Affirmative Action Begins to Favor Men in Swedish Universities, is Promptly Abolished

by W.F. Price on January 12, 2010

[Ed. — The following article was sent in by a reader kind enough to keep us apprised of international news]

In a stunning about face Sweden plans to remove gender quotas for admissions to university and college programs because not enough women are getting accepted to certain courses. The quota system was originally implemented to ensure that women were received to these programs in equal numbers to men. However, this has resulted in many women from being denied places because the course is already over enrolled with women. Under the existing quota system men have received priority in those courses where their gender was underrepresented, such as veterinary medicine, dentistry, medicine and psychology.

Higher Education and Science minister, Tobias Krantz, was quoted in the newspaper Dagens Nyheter as saying [trans.] “The education system should open doors – not slam them in the face of women motivated to study.” Note how his comment prioritizes women over men.

So, once again we see that the goalposts are moved in order to cater for the advantage of women. When the quota system was originally introduced, and women were gaining entry to university slots despite not having the highest grades, that was fine. Now that the situation has been reversed and female students with high grades are being excluded the rules are to be changed. The confused Swedes will soon realize that removing the affirmative action quota system will revert the situation back in “favor of men” and will in all probability come up with a new law that just discriminates against men.

Krantz noted in his opinion piece, “Consequences show that ideology plays a roll. A socialist system that pits one group against another tends to lead to unforeseen results.”

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