Self-Control: A Masculine Quality

by Female Masculinist on October 21, 2009

Not long ago, a feminist I know slightly was venting on her blog about pro-lifers. “What are women who don’t want to have children supposed to do, keep their legs together?” she demanded sarcastically.

Well, yes. That is what has been expected of women throughout history, that they keep their legs together when the results of not doing so would be bad. And this is precisely what was expected of George Sodini, and of men whose dates get undressed and rub their dicks and then say no at the last minute. Why is this considered such an unreasonable demand?

But it is. So is stating that women should not be allowed to abandon their husbands and turn their children over to second husbands or boyfriends who will abuse them. Feminists seem to believe that when a woman gets wet, she has no self-control whatever. Her clothes evaporate and her knees fling themselves apart with no volition on her part. If she is already married to someone else, her legs, without consulting her, march her into the new man’s bed of their own accord, and her hands grip the children she already has and drags them with her, all without her having the slightest control over any of it. When a woman’s gina tingles, she can only follow its commands! Expecting her to act ethically when she’s wet is absurd!

Female criminals also just can’t help themselves. A woman who makes false rape accusations “is a very troubled young woman in need of much help.” If nine out of ten incidents of civilian parents with military spouses abusing their children while the spouse is on deployment, this isn’t because women are less moral, it’s because “men may be more likely to get help from extended family or other resources”. Recently a teenage girl set fire to a church with fifty people in it. But no one should behave as if she were responsible for her actions: “Fire officials said the goal is to make sure that the girl receives counseling, not to necessarily punish her.” If women who do bad things, it’s other people’s fault for not giving her enough “help” and “support”.

This is the feminist theory: women are never responsible for their own actions and thus the men and children around them must endure whatever they dish out – murder by abortion, physical attacks, impoverishment, etc. – and protect them from the consequences.

Feminists also, of course, believe that men have unlimited self-control. Rape laws, for example, say that having sex with a drunk woman is rape, even if she got herself drunk before even meeting the rapist. There is no extenuation if the man is drunk too. So women not only are legally held to lack the self-control to refrain from getting drunk – or maybe the law just figures that women are too stupid to figure out that if they keep knocking back appletinis, it will cloud their judgment – but a man who is similarly blotto is supposed to retain the discernment to tell if the woman rubbing herself all over him is drunk.

When I posted about how free women feel today to provoke men beyond reasonable endurance, at my wordpress backup a passing feminist declared: “There is no time that you can blame someone else for becoming physical in a domestic relationship (outside of self-defense). You cannot ‘make someone angry enough…..’ to hit. Adults are responsible for having control over their reactions and if they choose to become violent, it’s a CHOICE and if they make that choice, they deserve punishment. Period. Basically your post reads as ‘boys will be boys’ which is total horseshit.”

Notice that this commenter made no suggestion that Katharine Hepburn ought to have controlled her own actions and not destroyed Cary Grant’s property. Self-control is for men!

Men, it seems, can endure any provocation, betrayal or abuse without ever giving in to the urge to retaliate. Women, on the other hand, are so utterly at the mercy of their impulses that they must be permitted to murder the children they conceive, have other people arrested for not babysitting them after they have gotten themselves drunk, and given counseling rather than punishment if they commit a crime in which other people are injured or killed.

Feminists believe that men have infinitely more self-control than women. Luckily for them, they’re right.

Since feminists are so adamant that women never be held responsible for their own actions, let us take them at their word. Let us bar women from entering into contracts, being employed in jobs in which they bear more responsibility than a teenager flipping burgers, or having custody of children.

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