Post-Christmas Update

by W.F. Price on December 26, 2009

I hope all our readers have enjoyed the holiday so far. For my part, I’ve had my kids and parents over, and we’ve all been enjoying ourselves. The weather in Seattle has been glorious — a little cold, but sunny and clear.

We’ll probably be a bit spotty with the posts until after the New Year. I expect our readers and authors alike to enjoy themselves as they please with friends and family, and of course we should all be availing ourselves of the opportunity to bond with those we love. I hope every reader, no matter what religion (or lack thereof), gets the most out of this most important of Western holidays.

I just learned that there will soon be another baby in my family, and despite the twisted state of the family today that’s always a cause for celebration. I have faith that things will get better in time, and in this Christmas season I am reaffirmed in my efforts to make that happen. The happy children, the family I love, and the general goodwill have all given me some optimism.

There is something about holiday cheer that replenishes us, and that is something we need, because there is such a big fight ahead. So eat, drink and be happy! In the New Year we will be well-rested and committed to the utter destruction of totalitarian feminism, the greatest evil of our time.

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