The Corruption of Federal Funding Grants

by Keoni Galt on October 7, 2009

Do you fully understand the role the Federal Government plays in using tax dollars to fund the creation of so many of the problems we currently face today in our BraveNewWorldOrder? It is carried out under the noble sounding name of “Federal Grant Funding.”

For our first example, here’s the case of Jennifer Beeman, the former director of the Campus Violence Prevention Program at University of California – Davis.

The University of California, Davis, has determined that it significantly over-reported the number of forcible sex offenses that were committed on and around campus in 2005, 2006 and 2007, based on an internal review and an independent, outside review of the crime statistics it reports annually to the federal government under the Clery Act.

Specifically, in last year’s Clery Act statistics, UC Davis reported 48, 68 and 69 forcible sex offenses in 2005, 2006 and 2007, respectively. However, based on the two recent reviews, UC Davis has determined that the correct statistics for each of the years are less than half those numbers: 21 reported in 2005, 23 in 2006 and 33 in 2007.

The Clery Act requires publication of an annual report that contains specified campus crime statistics for the previous three calendar years. UC Davis’ newly revised statistics for 2006 and 2007 are included in the 2009 annual report released today, along with the statistics for 2008. The new report indicates that 27 forcible sex offenses were committed on and around its Davis and Sacramento campuses in 2008. The 2009 annual report is now available online at

Based on the internal and external reviews, UC Davis has determined that the former director of its Campus Violence Prevention Program, Jennifer Beeman, was responsible for the inflated numbers of reported forcible sex offenses in 2005, 2006 and 2007.

Now why do you think Jennifer Beeman would do such a thing? These federal funds are granted on the basis of the number of reported sex crimes. With the funding levels directly tied to the amount of crimes reported, this lady was able to fund her department…which of course included paying her own salary.

Of course, Beeman has not been arrested or charged with defrauding the Federal Government at this point…not that it really matters. Beeman is a piker when it comes to promoting the gender war to receive Federal Funds. No, the biggest agents in this game are the State Governments.

Here’s what a UC-Davis Power Point Presentation, delivered to State bureaucrats to make them understand the way they could “maximize revenues” to their respective agencies:

There is no limit on the amount of funding a State can receive under “open-ended” programs like Medicaid, Title IV-E, Child Support Enforcement, Food Stamps, and Supplemental Security Income.

Instead of a fixed amount, under open-ended programs the Federal Government pays a fixed portion or “Federal Financial Participation” (FFP) percentage of the amounts claimed. ability to generate non-Federal (“matching”) funds.

Do you see now why States are so rigorous in enforcing child support obligations…while they could care less about enforcing visitation orders?

There’s no matching Federal Funds for ensuring Non-Custodial Parent visitation programs!

Do you see how the Federal Government’s policy directly influences all of the social work agencies and how they encourage the creation and maintenance of single motherhood households, broken homes and unreasonable and unjust child support settlements? Mother’s who are married are ineligible to receive food stamps…and the less food stamps the State issues, the less matching funds the various administrative social services of that State will receive! Therefore it is in the State’s financial interest to promote as many people as possible become dependent on the Food Stamps (WIC) programs, coupled with the Child Support Collection Agencies of each State!

This is why so many child support cases are enforced with utter ruthlessness…why a man who is disabled or unemployed through no fault of his own can still be held accountable for his child support ruling and the Family Courts are very resistant to lowering the support obligations…even temporarily. There’s a lot of Federal Matching Funds at stake if men were simply allowed to actually be held responsible to reasonable child support obligations given circumstances regarding his earning abilities.

We literally exists in a Nation for which it is the official Federal Government’s policy to use our tax dollars to pay the states to operate agencies and bureaucracies who’s sole financial incentive structure is based on creating and sustaining as many Fatherless homes and child support cases as possible.

Our government is literally paying to ensure that the traditional nuclear family is never formed or if it is, to break it up and keep it broken up.

THIS is the utter definition of UN-SUSTAINIBILITY for our society and culture!

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