Everything She Does Is Cute

by Roissy on November 9, 2009

[Personal note: Because of time constraints that is the lot of the international man of mystery, my usual Friday Spearhead posts have been sporadic.]

pattingI’m on a few mailing lists for various pickup oriented businesses. I don’t spend money on workshops or material, but I do like to keep current with what is being offered in the world of game, so I read the frequent marketing heavy emails and the posts on seduction forums that abound on the internet. Occasionally, a recommendation or a new game tactic will really stand out for its insightfulness, and I’ll make a mental note of it so I can incorporate it into my own lifestyle.

Recently, one of those great insights came my way, via Lance Mason from the Pickup 101 company. It’s simple in its elegance, and like the “Agree & Amplify” game tactic very effective at getting women attracted to you. As stated in Lance’s email:

If you only learn one thing from me, my instructors, or PickUp 101… this is the one to BURN into your memory banks.

It will help you in attraction

It will help you pass a woman’s ‘tests’

It will help you in relationships

And it’s really simple.

No matter what happens…


This pretty much rings true based on my experience. The more you patronizingly treat women like bratty kid sisters, the more their vaj takes over their critical thinking skills. It all harkens back to the one fundamental principle guiding male-female relations: Chicks love submitting to powerful men. And what is a bigger demonstration of male sexual power than believing that a woman is so far beneath you that she is the equivalent of a child, hardly deserving of a serious answer or an emotional investment?

So what does “everything she does is cute” mean in practice? It means not getting riled up when she tests you. It means not explaining yourself when she stamps her wee feet and wags a finger at you. It means never acting apologetic when she’s upset with some mysterious infraction you’ve committed. Keep in mind that when a woman gets upset, at least half the time she’s not really upset with whatever misdemeanor she’s accusing you of; she’s just upset that your behavior caused a temporary reversal of gina tingle induction.

The “everything she does is cute” game tactic is defined more precisely as an inner game refinement. When you start thinking of women as adorable brats who know not what they do, you start treating them in ways consistent with your beliefs. With enough reprogramming in the right direction (i.e. kicking the supports out from under her pedestal), soon the words coming out of your mouth will be effortless verbal expressions of what you actually feel. And therein lies the secret to being a natural — naturals truly believe the charmingly jerkoff things they say to women.

Here is an example from the Pickup 101 email of “everything she does is cute” as it might happen in real life:

Her: You’re a player.

You: You’re so cute, you’re like pop-psychoanalyzing me! Are you a psychic?

(Note: you can keep the “You’re so cute part” in your head. It doesn’t actually have to be verbalized.)

Lots of times your first reaction is that something she does is NOT cute, but take this new frame and treat her actions like they’re cute.

This is how you can be solid as a rock no matter what kind of emotional storm a woman creates as a test.

Here is an example from my own life:

Her: Seriously, do you have to announce when you’re going to take a dump? Do you think that turns me on?

Me: Keep up this flirting and it’s Dutch oven for you tonight.

As mentioned in Lance’s email, you want to refrain from verbalizing the “You’re so cute” part. That could get annoying if said over and over to a girl. If you have trouble replying in an alpha way to a woman’s shit test (and, really, 90% of the white noise that buzzes out of a woman’s mouth is either a shit test or a prelude to a shit test), then a neat trick you can do is mentally insert the “You’re so cute” prefix before any reply you are about to deliver. If the unspoken “You’re so cute” clause is congruent with what you’re about to say, then you are doing it right. If it sounds incongruent, then you are running a higher than normal risk that what you are about to say will make you sound like a defensive beta or, worse, a boring herb.

Like all game strategies this one should be viewed as a guideline, not a step-by-step schematic. Avoid the spergy-tude of interpreting everything she says as a bratty ploy to incide a reaction. It’s possible to overplay playful condescension. If you’ve done something objectively bad, like “accidentally” spiked her cat’s food with LSD (ever watch a cat when it thinks the whole world is a ball of yarn? quality entertainment.), you may not want to glibly brush it off. If your girl’s demeanor changes to grim seriousness, and she asks you to stop joking around, you should take that as a cue to pursue a more fruitful alpha avenue; one that, say, involves you being stoically strong and commanding instead of condescendingly superficial.

PS How hot is that new chick from “V”? V for vaj!

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