Feminists Infuriated by Composition of New Seattle Mayor’s Staff

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by W.F. Price on December 18, 2009

Seattle’s mayor elect Mike McGinn ran on a progressive platform, beating incumbent Greg “cheeseburger” Nickels and corporate egghead Joe Mallahan. Jan Drago, feminist City Councilwoman, was annihilated in the primary, suggesting that Washington State’s feminist juggernaut is running out of steam. However, as you might imagine, this hasn’t reduced the volume of feminist complaints, and now the composition of the incoming McGinn administration is under fire from the poorly-constructed foxholes of Seattle’s feminist media, which is run by former employees of The Stranger, namely Josh Feit and petty thief Erica Barnett. The Stranger was hoisted to prominence by sex advice columnist Dan Savage, who pretty much runs the publication at this point. I would like to commend Savage for dispensing with Barnett, although I doubt it was a very difficult decision.

Erica Barnett looks – and writes – like a chipmunk on meth, and she is heavily larded with feminist cred, so read the article with that in mind, and remember that every feminist is morally impeachable.

To fire up her feminist legions, Barnett “exposes” McGinn with the following:

One thing jumps out of the list of new appointees Mayor-Elect Mike McGinn has announced so far: Only one of the seven new appointments announced today—executive assistant Allison Burson—is a woman. That brings the total number of new female McGinn appointees to two (for a total of four women on his staff, including two who are already members of Mayor Nickels’ team), compared to eight male staffers.

Moreover, those eight men are all in top-level positions (State Legislative Director, Director of External Affairs, Director of Communications, Office of Intergovernmental Relations Director… ); the women, in contrast, include two city liaisons (the two Nickels reappointments) and McGinn’s executive assistant. Chief of staff Julie McCoy, in other words, is the only woman in a high-level position in the McGinn administration.

Keep in mind that Barnett is whining in a state that has a female governor and two female senators. Washington state might as well be a gynocracy, which might be exactly why feminists are so emboldened as to demand more than parity. Nickels, an obviously unpopular mayor, appointed a significant majority of women to his staff, two thirds to be precise. Perhaps they didn’t do the job, but to feminist crooks like Barnett, none of that matters — they just want to shove their snouts in the trough.

Seattle has long been a feminist stronghold; the City Council was dominated by a plurality of radical feminists in the 90s. The King County courthouse, with which I have unfortunately had some experience, was, and still is to an extent, a hotbed of misandry. Seattle is a strange town in that it combines a lot of working-class men with a lot of professional types, and it doesn’t take much effort to figure out who loses in that situation. However, things are starting to change.

Although I am somewhat suspicious of the San Francisco style “progressive” politics that McGinn practices, he’s a lot better than the feminist commissar types like Jan Drago. A lot of young men were inspired by McGinn, and that, I hope, says something positive about the guy. In any event, I’ll hold him to it. A liberal progressive is better than a “conservative” feminist, and if it takes some shilling for the usual liberal BS to oust a hard-core feminist, I’ll play along. Hell, in this town we have no choice.

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