Bastard Game

Bastard Game

by Max on January 7, 2010

I have never considered myself a Player.  When searching for a good bad time, I consider sex more a consequence than a goal.

Whatever happens, I am not going out of my way for a woman I’ve just met.

In fact, I generally refuse to go out of my way for women I know. Experience has left me wanting in the “Trust” Department.  If someone is merely an acquaintance, much different than a friend, I’ll sooner spill a drink on the floor than go out of my way for them.

Game is a social skill-set for the effective knocking over of ass.  However, no skill-set is perfect.  Everyone has different aptitudes, and everyone’s Game needs tweaking to find what works for them.

Game is about being an Alpha-male.  By demonstrating your higher position in the social hierarchy, you become more attractive to the opposite sex.

I read about Game for amusement more than anything.  There is something sad about grown men who privately worship women as sexual objects, but then whine about “pedestallers”.  For misogynists, they draw an awful lot of validation from the women they seek to conquer.  It’s like a hetero ‘Broken Hearts Club‘.

If you follow the Mystery Method to the letter and spend four hours a night out “working your game”, reconsider your priorities.  I don’t care if it works.  Get a gym membership.

After reading a  tongue-in-cheek breakdown of various styles of Game, I thought about it what style (or combination of styles) matches what I pass off as “Game”.

It isn’t strictly Asshole Game.  It certainly isn’t Cool Guy Game.

It’s Max Game.  It’s Bastard Game.

I have decided to break down  my style by parts to better explain it.  Think of it as Strategy and Tactics.

First, the Rules:

Rule 1: Be Indifferent

With the exception of your mother, no woman is special.  The only
reason a man treats a woman special is if he wants something from her.
She will assume that what you ‘want’ is her ass.  She will be right.
This puts her in charge.

If this happens, you have just lost.   At this point, you may as well
ask for her permission to fuck her.  Asking is begging.  Begging is

Rule 2: Proffer No Excuse

Do not apologise.  You do not need a woman’s approval.  She needs
yours.  She wants your validation.  If you apologise, you are asking
for her approval.  See Rule 1.

Rule 3: Work the Help

If you are in any place for more than a night, get familiar with
the local color.  Go out early, talk to waitresses, bartenders and
bouncers.  Don’t look for favors, just act friendly.  Tip well.

When you can walk in a place and shake hands with the employees on your way to the bar, you don’t need to know the owner.  This is Social Proof.

Rule 4: Never Let ‘em See You Sweat

Always maintain your bearing.  Everything you do is easy, even when it isn’t.  Swagger.  You’ve heard it, seen it, and done it.  Treat everything and everyone with mild amusement, mild curiosity, or mild disgust.  No one needs to know your limits.

Rule 5: Never Compete With Women

Darts.  Pool.  Conversation.  Never let them see you try.  If you win, you did it with one hand tied behind your back.  If they win, it is because you let them.

Never try to impress a woman.  Be impressive.  The difference is in the effort.  If it looks like approval seeking behavior, it is.  See Rule 1.

Never mind the fact that there is No Honor in it.

Rule 6: Men Are More Important Than Women

Treat other guys with respect.  You may be competing for the same resource, but you’re still on the same team.  Treating other men well acts as Social Proof.

Treat Betas like your kid brother and you’ll earn Alpha credit.  Treat other Alphas respectfully, as equals, and you can avoid unnecessary conflict.  If you’re trying to knock over some ass, fighting is counter-productive.

Don’t get overzealous with your anti-male negs.  Keep it in proportion.  If he’s busting your balls, let him be the one putting out the obvious effort.  Females will pick up on his eagerness to one-up you, and you’ll look more alpha for being casual and indifferent.

Being unnecessarily aggressive toward other men in front of women is bad form.  It’s negative Social Proof.  You’ll either look a) intimidated, and therefore approval seeking (see Rule 1) or b) you’ll appear dangerous.  Bad boy charm goes out the window if women think you will actually throw them in your trunk.

Women will ignore the obvious monster in front of them as long as they don’t have to see its teeth.

Just ask Ted Bundy.

Rule 7: Never Humiliate

Long before I’d ever heard of Game, the use of Negs was natural to me.  Negging is a normative part of male behavior.  Men bust balls constantly.  Women think they understand this practice, but they don’t.  They cannot tell the difference between ball busting and an insult.

Ball busting is a sign of trust.  ”Look at me, I can insult you (within certain limits) because you and I understand that I mean no offense.”

Negging exists very near the event horizon of a slippery slope.  Negging a girl, particularly if she is part of a group, and especially if that group includes any males, can blow up in your face.  Females occasionally take negging as ball busting, and counter as such.  Females are adept at picking out weaknesses – they set at each other like a murder of crows at carrion – and will sometimes up the ante with particularly vicious comments.

Be wary of how you Neg.  You might be able to read a girl’s nine abortions and her “Weird Uncle” story in her eyes, but calling her on it will invariably lead to violence.

Regardless of a person’s race, rank, or gender, Humiliation is the fastest way to spark a brawl.

This covers the Macro-Strategy section of Bastard Game.  7 is a perfect number for rules.  Any more or less and I will invariably get drunk and completely forget them.  As it is, I will invariably get drunk and completely forget them.

Fairly standard stuff, from a Gaming perspective.  The real Devil is in the details.


Carefree, mocking, violent.  Thus wisdom wants us.

For she is a woman, she always loves a man of war.”

- NietzscheGenealogy of Morals

Bastard Game was designed to help cultivate a specific posture.

Alphas rise to the top of their social hierarchy because they embody manliness.  They become leaders in their group, sometimes in spite of themselves, because they demonstrate the most Alpha traits.  There is one Alpha trait that supersedes the rest:  Strength.

All Game relies on the presentation of Alpha male qualities.  Bastard Game forgoes some of the basic tactics of other styles to focus on one thing:

Rule 1: Be Indifferent

No matter what happens, don’t give a fuck.  Don’t care.  Do not put yourself out for anyone.  Don’t lift one finger, don’t bat one eyelash. This isn’t a false posture.  Indifference is the luxury of the Alpha male.  He is calm and composed because, whatever happens, he can handle it.

Bastard Game: Tactics


1. Never Approach.  Game is like magic, it falls apart at the seams if the audience knows the trick.  The more a woman has been approached, the more savvy she will be to your approach, no matter how subtle.

In order to close the distance, consider:

The Drive-By:  Open on the move.  You are a walking, negging machine.  If you’re with a wingman, even better.  You’ll already be in conversation and you can casually toss a comment over your shoulder.  Is it an approach?  . . . eh.  Not if you couldn’t care less and keep on walking.

The Tactical Advantage:  Being parked in an approachable position is a good thing.  Sitting at the bar seems ideal – you’re automatically talking over your shoulder, for one – but there are too many distractions (i.e. the bartender).  Find the high-ground, where people must approach or pass you on your terms.

2. Subliminal Social Proof. Remember Rule 3 – if you’re in a familiar place, then you’ll be shaking hands with everyone from the bouncer to the bartender.  Every person you talk to publicly builds your Social Proof.  The more others notice, the less strange it will seem if you randomly drop a comment in their lap.

If you’re in a strange place, have a wing come in a few minutes late.  Give yourself enough time to get the layout.  Grab some tactical advantage, or move near a set, and let your wing run into you.  He is so glad to see you that he’ll even buy you a round.

If you’re solo, make new friends.  Men are more important than women.  If you’re truly leader of the pack, nothing will show it better than the way other men act around you.  Once they start telling you stories to impress you, start making that face that attractive women make when a man is boring them.

You are an Alpha.  People are glad to know you, and they want to make you happy.  Seeking a female’s attention overtly is like asking for approval.  Asking is begging.  Don’t ask them to be interested in you, make them feel out of place if they are not.

3Turnabout.  This is always fair play.  Females always arrive in groups, they dress the part, their value is obvious.  That is, their valuables are obvious.  All of this is bait – Come impress me, Mr. Alpha.  Win my approval.

Asking is begging, and begging is contemptible.  Even from a female.

They display all of these approval-seeking behaviors.  Deny them that approval.  Only open a set enough to start a conversation.  Fuck your routines.  Don’t run off at the mouth with stupid stories.

Opening a set is nothing more than an invitation for them to entertain you.  You are the Alpha male.  You know your worth.  Now let them prove theirs to you.  Beauty alone isn’t enough – you’ve seen it before – you aren’t swayed by it.  They have to demonstrate real value. Let them buy you drinks, or else just offer to blow you in the bathroom.

Working a Set:

1Neg, Neg, Neg.  Remember, this isn’t about their approval, it’s about yours.  Make them want it, then dole it out in small doses.

2.  Smile.  Let them see you smile . . . at other people.  Smile when you talk to your wing before you open.  Smile when you talk to the Staff.  Smile for females, not at them.  They’ll have to earn it.

Wait for them to give you Indicators of Interest.  After a few, feed a smile.  Work your own Indicators sparingly, like Pavlovian conditioning.  If you have her on the hook, she’ll escalate for you.  Once she does, follow suit.

3Bounce.  As soon as you have her/them/it on the hook, get the fuck out of there.  Once escalation starts, it’s only a matter of time before the location gets stale and your Game stalls.

Express displeasure at your surroundings.  Demand to change them.

Either regard the new venue as more interesting, and use the girls you hooked for Social Proof as you work the new place . . .


Be skeptical of the new venue’s ability to please you.  Turn your attention back to the girls, inviting them to please you.


1.  Fuck Numbers.  If anyone should be giving out their phone number, it’s you.  If she’s really interested, she’ll call.

2. Plan B.  In case your swaggering Alpha demeanor intimidates her, strike up a tentative plan to do something, somewhere, sometime soon.  It gives her an excuse to call you.

3.  Escalate.  If you’re not escalating her skirt by now, lose interest.

You can read more of Max’s barely recollected philosophical musings at article is a re-post of material that first appeared there.

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