Boy’s Science Project Mistaken for Bomb, Boy Remanded for “Counseling”

by Pro-male/Anti-feminist Tech on January 18, 2010

The San Diego Union Tribune reports that an 11 year old boy’s personal science project was mistaken for a bomb.  An 11 year old boy who attends Millennial Tech Magnet Middle School in San Diego was working on a personal science project to build some type of motion detector.  He made the mistake of bringing it to his school.  A vice principal at Millennial Tech saw the boy showing the device to other students at the school, and believing it was a bomb, IED, or some other type of harmful device put the school under lockdown and brought in the San Diego Police.  Later the school was evacuated, and the device was scanned and determined to be harmless.  The boy’s house and garage was checked by fire officials to make sure there was nothing harmful or explosive.  Obviously, there wasn’t.  While there will be no prosecutions (since no actual laws were violated), authorities are still “recommending” that both the boy and the parents “get counseling” because the boy supposedly violated some school policy.

One aspect of female supremacism is prosecuting a war on boys.  This case is a stellar example of that.  It’s safe to say that if an 11 year old girl brought a personal science project to school, it would be held as proof of “female empowerment”.  However, since a boy did it, the police were called in, his house was searched for chemicals and explosive materials, and he (along with his parents) was remanded for “counseling” since they couldn’t find anything.

It’s even worse than it seems, because this is a tech magnet school.  By definition a tech magnet school will have students who are interested in technology, engineering, and science.  Trying to build electronic devices such a motion detector, as this boy did, should be considered typical – and even praiseworthy – for a student in such a school.  Instead, any outside interest in science, engineering, and technology by boys is quashed by school authorities.  If you wonder why the scientific, technological, and engineering fields are moving to Asia, just consider that what female supremacism is doing to boys is a huge part of it.  Of course, with the export of feminism, Asia’s leadership in science, engineering, and technology will be short-lived, because boys will likely be treated with the same distrust and hatred in Asia as they are here in the near future.

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