Why Game & “Choice For Men” Elicits So Much Hate

by Obsidian on November 12, 2009

With a major snag being hit with the House passage of the Healthcare Bill that involves public monies being used to pay for abortions, and in the light of my recent “debate” on Game with the lovely Susan Walsh of HookingUpSmart.com, I thought now would be the perfect time to address exactly why these two powerful “correctors” of the sexual marketplace-Game and Choice For Men-has drawn the ire of both, Women AND Men.

Let’s put our Occam’s Razor-assisted thinking caps on, shall we, gentlemen?


The reason why Game is reviled, and why “Roe For Men” elicits the ire of Women and Men alike, is very simple:

Because it gives maximum options to a maximum number of Men.

That’s why.

Keen students of Game understand well that its underpinnings come from the insights gleaned from Evolutionary Psychology & Biology, the study of human behavior and the adaptations that had to take place many tens of thousands of years ago on the African savanna to meet the demands of the environment. Human beings evolved and moved away from said environment, but by then the “programming” had taken hold; it takes many thousands of years to “reboot” the system.

So, what we have today in our time, is essentially this-we have all these toys and gadgets and big ideas, but we aren’t that far removed from our savanna past.

Game is the proof.


As we all know, the key mating strategy of the Female is to get the attention of the Alpha Male-the leader of the pack. He is the one best equipped to provide resources to her children; he is the one best able to defend her and her kids from any threats.

For thousands of years, this was a fairly easy thing to do for the Female; the Menfolk were quickly sorted out, either by rivalry within the tribe, or warfare with other tribes, or by being killed off during hunting trips, etc. All the Females had to do was pick the “winners” of these and other situations.

Now, barring Rape-which was quite a common mating strategy for Males for thousands of years in its own right-the deal was, the Alphas got the best Females. If you weren’t an Alpha, your chances of passing on your genes into the future were dim-you either had to hope you could sneak one in while the Alpha was away, or, get the leftover Females nobody really wanted, or, bust a Female upside the head and take her by force. Failing that, you were facing an Epic Evolutionary Fail.

Women are wired to “screen out” all but the Best Men for the purposes of mating and *longterm commitment*. Remember this one, folks, its very, very important. All lesser guys need not apply. Down through the Ages, Women have evolved to come up with ways and means to separate one group of Men, from the other.

This highly attuned “radar” if you will, on the part of Women, is in large part “fooled” by Game, because it gives the average guy the tools needed to ape the behavior of Alpha Males. This in turn gives him more chances to mate-in other words in our time, get laid-and this in turn causes mucho stress for the Ladies, because Game makes it so they cannot as easily determine who’s who. For a Woman, this is hugely important-as I’ve pointed out before and it bears repeating, a Woman risks a heck of a lot to have sex. Much, much more than Men do. Aside from things like Rape and STDs, one of the biggest risks is in her giving it up to the wrong guy, and having to deal with the fallout from that. And, as I’ve also noted before, and it also bears repeating, Good Guys-essentially Alpha Males-are hard to find. This means that, by necessity, all the guys cannot get laid:

From a female’s point of view, it’s very important that the number of guys getting lucky is restricted.

If every Tom, Dick and Harry could get laid at will, with the more topshelf honeys, it would wreak havoc on tens of thousands of years of delicate programming for the Female-important programming that helps her “sort out” the Males into two distinct groups: Alphas, and everybody else. Game in essence, seriously messes with that programming.

Which is why Women have so many problems with it.

So, that explains the Female side of the equation-but what about the Male side? That too, is also simple.

When one has a fundamental grasp of Human Nature and of Game, which is really Social Sexual Dynamics, then one understands why one can see much Hateration from certain quarters of the Menfolk on this issue. For Men, competition to mate, and with the choicest Females, is FIERCE. In Nature, Males display, and Females choose-this means that not only does a Male have to have the best “display” but that it’s in his interest to restrict the number of competitors he has to contend with-the more guys in the round, the lesser his chances of “winning”. Again, Game gives more guys more chances to “win”-and quite a few guys, operating from the Reptilian Id, DON’T LIKE THAT.

This is why you’ll hear these guys dress up their evolutionary hateration in flowery terms like “trickery”, “deception” and the like, not to mention a goodly bit of White Knightery-when you really break it down, the issue is, that more guys will have options if they have Game. Simple as that.

Before I move on to Roe For Men, let me say this…

Remember my recent debate with Susan Walsh? She made quite a big deal about the “neg”, a powerful method that one soon learns when first receiving Game training. And she’s not alone-just about every single, female critic of Game will crow loud and long about this one teeny wittle aspect of the science. And do you want to know WHY so many Women complain so loudly and long about the Neg?


And worse, there is no defense against it. Why? Because it is deeply embedded in a Woman’s psyche to submit to a Dominant Male, and negging is what Dominant Males do. In fact, the astute among my readers might have picked up on something in the aforementioned exchange. Hmm…

So-teaching average guys about the why’s and wherefores of Negging again, essentially screws up the inherent Alpha Radar Women have-can you see why they’re so upset now?

Another example, and then we’ll examine “Choice For Men”…

Recently, I wrote about the issue of paying for dates. Although I didn’t get a heck of a lot of responses enlist, I did get a goodly number from WOMEN offlist, complaining about what I said. Now, keep in mind-I didn’t say I wasn’t gonna pay for ANY dates; I simply said that it wasn’t a good idea for a guy to go all in on a first date with a Women he really doesn’t know and hasn’t had sex with in any event. Even given the comments in response to what I wrote, by other guys, The Fifth Horsemen amon them, what I wrote was quite fair, balanced and reasonable.

Still, the Ladies were feeling some kind of way.

Do you know why? Go back and review what I said: it’s because, the mere mention of saying what I said means that I’m not needy for sex, and the vast majority of Men are-which means, in effect, they’re signaling that they’re NOT ALPHA. So when a guy blows a C-Note on a gal he hasn’t been in bed with yet, he’s saying “I’m so horny!”-and that tells the gal that he ain’t The One. Epic. Evolutionary. Fail.

She WILL however, take his money, in the form of lunches, dinners, nights out on the town, flowers, baubles, you name it-and hey, why not? As the Wise Man once said, a Fool and his Money are soon departed. I betcha all those Women who wrote to me offlist, had NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER either doing what I just wrote above, and/or know, and fully endorse, other Women doing it. Yet, they have a problem with little ole me. Why?

Because hipping guys to the realities of paying for dates too soon basically screws with the “radar” again, AND WOMEN DON’T LIKE THAT. Only Alphas are supposed to have sexual options. See what I’m saying here?

OK, so let’s now move on to the Roe For Men issue…

People, its real simple: in America, we have this thing called Equal Protection Clause-which means, that you can’t make laws that benefit only one group, and not everyone else, or worse, target one group with a set of laws. It’s either all or nothing, and it works very well across the board, no matter what the issue is.

When it comes to Reproductive Rights, as it currently stands, we have an inherently un-Constitutional situation happening, because only Women can have the right to choose whether they want to be a parent or not. Men, don’t have that right.

Again, once one understands Game, which is deeply rooted in Evolutionary Science, it is easy to see why Roe For Men is so vehemently fought against, by Women and Men both.

For Women, the issue is very easy-despite all the many advances Women have made, they still desire and demand that they get maximum resources from a Male-ideally the actual dad, but in a pinch any guy with good prospects will do (watch the Maury Show)-and failing that, the State. For Men, again, basically freeing up Men to fully explore their sexual options without any encumbrance of being a parent involuntarily, would mean more “competitors” in the marketplace; as it currently stands, forcing guys to pay child support acts as a check on their sexual activity. It removes potential players from the field.

Going back to Women, remember what I said earlier: their “mission” isn’t only to mate with the Alpha, but to get his long-term commitment in the form of resources. If Roe For Men would be allowed to pass, that latter part of the deal collapses. But it would uphold the basic premise of the Equal Protection Clause, yes? If Women can decide, w/o regard to her sex life, when and if she becomes a parent, why can’t Men? Its really simple. And just note all the rhetorical jiu jitsu the “pro choice” crowd engages in when confronted with these facts. I mean, come on.

So, to recap:

Game & Roe For Men greatly threaten the sexual marketplace, by giving the average guy much more options than he would have had previously. This is a great concern to Women and Men alike, albeit for differing reasons. For the former, it messes with their finely attuned radar that’s set for weeding out Alpha Males from everyone else; in the latter case, it promises more direct competition for the better females.

OK, my job is done here.

Now adjourn your confused and befuddled asses…

The Obsidian

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