A Quick Primer On The Sexual Marketplace, & Why The Femosphere CANNOT Address It Meaningfully

by Obsidian on November 16, 2009

Over the weekend I happened across Girl Game team member Aoefe’s post “The Stock Market & Mate Selection”. It was a most timely subject, given the current state of affairs on the economic front not just for Americans, but throughout the world.

Her piece, while well written, was just basically a kind of “checklist” that a Woman would use in trying to land a real catch of a Man-no argument there, since this has always been the primary mating strategy of the Female. But, because of the deep and far reaching implications of our economically stressed times, I for one was hoping that someone out on the Femosphere-be it Girl Game, Susan Walsh of Hooking Up Smart, the crews of Feministing, Feminste or Jezebel, of *somebody* on that side of the aisle, would offer a comparatively cleareyed analysis of our times and how that directly relates to the dating and mating market. Needless to say, that to date, since the “Mancession” began, and Maria Shriver’s much heralded “A Woman’s Nation” report came down the pike, there has been, at best a kind of oblique nibbling around the edges by the likes of Ms. Aoefe, Ms. Bhetti (the latter of whom gives her take on the current economic situation in a new piece over at Girl Game) and Ms. Walsh (the latter having a Wharton MBA!), and at worst, the usual mocking of the “Menz” by the latter most feminist-identified sites (for example, a recent piece at Feministing openly mocks the idea of a Mancession, then turns the focus back on how bad Women have it, which is in direct contradiction of the Shriver Report-but then again, would we really expect anything less of Feministing?).

While I’m fairly sure the ladies of the previous cohort may raise their hackles at the notion that I lump them in with the latter cohort of fem-bloggers, the bottomline is, that they all comprise what I call the Femosphere, and serves as a kind of counterpoint to what some has coined the Manosphere, which is made up of Male blogging voices spanning the MGTOW and MRA corners of the Internet, to the Game and PUA oriented bloggers. They different in many ways, both camps do have quite a bit in common, and which serves to be the backbone of this essay.

For example, as noted above, there has been no “meta-analysis” of the current radically altered economic landscape and how this WILL effect the dating and mating one by ANYONE in the Femosphere; while, in the Manosphere, from Marc Rudov to Roissy in DC, there have been any number of “takes” on the situation that are easily found at the click of the mouse. Curious guys like me sit back and take notice of such a glaring difference and has to ask, “what’s up with that?”.

So, this article is gonna layout, in real basic terms, how the sexual marketplace works, the changes that have happened in recent years, and the changes that we see before our eyes right now, and why the Femosphere, with all due respect, is basically incapable of giving the kind of “meta-analysis” that one can’t help but trip over walking ten paces in any direction in the Manosphere. Ready? OK, here we go:

Astute readers of my post Why Game & Choice For Men Elicits So Much Hate will recall how I laidout the basic mating strategies of the Human Male and Female, which was deeply informed by our evolutionary past. Simply put, both sexes were exposed to environmental pressures against which they had to form adaptations to overcome; for the Male, he has to figure out a way to be noticed by the Female; for the Female, she has to figure out a way to “screen out” all but the best Male with which to mate. While both skill sets do take time and trial and error to perfect, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist-or a Wharton trained economist-to figure out which job is inherently harder-the Males have it infinitely tougher. Not only do they need to make the best showing to the Female, but they must also beat out all the other competition-which could prove deadly, and very often did.

This occurs among sperm even; millions of them fight to the death to unite with the one egg, and thus forms the basis of the sexual marketplace-eggs expensive, because of their scarcity, and sperm is cheap, because of its vast surplus. In said marketplace, Women are the “sellers”; Men, the “buyers”. And for much of Human history, and until relatively recently, it’s been a Seller’s Market. Contrary to all the boilerplate many feminists and the like try to foist on an otherwise ignorant and unsuspecting public, in truth Women have always gotten a kind of artificial market “bump”, much like the “bumps” Wall Street has received from the gov’t in the form of taxpayer funded bailouts and the like. For example-we’ve all heard of the Shotgun Wedding, right? Guy meets Girl, Guy hookup with Girl, Guy gets Girl preggers, Girl’s fam finds out, Guy is pressured to marry Girl. Now-who wins in that scenario? The Girl, of course. She gets support in the form of Guy’s resources, and is insured in this by the threat of her peeps doing something very bad to Guy if he welches out on the deal.

There are many other instances of artificial bumps in the market aimed at assisting Women historically as well, marriage in the more broader sense being yet another example. It helps Women, not necessarily Men. At least it does first and foremost-the benefits Men get got from marriage historically, were a secondary thing. From a purely Evo-Psych standpoint.

Polygamy is yet another example where the clear beneficiaries are the Women, because she’s almost assured of getting a “share” of a wealthy Man’s resources, rather than having a full “claim” on a poor Man to herself. Aside from a very small pool of Men who can put themselves in a position to gain from such an arrangement, the vast majority of Men do NOT benefit from Polygamy.

So, we see how, contrary to the arguments of the feminists, how the Female side of the SMV equation has always gotten a leg up as it were.

So, what does this have to do with the current Mancession, the Shriver Report, and the dearth of meaningful, straightahead discussion about it in Femosphere?

Very simple.

As my previous article clearly pointed out, Women are genetically wired to seek out the best Men with which to mate, and then do all they can to make him stick around after the party’s over. Doing this by necessity, means that a lot of guys have to be eliminated from the search. The current Mancession-where some 70-80% of ALL layoffs and firings have been Male, and the Shriver Report, which clearly says that for the first time in American history, there are more Women than Men gainfully employed, simply means that Women’s “field of erotic view”, as F. Roger Devlin would put it, just got a heck of a lot narrower. Far from giving the guy who’s down on his luck a “mercy shot”, they will follow their instincts and simply set their sights on the few remaining Alphas left in the field, and vie like made against all the other Females in the round hoping to rope him in.

This is why there has been no discussion of these types of topics along these lines in the Femosphere, BECAUSE WOMEN SEE THE ISSUE IN A FUNDAMENTALLY DIFFERENT WAY THAN MEN DO. They don’t need to figure out “workarounds” like Men do. They only need to figure out, how to get the Top Guy to stay with THEM.


Let’s go back to the site, Girl Game. It is a site found by a bunch of Women, who’s sole purpose is to give Ladies the tools with which to land the Best Guys-again, nothing wrong with that…in theory. The problem comes in when one considers what has happened in the sexual marketplace over the past four decades or so.

Aside from medical interventions like the Pill and Abortion, things like access to education and money/jobs, along with massive support from the gov’t, have made it possible for Women to make choices she could have never dreamed of only a half century ago, let alone 5 centuries ago. That she can do this all with a minimum of censure or reprisal, makes it all the better. I consider this a kind of “deregulation” of the sexual marketplace, where people, definitely Women, but as we’ll soon find out, a goodly number of Men, too-can really do as they wish. If ever there was a time when one could see our raw mating strategies at work, this timeframe, the late 20th to early 21st century, was it.

Because, while Women now have maximum choice in terms of mating, so too do Men-but, as I’ve said before, and contrary to popular opinion, not ALL of them-only a select few. This is just how Women prefer it, of course. Remember-the scarcer a resource, the higher the price.

The problem is, that the current situation, the SMP if you will, is greatly inflated-a kind of SMP “bubble”-and sooner or later it will burst-meaning that there will be A LOT of Lady Losers in its wake. They will have all the sex they can handle, but because of the Mancession and because of their own ability to provide for themselves, very few will be able to land the Man of their Dreams for more than a fortnight, if that. For one, the environment doesn’t support it, and two, of the few remaining Alphas left, they have every incentive to enjoy what is now essentially a Buyer’s Market of Poon.

This is where Game-and by that, I mean in its original parlance-comes in, because all it does is gives the Man more bargaining power at the table of the Sexual Marketplace. Of course, being gainfully employed helps, but it is NOT, I repeat, NOT, the end all be all, and we’ve all seen that to be true many, many times. Which is why my good friend, The Fifth Horseman, says that having Moderste Game Competence is worth roughly $2M. I, agree.

I’ve told the ladies at Girl Game before, and it bears repeating, that what they’re attempting to do can only, by design, “work” with a very small number of Women; by and large, unless the playing field is leveled again, the vast majority of Women, can and will LOSE. Of course, there’ll be a lot of Male Losers, too, but that’s nothing new; what is, are little things like Glocks and Rugers, and the extreme losers will make use of these and exact their revenge on a number of ladies too. But I digress. The point is, for the first time in human history, Women en masse won’t be the winners of the mating game. For the first time, they’ll be the losers.

I’m just sayin’.

Now adjourn your asses…

The Obsidian

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