Feminism Losing its Luster

by W.F. Price on February 3, 2010

As NOW takes shots at collegiate football hero Tim Tebow over his pro-life stance, prominent women are starting to distance themselves from the organization. Washington Post sports columnist Sally Jenkins has written a column excoriating the notorious women’s organization, going so far as to call it “intolerant.”

Tim Tebow is everything feminism hates: he is a believing, pro-life Christian who has even had the nerve to remain celibate pending marriage. Feminists, despite their incessant use of shaming language and denigration of male sexuality, seem to hate nothing more than people who promote sexual abstinence outside of marriage, perhaps because they know that this strips them of a great deal of power over men.

Of course, they also despise the idea that there is anything morally wrong with killing one’s children in the womb if they get in the way of such important things as a master’s degree in women’s studies or a career in journalism.

Sally Jenkins, and probably millions of other women across America, are starting to face the uncomfortable fact that their own advocates have turned out to be amongst the most hateful people on earth; people who have not only openly spoken about exterminating half the human race, but who have in practice fostered a cult of selfishness and death.

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