Where Have All The Good Women Gone?

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by Featured Guest on January 13, 2010

by Snark

Every week or so, the mainstream press publishes another of these “where have all the good men gone” articles, invariably penned by some female dullard who is over the hill but “still looking” for a worthy partner to settle down with. As Spearhead readers will be well aware, her real cause for complaint is the expiry date on her Pussy Pass; men of all ages would rather pursue the newer models than act as her personal meal ticket for the evening. Her real complaint is that men simply stopped being interested in her. What she would really like now is for these “manchildren” to just grow up and take responsibility for her own actions.

The fact that these articles – wearisome and predictable as they are – appear with such regularity, while virtually no space exists for the equivalent criticism of women, speaks volumes about our collective Locus of Consciousness. A commentary which similarly takes women to task would not make it past the editor’s desk of any mainstream publication. Criticism of women is strictly verboten; such is the official policy of the guardians of popular culture. Owing to this, a great narcissism has flourished, leading women to overvalue themselves so much that they price themselves out of the dating market. No wonder that women who believe – simply by virtue of being women – that they exemplify perfect girlfriends, wives and mothers, should want to hold their potential suitors to the same standards. Introspection and honesty with oneself have no place in the female Locus of Consciousness, which appears to operate on the principle that “the truth is whatever I want to be the truth.”

However, my male Locus of Consciousness, which recognises that truth exists objectively, and quite apart from human concerns, does not permit me to indulge the modern Western female in her delusion that she is a paragon of virtue. Our zeitgeist is femme-centric; this should go without saying. Our modern world privileges the fluidity of emotions and subjectivity over such masculine throwbacks as a regard for truth, justice, logical argument and personal responsibility. Women, it is claimed, are strong, independent, feisty, smart, cute, sexy, capable, emphatic, classy, etc., and all the other positive traits you can find listed in women’s magazines, feminist blogs, newspapers, talk shows, movies, and other sources of boastful pomposity.

On the flip side, men are routinely slandered for their masculinity, or lack of it. The display of any masculinity whatsoever is elevated to the status of “hypermasculinity” – a loaded neologism which places one on the same moral plane as violent rapists. The absence of masculinity, even as a conciliatory gesture to the demands of feminism, is equally grounds for derision as a sign of weakness. Supplicating husbands, who acquiesce to equality in performing household chores (dictated on her terms), are deemed “kitchen bitches,” their own affability becoming the justification for their wives playing away from home. All of this is spelled out quite clearly in the words of women asking where all the “good men” have gone. Women, of course, are free to pursue their own masculinity as they please; dressed in pantsuits and armed with false bravado, they declare themselves the superior gender, the eventual victors of the long and fierce battle of the sexes.

And yet, with all this cheering and braying regarding women’s apparent victory over the opponents who didn’t even bother to show up at the battlefield for four decades, I just don’t see it. When I look around me, I see women absolutely failing to live up to this archetype which the mainstream feminist media presents. Strong, independent, sexy, smart, etc.? One could consider that feminism has created more demands for women to live up to than “patriarchy” ever did.

No, what I see, for the most part, are sad, deflated wretches, clinging like barnacles to the side of the ship of civilisation, which is rapidly sinking under their weight. Modern Western woman is the very antithesis of independence. Feminism, over the last forty years, has done more to prove the assumptions of patriarchy than men themselves ever could: women absolutely cannot make it on their own, if we use Western “liberated” woman as our yardstick.

Rather than competing on the same playing field as men, she sought to tilt that field in her favour, so that she could scramble up onto the podium without ever needing to learn how to play the game. From her lofty position, she declared herself every bit as competent as men – if not moreso – with absolutely no comprehension of the irony of her statement. The female Locus allowed woman’s deserved success to ring out across the land, precisely because she wanted it to be true. Affirmative action, harassment lawsuit threats, juked statistics, government grants, the mass guilt-tripping of males; all these mechanisms, which she had used to ascend to her throne, were carefully ignored. They do not, after all, have any place in the meta-narrative of female strength; ceasing to have a purpose, they simply ceased to be true in her mind.

Men and boys continued toiling in the field below. They had no such recourse when faced with life’s obstacles – of which they found more and more as time went by, thrown down at them by the very same women who had torn up the rulebook and now demanded that their male counterparts be increasingly regulated. “Women only earn 75 cents on the male dollar,” modern Western woman whined, apparently forgetting that the sentence concludes: “for 70% of the work.” Men are The Problem, it was declared, and anyone who dared suggest otherwise was an anti-progressive, a misogynist, a neanderthal, a rape apologist, a chauvinist, a patriarch, and so on. As boys were increasingly prescribed drugs to curb their dangerous youthful male energy, society came around to the idea that men and women are identical in all but genitals, and even those were negotiable. Society was to be redesigned along gender-neutral lines, except, of course, for when women are superior; commiserations to those masculine men who found themselves next in line to be crushed underneath the steamroller of androgyny.

And androgyny is what I see; it is an image which cannot be reconciled with the sexy, cute image in which women see themselves. Women seem to have this bizarre notion that they can tell men what is attractive in a woman, and what is not. But, to quote Shakespeare, a turd by any other name stinks just as bad. What I see, when I look at the women around me, are dull, dumpy harridans, with men’s haircuts, wearing men’s clothes, with slumped shoulders and dead eyes. Aging, fat-faced non-entities giggling obnoxiously over sexual innuendo as though they were teenage girls. Crones long past their prime, who divorced their husbands on the pretence that they could make it on their own, and promptly shoved their hands out at Big Husband Government.

Women have lost their femininity; that most crucial of all characteristics needed to attract a man, upon which sexiness and cuteness are surely based. Those young women who spend their nights hopping bars and clubs, their faces painted up like clowns, aggressively pursuing men for casual sex, can hardly be considered feminine. Their allure is superficial, and appeals only to the physical senses; is it any surprise that men want nothing more to do with them, following sex (if that)? You can shop all day long for that perfect outfit which just oozes class, but that’s certainly not the vibe you give off when you pass out on the street in a pool of your own vomit.

But what about smarts? When they’re not stumbling around in a drunken stupor, women are going to college in record numbers, having now surpassed the number of male graduates. Well, yes, the policy of making college campuses the most hostile places in the world for young men has been a roaring success. It is small wonder that men are avoiding further education at institutions which actively seek to expand the definition of “rape” to encompass most or all examples of consensual heterosexual intercourse – the fact of rape soon to be determined, not even by the alleged “victim,” but third party Women’s Centers, if Duke University’s new policy is any indication. The problem for universities is that their sexual harassment of men has meant throwing the baby out with the bathwater; as men leave in droves, participation in the hard sciences plummets.

And all this is leaving aside those women who use their social position as females to manipulate men and the system in a variety of ways, e.g. by making false accusations of sexual assault in return for financial rewards. Have these creatures no morality, no sense of responsibility or compassion towards others? They openly brag about their affairs, they boast to the world about how they robbed their jilted husbands of their life’s earnings in a divorce settlement; they glorify in these behaviours which crush an innocent man’s dreams and drive him to suicide. Score another one for the sisterhood.

There are no ladies left. Modern woman insists that every man treat her “like a lady,” seemingly without any awareness that to be treated as a lady, one must actually act like a lady. Can we imagine Don Juan complaining that women never treat him like a gentleman? How is this any less absurd? Yet, most people never manage to lift their heads up, out of the festering swamp of politically-sanctioned thought, to realise that a whore is simply a whore.

And that’s why middle-aged female hacks can get away with their repeated complaints that men aren’t kowtowing to their demands any more – they aren’t “good” men, in the sense that a child or a pet is “good” for doing what it’s told. It never seems to cross their minds that they might actually have to appeal to men. No, the faintest whiff of the idea that a woman should live up to a man’s expectations causes women to cry foul: that’s oppression! On the other hand, it’s perfectly acceptable for women to make demands that men settle down and support them now, and even to decide, on a man’s behalf, what he should find attractive in women.

We have it all fundamentally backwards. While female journalists and other cranks prattle on about the dearth of good men, one needs only to take a look around to realise that it is good women who are few and far between.

(The original of this essay is at http://remasculation.blogspot.com/2010/01/where-have-all-good-women-gone.html)

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