David Copperfield Beats Rape Rap

by W.F. Price on January 13, 2010

Federal prosecutors in Seattle officially closed their rape investigation of magician David Copperfield, AKA David Kotkin, on Tuesday, declining to press charges. The closure of the investigation closely follows another rape accusation made by his 23-year-old accuser, a model and waitress who has competed in Washington state beauty pageants.

Last month, while waiting tables, Copperfield’s accuser met another man and agreed to go to his hotel room after work. She went upstairs with the man, and allegedly performed oral favors for him, then offered sex for $2,000, which the man refused.

She left the room, then proceeded to tell hotel staff she had been “taken advantage of” by the man. She called police to make a police report, stating that she had felt dizzy and then found the man on top of her. The man also called police and gave his version of the events.

Police documents included video from the hotel showing the woman engaged in willing, intimate behavior with the man prior to their entry into the hotel room. The woman’s friend, who went out for drinks with her and her latest victim, described the accuser to police as behaving in an excessively sexual manner with her victim.

The accuser still hasn’t been named, because, paradoxically, women who accuse men of rape – even falsely – are generally protected by “rape shield” policies implemented by news agencies. However, it is not a crime to publish the name of the accuser, as free speech still applies, and criminal cases are still a matter of public record. Indeed, if The Spearhead learns the name of this dangerous woman, it will most assuredly be published here as a warning to all men who live in or may visit the Seattle area.

Whether the woman will face charges for her most recent extortion attempt remains to be seen, but given that this is Washington state, that is an unlikely outcome.

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Cannon's Canon January 13, 2010 at 12:11

he made those charges… DISAPPEAR!

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Firepower January 13, 2010 at 13:02


Heard bad stuff about this creep – a predecessor of Tiger Woods Beta “game. ”

“Hey dollcakes, I’m famous – whaddya say we get on my 240 foot yacht [hint-hint] and go back to my island pretty please?”

I’d google his past indiscretions, but if I wouldn’t walk across the street to piss on him irl,

I’m not wasting time on search matters of such insignificance. Golfers and magicians are uber-dorks.

I don’t want Coppafeel on my side
and I’m not on his.

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Welmer January 13, 2010 at 13:32

Yeah, Copperfield is pretty sleazy by all accounts, but this woman flew to his Bahamas resort at his invitation, and knew what she was getting into. And then she pulls this stunt on a businessman downtown. Seems birds of a feather flock together, eh?

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Globalman January 13, 2010 at 14:52

Copperfield is ‘sleazy’? Because he uses his wealth as a way of getting laid? Gee, that pretty much makes all men sleazy doesn’t it?

Women want ‘babies and money’. And if any man thinks a woman ‘love him for who he really is’ then I feel sorry for such a deluded fool. Women are only interested in ability to pay. And in our fantasy world today that means money.

Or haven’t you guys here noticed that the men with very little money and can not present a pretence of money or power don’t get the girls?

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z January 13, 2010 at 15:18

“23-year-old accuser, a model and waitress who has competed in Washington state beauty pageants”

There used to be a anagram, MAW, it stoof for “Model, Actress, Whatever”.

I imagine a lot of MAW’s in cities work as escorts on the side, and once “on the dark side” of professional sex-work, become profoundly jaded, much more than a “casting-couch” girl of old.

Ive made a comment on another blog in which I mentioned one fallout of internet pornography being so available and free: Its got to hurt strip clubs, putting women like the Copperfield accuser out of their natural line of work, pole-dancing. The Deja Vu “showbars” and the like all around America have to be feeling a pinch from all the free “tube”-sites on the internet (Redtube, pornhub, etc.). A man can see naked women for his viewing pleasure in the privacy of his own home any time he wants, doing everything in the Kama Sutra in slow motion at a boatload-of-pixels-per-square-inch-high-resolution-glory with surround sound, with his face inches from the screen.

Who needs titty bars?

The effect? Women who want to make money off of their looks have to get into -real-paid sex to do so. Topless carwashes? Who gives a damn. Hooters waitress? They get 20% tips, just like any other waitstaff. Whats left for gals who only have their youth/looks going for them? There are only so many “hostess” jobs out there for uber-hotties to do, so most of these women wind up waiting tables (in this economy? good luck), or turning tricks.

My eyes have been opened by one blogger in particular on this subject, as he has wrote about the sexual economy out there extensively. I spent a night googling all sorts of internet call-girl search queries like “elite escorts, new york city” and “chicago models companions VIP”. I could not *believe* how many very good looking women are out there doing it for money (300-900 per hour). I even found a website whose name escapes me at the moment that has porn stars who charge for the half-hour, hour, multiple hours, and all nighters. Some were as cheap as 400-for-a-half-hour. That should go to show anyone what a bad economy can do: it can force people into obviously desperate decisions, doing things they never thought they’d stoop to.

A MAW (Model, Actress, Whatever) probably has less options as stripper poles dont pay what they once did, Hooter’s gigs dont pay what they once did, cocktail waitressing is waiting for the economy to rebound, and gigs like bikini carwashes and the like aren’t paying what they used to. Men can get their “visual-experience”-rocks off for nuthin’ at the office, for free via the internet.

This woman who obviously falsely accused Copperfield was the type of chick that in years past was probably pulling 200-a-weeknight at the local Deja-Vu, and 400 or more on weekend nights. Now those jobs probably aren’t paying half that much (if that). I let a stripper live with me in my mid-twenties once, thinking with my dick instead of my brain. That had to be one of the worst decisions I ever made. Once women “go over” into the mode of thinking one develops in those jobs, they see every male as a “mark” to be led on for money by sexual enticement. This woman using blackmail as a way to earn money of falsely claiming rape or sexual assault is the “stick” end of the “carrot-n-stick” logic that goes with stripping. I bet she’s been “on the pole” and is simply trying to avoid the line of work that so many of her sisters are perusing at the moment, professional prostitution.

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djc January 13, 2010 at 16:43

@ Cannon’s Canon
You beat me to it. And I have to agree with Globalman. It’s a shocking reality for most men, but reality it is.

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Carl Sagan January 13, 2010 at 17:17


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Niko January 13, 2010 at 17:18

Good spot Z, street crawlers are actually getting prettier. I guess technology competes at all levels.

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Jabberwocky from home January 13, 2010 at 18:22

Yeah, Globie makes a good point. Until being sleazy is no longer rewarded with slutty behavior, we should’t bash sleaziness. Those women are grownups. They’re not idiots (at least about this type of stuff.) If they are so easily fooled and manipulated when yachts and jewelry are involved, then they don’t deserve to be considered equals with men. They would need to have no common sense to think a rich man is just going to be swept off his feet by some random beautiful women. Even if they are that stupid as to believe it, men believe women when they say “until death do us part” and how many women keep that promise. And that one is made directly to God. I don’t feel sorry for the victims of pick up artist, even if the PUA is rich, I feel sorry for nice guys who get screwed over for being decent human beings.

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Gunslingergregi January 13, 2010 at 23:48

A decent human being is a rich human being. It shows a lack of drive and ambition to not have money when it is so easily aquired.

A guy having money shows that he can follow through and most guys with money do marry. So it is not really a false hope for woman that they might get a shot at being the wife.

Woman should look at your bank account and you should look at theirs.

Look at what saved his ass. The cameras. Yup guys need to carry that voice recorder maybe if they are involved in certain situations.

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Gunslingergregi January 13, 2010 at 23:49

And obviously not evercusation ends up in conviction as it should be with no evidense.

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Jabherwochie January 14, 2010 at 06:26

“A decent human being is a rich human being. It shows a lack of drive and ambition to not have money when it is so easily aquired.”

Don’t be an arrogant, condecending idiot. I grew up around uppermiddle class and rich kids. Most of these rich families simply invested in the right startup business at the right time, or inhereted enough money to do something with it. The founders of the company I work for sold it to a large corporate entity for 30 something million, but it was leveraged with so much debt, that none of them walked away rich. These guys started a highly successful buisness with no startup money of their own, they all have elite multiple degrees, and they busted their ass to get the shit going, but because of the debt, they were forced to cash out early and walked away with hundreds of thousands, not millions. Not enough drive and ambition I guess? Maybe we just define rich differently. Owning some properties and living off the rent you earn from them is not rich to me. Building and supplying your son an entire Rodeo Ranch because he takes a sudden interest in riding horses, like one of my High School buddies dad did for him, that is rich. Having your daughter friends (my buddies) steal your luxury car at her house party, where they end up ripping the entire door off the side by being stupid and driving backwards with the door open, and when finding out about it, just laughing it off and saying its no problem, thats kids will be kids, thats rich. My cousin is rich. Pretty much retired in this 30′s, but dabbles in real estate. Sounds maybe like your situation. He was in a company that moved to the west coast, and a large contractor didn’t want to deal with a west coast company, so my cousin stayed behind and started a mirror image company just to supply that large contractor. Drive and ambition? Hell yes, but also being at the right place at the right time. Many people with drive and ambition end up driving themselves into the poor house where they die a lonely death, or have their ideas stolen by some corporation and get squashed by the capital and leverage of their now corporate competitor. Capitalism is not, and has never been a true meritocracy, allthough merit is a huge help. It is a “What works is what works” system, and no rule, no book, no attitude is a sure way to become rich.

How’d you make your money again?

Truely self made men realize a lot of luck is involved and are often quick to point that out. I’ve heard it from the horses mouth more than once. I know rich people. They don’t act like you, a entitled child with delusions of grandeur.

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Firepower January 14, 2010 at 08:57

Welmer January 13, 2010 at 13:32

Yeah, Copperfield is pretty sleazy by all accounts, but this woman flew to his Bahamas resort at his invitation, and knew what she was getting into. And then she pulls this stunt on a businessman downtown. Seems birds of a feather flock together, eh?


And now, the flock is more classroom – with nightly lessons in crass, militant behavior provided by “reality TV.”

If my choice is limited to Slut Vs. Sleaze, I exercise my option of manhood and select neither, thus not contaminating myself in the Lose-Lose scenario.

If we wish to claim moral superiority over the double-standard hollowness of our rampant enemies, we can’t allow ourselves to defend douchebags.

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