Doing Something About False Rape Claims

by zed on November 8, 2009

We can talk all we want to about vague plans to improve the relationships between men and women,  but vague talk never accomplishes anything.

The issue of “rape” really is the nuclear weapon of the gender war, because nothing strikes more deeply and directly at the fundamental mechanism which brings men and women together as men and women.   The wholesale demonization of men simply because they find woman sexually attractive creates a no-win situation for everyone except the feminists who want to drive men and women apart.

The redefinition of the entire process of sexual interaction in such a way that all the gray and uncertain areas are now crimes exists completely apart from the out and out lies told by some women which the cultural atmosphere regarding rape allows to completely destroy the lives of average decent people.  Note in the following story that it was not just a man who got hurt, but his wife as well.

There is a blog which deals specifically with the problem of false accusations of rape – The False Rape Society – which is currently highlighting an effort to make false accusations of rape a serious crime and attempt to establish some deterrence for women who wish to use lies to destroy the lives of others.  Something very important to emphasize  is that this is not an issue about how “rape” will be defined, which has to be addressed separately, but specifically those cases of rape accusations when no sexual act took place at all – complete fabrications.

More than 10 years ago, the lives of Mike and Betty Gallagher were turned upside down when a student accused Mike of repeatedly raping her while she was a fifth grade student at Willow Hill Elementary.

“It was December of 1997 when two detectives showed up at my house to say there was a complaint against me and I’d have to come down to the station,” Mike recalled.

He was told that the student had accused him of raping her more than 20 times during the 1985-86 school year.

He knew the charges were untrue, but that didn’t stop police from arresting him on Jan. 22, 1998.

“I was thrown in jail for a couple hours, then paraded in handcuffs to the District Justice’s office with every major news channel there,” he said. “I remember Vernon Odom sticking a mike in my face and asking, ‘Are you guilty of this crime?’”

For the next 10 months, he lived a teacher’s worst nightmare, suspended without pay, racking up $45,000 in lawyer fees and, worst of all, watching his good name scorned and his family humiliated.

In the end, the student’s story unraveled and law enforcement realized it was all a lie.

She was never charged and walked away scot free. The Gallaghers didn’t have it so easy. They were left with the tattered remains of their life and a conviction that something needed to be done to help other victims of the same injustice. For years, they helped others who were falsely accused, and lobbied Pennsylvania lawmakers to toughen penalties for those who knowingly make false allegations.

Men certainly should be concerned about this, particularly the men who use Game to have sex with lots of women.  The only thing which stands between these guys and a long stint in prison, crushing legal bills, and a life, career, and reputation left in complete tatters is a totally corrupt and biased legal system.

Women who would like to have decent relationships with men should be concerned, too, but I ain’t holding my breath.

This proposed law needs as much public exposure and support as it can get.

Contact Rep. Murt, lend him all the support you can:

District Office:19 South York Rd.Hatboro, PA 19040
Phone (215) 674-3755Fax: (215) 674-3021

Capitol Office:429 Irvis Office Building
PO Box 202152Harrisburg PA 17120-2152
(717) 787-6886

Here is the bill in question:

Look on the face of the bill and find the bill’s co-sponsors: lend them any support you can, too: List of Pennsylvania state legislators

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