MSNBC: Be a Bitch to Get Married

by W.F. Price on January 27, 2010

In a prime example of what Western men face today, Sherry Argov writes for MSNBC that women seeking to tie the knot should be “bitches” to get men to propose. I doubt this advice will be particularly effective, but like so many other sales pitches it only encourages American women to continue doing what got them into a fix in the first place to achieve a different outcome. Just like the countless products marketed to fat people that promise they can lose weight while eating all they want, this advice is designed to appeal to women who find the idea of changing their behavior to make themselves more attractive too frightening to contemplate.

As comforting to women as this advice may be, it is bound to disappoint them in the long run, but the real victims will be boyfriends and husbands who will inevitably be subjected to more demands, less respect and general abuse from the women in their lives.

Feminism has reached critical mass, and what we are seeing today is a sort of chain reaction, wherein each new expression of feminism leads to another. It seems that here in the West, we have built the perfect breeder reactor for feminism, in which feminist reactions actually create additional fuel as they propagate.

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