Men’s Issues and Race

by W.F. Price on January 26, 2010

I’ll try to make this short, because this is one of those subjects that tends toward long-winded, contorted, and usually unsuccessful attempts to get a point across.

First, race is real, race is important, and race is an issue. Only people who are afraid of it or who don’t have to deal with it claim that it isn’t. It is human nature to separate ourselves into distinct groups based on various attributes, and racial characteristics are the most obvious of these. So I’m not going to try to convince anyone that race is irrelevant, or even that racial conflict will ever disappear. It never will, but I do think it can be managed pretty well.

Despite the fact that this is a huge issue in society that is deeply relevant to American culture (although perhaps not so much for other Western countries), it’s something we’re going to have to put aside here just as we would were we in the Marine Corps and facing battle. This is a fraternal effort, and each of us is defending the next man’s most fundamental right, which is to be free in his own affairs from the depredations of oppressors.

It is dedication to this freedom that is the cornerstone of The Spearhead, and it is unconditional. Just as a man should not have his Constitutional rights thrown in the toilet because his wife decides to run off with his children, he should not lose any of his rights because of his race. Both the former and latter situations are out of men’s hands, and there is nothing more disgusting and unjust than punishing people for what they have no control over. I’m sure all decent men will agree with that.

What we’re confronting here is a merciless anti-male regime that does not care about the rights of any man. That’s the enemy. Any man who stands up against it is my brother in arms, and I am his. I can’t afford to worry about his hair texture or the shape of his nose, nor can he about mine. None of us can afford to bother with these things in this effort, because if we spend too much time bickering amongst ourselves we have no chance at all.

Keep these words in mind while here at The Spearhead


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