like that.

Lose her respect, let her take the role of authority in the house, and you’ll see how ALL women are driven by their hypergamous instinct. While she may be in fact a woman who steadfastly doesn’t believe in divorce…who takes her vows seriously (probably because of a religious belief), perhaps she won’t divorce you — but eventually you’ll wish she did. Her contempt for you and your emasculated state will absolutely pollute your home environment. Her disrespect for you will infect your children, poison the atmosphere and you will end up with what is commonly known as a “dysfunctional” family.

How do you avoid this? Here’s a list of bullet points to consider:

  • Study “Game” or learn the art of seducing women. Than seduce your wife…over and over again.
  • Don’t become predictable.
  • Constantly DHV. Always remind her at every opportunity that presents itself as to how lucky she is to be married to YOU.
  • “Neg” her regularly.
  • Learn to recognize her shit tests.
  • Understand that ULTIMATUMS are the ultimate shit test. Never, ever, EVER give in to an ultimatum.
  • Call her on her bullshit…the biggest of which is using sex as a bargaining chip. The second you give into her attempts to make sex a bargaining tool, you’ve placed your sex life into the category of competitive rather then complementary. It’s a power play you WILL lose.
  • Be decisive and confident. Ask her for her opinions…but NOT her approval. This also ties in with not being predictable. Plan things for her and your family to do…but don’t tell her about it. Just tell her “we got plans, get ready.” Give her as little details as possible — only enough to ensure she wears the appropriate apparel. Tease her whenever she asks about your plans…in this way, you build up her sense of anticipation and mystery. If you learn to do this right, you can actually make her excited about doing things that would otherwise be repetitive and mundane.
  • Never let her dictate big purchasing decisions. You can take her opinion into account…but remember that you should have final say. No bargaining either. “We’ll get the minivan now, you can buy your sports car later.”
  • Maintain friends and interests of your own…especially those considered “masculine.” Hunting, fishing…whatever. Something for which you can go and do without her.  Never give up your hobby or recreation ESPECIALLY if she tries to get you to stop.  Hunters, hunt. Fisherman, fish. Surfers, surf. Skiers, ski. Ballplayers, play ball. She knows what kind of guy she’s marrying and the hobbies he enjoys. Her trying to get you to quit your hobby or activity is really just a shit test to see how much of a spine you have.
  • Never EVER let her “OWN THE HOUSE.” Don’t let her designate one area as your “man cave” and the rest of the house is her domain to decorate and furnish as she desires. Let her have some rooms…like bathrooms and kitchens (especially since your not going to marry a woman that isn’t spending significant time in the kitchen in the first place…). Make sure the common rooms have evidence that a MAN lives there too. This, of course, does not mean you shouldn’t have your own “man cave.” Just make sure it is not the ONLY room in the house that looks like a man dwells there.
  • Do NOT be afraid of her emotional state. She is a woman, and emotional instability is simply how she is designed. As Roissy stated so eloquently in his The 16 Commandments of Poon:

You are an oak tree. You will not be manipulated by crying, yelling, lying, head games, sexual withdrawal, jealousy ploys, pity plays, shit tests, hot/cold/hot/cold, disappearing acts, or guilt trips. She will rain and thunder all around you and you will shelter her until her storm passes. She will not drag you into her chaos or uproot you. When you have mastery over yourself, you will have mastery over her.

If all this seems like a little too much to remember, there is a simple shortcut you can use to keep yourself in check. When talking with her, or contemplating talking to her, you can maintain the correct relationship dynamic by asking yourself a very simple question in your mind: “Am I talking to her as if she were my lover…or as if she were my mother, and I her child?”

You don’t ASK FOR PERMISSION to do anything. That’s what a kid does, begging mommy for permission.

She’s not your mommy…never forget that. Because as soon as you fall into that role, you will become that AMC. That pathetic version of a walking zombie, trapped and miserable in a sexless marriage to a woman that doesn’t respect you, and is not motivated to stay in shape and attractive for you.

We all know that marriage in this day and age is mostly a bad deal for men…nevertheless, if you do decide to take the plunge, remember that you do have some control in how it turns out.

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