US Clamping Down on Indian Surrogacy Industry

by W.F. Price on January 25, 2010


Perhaps sensing a threat from foreign wombs and fertile ova, US consulate officials have been closely scrutinizing children of American citizens – in some cases interrogating the parents – carried to term by Indian surrogate mothers or otherwise conceived by ART.

The Times of India speculates that this may be due to worries about Indian court rulings vis a vis custody, but it is more likely that, in the spirit of IMBRA, American feminists in powerful positions (e.g. our Secretary of State) have ordered these measures to safeguard the inflated value of American women, who could be bypassed as mothers by men seeking to have children by purchasing donor eggs and having them implanted in Indian surrogates.

US consulate officials in Chennai have remained tight-lipped, repeating only legal definitions of citizenship when asked about policy.

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