David Copperfield Beats Rape Rap

by W.F. Price on January 13, 2010

Federal prosecutors in Seattle officially closed their rape investigation of magician David Copperfield, AKA David Kotkin, on Tuesday, declining to press charges. The closure of the investigation closely follows another rape accusation made by his 23-year-old accuser, a model and waitress who has competed in Washington state beauty pageants.

Last month, while waiting tables, Copperfield’s accuser met another man and agreed to go to his hotel room after work. She went upstairs with the man, and allegedly performed oral favors for him, then offered sex for $2,000, which the man refused.

She left the room, then proceeded to tell hotel staff she had been “taken advantage of” by the man. She called police to make a police report, stating that she had felt dizzy and then found the man on top of her. The man also called police and gave his version of the events.

Police documents included video from the hotel showing the woman engaged in willing, intimate behavior with the man prior to their entry into the hotel room. The woman’s friend, who went out for drinks with her and her latest victim, described the accuser to police as behaving in an excessively sexual manner with her victim.

The accuser still hasn’t been named, because, paradoxically, women who accuse men of rape – even falsely – are generally protected by “rape shield” policies implemented by news agencies. However, it is not a crime to publish the name of the accuser, as free speech still applies, and criminal cases are still a matter of public record. Indeed, if The Spearhead learns the name of this dangerous woman, it will most assuredly be published here as a warning to all men who live in or may visit the Seattle area.

Whether the woman will face charges for her most recent extortion attempt remains to be seen, but given that this is Washington state, that is an unlikely outcome.

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