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Thought Crime - The Heretical Two

by Jack Donovan on January 3, 2010

In 2008, two men in the UK had their houses raided, their papers and property seized. They were prosecuted and convicted of  ”inciting hatred.” They were sentenced in absentia. They fled to the United States, where their controversial web site was actually hosted, to seek asylum. They waited in jail for over 80 days, and were denied asylum by a judge who had granted it to an IRA member who participated in the beating, stripping and murder of two police officers. These two men are writers. They have not committed any acts of violence or theft. These two men, known as the Heretical Two, were deported back to the UK, where they were immediately jailed. They remain in prison today.

Their website, containing much of the material that was used as evidence against them in court, is still online.

Some of the material on the site is inaccurate, skewed or distorted. Some of it is funny, some of it is crude, some of it is angry, and some of it is mean. Some of it is racist. Some of it is sexist. Some of it is true. Some of it is in direct conflict with my own beliefs and writings, and some of it is offensive to me on a personal level. Some of it would be denounced by most people. Almost all of it would be denounced as unacceptable by cultural Marxists, feminists and other leftists.

Many of the same things could be said about the posts and comments published on The Spearhead.

You don’t have to agree with everything these men have written or published to agree that it is wrong for them to be in prison for THOUGHT CRIME. If you say, write and believe things that could be selectively identified as “hate speech” by the powers that be, one day, this could be you.

I know it could be me.

This story needs to receive much more attention than it is getting. It needs to be told over and over, because it is a sign of things to come.  In America, protected by the United States Constitution, we still have the ability to say what we like and face mostly social and professional consequences. We take this for granted. We shouldn’t. We currently have hate crimes laws – our President recently expanded their scope — and many on the left believe that our Constitution is “a living document” to be altered and reinterpreted according to prevailing whim. Progressives and liberals in the US idolize European and Canadian systems, many of which have and defend the same kinds of hate speech laws that put these men behind bars.

Women — as many of you know well — will be happy to tell you what you can and cannot say. Women are ascending to power. How long will they continue to allow you to freely and openly question them? How many feminists would defend your right to free speech if they found what you wrote threatening, insulting or politically incorrect?

If my characterization of feminists here is incorrect, I challenge five pro-feminist sites to post blogs demanding the release of “The Heretical Two,” who were vehemently sexist as well as racist. Otherwise, I will continue to characterize feminists — and a large percentage of women — as enemies of free speech.


Release The Heretical Two!


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