Where are the World’s Most Beautiful Women?

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by W.F. Price on October 20, 2009

We all know that there are beautiful women all over the world, but some must be more beautiful than others. I am curious as to where readers think the most beautiful of all can be found, and how they compare to our own home-grown girls, so I’ve included a few photos depicting women from various places around the world. I’ve tried to limit the photos to natural shots, taken without the benefit of special lighting or photoshopping, and with normal girls rather than professional models.

The top photo is of a Dutch girl in Amsterdam, where women and men alike ride bicycles to get around town, honing their already impressive, tall physiques. Personally, I think the women of the Netherlands and Denmark are probably the best looking European women of all, but of course they may not be everyone’s favorite. And, to be honest, despite the fact that I find them the most physically attractive, I also think they are lacking in some other traits, such as feminine allure, which Mediterranean women tend to have in abundance. Below is a picture of a Spanish woman:

Looking far to the east, I’ve found a photo of a Mongolian girl in traditional dress. One might not think of Mongols as particularly attractive, but some of them most definitely are. Their cat-like eyes and high cheekbones give them an exotic appeal that can draw one’s gaze for for a while.

For those who like to vacation on the sunny beaches of SE Asia, the attractive women of Thailand are much more than a side benefit. In fact, they play an integral role in the Thai tourism industry, and the country promotes itself largely on the slim shoulders of its pretty young women.

Of course, no list would be complete without Eastern European women, who have taken the world by storm following the collapse of the Iron Curtain. Here in the Anglosphere, they have become the stuff of dreams for men chained to a mannish, aggressive and often overweight native wife.

And in Africa, there are beautiful women living in the Northeast, around the area where the Horn of Africa juts up underneath the Arabian Peninsula. Both Ethiopian and Somali women are renowned for their beauty, many having become famous for their stunning figures combined with soft, feminine features.

Naturally, there are beautiful women in pretty much every corner of the earth, so it would be interesting to hear of wondrous undiscovered sources of female beauty. I encourage readers to offer their opinions, and to speculate on why some places seem to have an abundance of beauty while others appear to have less.

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