We Are All Misogynists Now

by Keoni Galt on October 14, 2009

Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech’s article about the feminization of Science Fiction television brought to The Spearhead a horde of blue pill-taking, politically correct, indoctrinated and brainwashed commenters only too eager to spit out their Pavlovian-conditioned, pre-programmed responses to any conveyed idea that runs counter to the mainstream, Gyno-centric cultural values of our BraveNewWorldOrder.

Most simply logged their emotional upset by using the old tried and true tactic of the feminists to shut down debate with shaming language. Any men that would dare to question the cultural assumptions socially engineered into mainstream consciousness must either be a total failures in the mating game of attracting women…or are raging neanderthal brutes that are MISOGYNISTS…therefore,  the equivalent to Ku Klux Klansmen or Nazi sympathizers. And since EVERYONE KNOWS that KKK members or Nazi’s are extremists whose ideas are not worthy of serious consideration, thus anyone branded a misogynist can simply be ignored.

That used to be a very effective tactic in situations that relied on groupthink and peer pressure to ensure conformity of thought. But what you are finding out now is that the internet has given people a forum to free themselves from the constraints of social dynamics that used to enforce such thought conformity.

You can call us MISOGYNIST all you want, but it will not shut us up.

What some of you have found out is that to men such as those that write, read and comment here, we are well aware of the standard tactics of such shaming language…and unlike many of the men that you interact with — men who accept the values imparted by mainstream society — such shaming language is ineffective and merely highlights your particular lack of logical reasoning and cognitive capabilities to refute an argument in a reasonable and intelligent manner.

What many of you people fail to understand is that people who read and contribute to this site are coming from an entirely different perspective. We do not share the same presumptions and rationales that you do. You who have registered your knee-jerk reactions and poured out your emotional-based outrage…you are merely the manifestation of bleating sheeple, following the herd of mainstream society, conforming to politically correct thought.

When you say “That’s Misogynistic” we are not silenced into embarrassment for being identified as a heretic to the modern sensibilities.

Instead, we look to you and say, if we are Misogynists…SO WHAT?! If we are MISOGYNISTS, it is NOT because we can’t get laid or that we have small penises, or that we have issues with mommy, or that we’re afraid of strong women or any of the other bullshit. You see, all of these examples of shaming language? They are nothing more than expressions of cognitive dissonance. You who accept political correctness simply cannot logically comprehend the possibility that a sane, normal, sexually attractive man would DARE to question the feminist cultural zeitgeist that is the true undercurrent of today’s society.

No, all you empowered women and mangina lackeys that have come here to register your outrage at PMAFT’s thought crime…if there’s one thing you need to understand is this: If we are what you call “Misogynist,” it is only so because we are reacting to a society and culture that has embraced Misandry as an acceptable cultural value.

You who are so quick to label any thought expressed that does not adhere to the politically correct nostrums of modern society simply are unaware of all the issues and experiences that have forged our attitudes and convictions.

In the name of “equality” an entire cultural movement and legal environment has been promoted, pushed and indoctrinated into almost every facet of society…one that degrades masculinity and celebrates femininity. One that highlights all negative manifestations of masculinity and all positive manifestations of femininity, while downplaying, ignoring, and whitewashing all negative manifestations of femininity and positive manifestations of masculinity.

Does that idea sound crazy or impossible to you? People like Glenn Sacks have literally written thousands of words to point out and highlight the existence of the many of examplesillustrating this very phenomenon!

So let’s get some things straight, before any more of you feel like logging on and casting aspersions on anyone else here as being “sad, pathetic, whiny” and sexually frustrated:

We men who are AWARE of our current reality, understand quite perfectly that as of right now, our culture and our society has been shaped by lies, memes and shibboleths…all based on a subversive and destructive lie….

…the lie that:

Women have been and continue to be victims of oppression, and that men have been the beneficiaries of all this evil oppression.


Women were not “opressed” by society purposefully and willfully simply because men were bigoted misogynists at heart.

Men are currently being oppressed in society, all under the false premise that women are the oppressed class.

If you would take even a moment to stop and think, rather than spew your attitudes that have been shaped by a lifetime of television programming, institutional indoctrination and mainstream, mass media reinforcement, you WILL be able to see many of the phenomena and results of our modern day society and at least begin to start to see just why it is there are a whole lot of men who have become angry, disenfranchised, dispossessed and apathetic.

The reason why we are so vehement, so insistent and forceful in exploring the issues and topics that we do on this site is because most of us recognize and believe that the vast changes in mainstream society’s values and widely accepted beliefs are not only false remedies, but are also the harbinger of the death of the civilization that our forefathers built.

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