Feminists and Social Conservatives Cluelessly Proselytizing for Islam

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by W.F. Price on October 6, 2009

Revolutions often result from bad law. For many who suffer under injustice, Islam is an attractive alternative to an oppressive regime. In fact, the corruption and abuse of justice in Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier Province is one of the biggest reasons for locals’ support of the Taliban, who promise to return righteous rule to the region with their strict version of Sharia.

Reader and commenter The Fifth Horseman has brought a couple of articles concerning the use of Sharia – which is currently sanctioned in Britain to conduct certain civil matters – by non-Muslims and recent converts. Many of these British people who are turning to Sharia are men, and some British “conservatives” fear that there will be large numbers of conversions to Islam by married British men who fear the potential devastation of a secular, civil divorce.

MP Mark Pritchard, member of the Conservative Party Human Rights Commission, writes:

Women are also losing out in rulings over child custody disputes, which more often rule in favour of men. It is not unimaginable that, in the near future, people from other faiths – and no faith at all – will nominally or genuinely convert to Islam, in the hope of begetting a sympathetic custody hearing and paternal settlement compared to the maternal bias of some English family courts.

Although a severe understatement, at least Mr. Pritchard is honest about the “maternal bias” in the Anglosphere’s secular family law. A host of other so-called conservatives raise the specter of abuse of women being sanctioned by Sharia (abuse of men by secular family law appears unimportant to them):

We should do more to strengthen Muslims within the legal profession, who oppose a parallel Shariah system, tackle financial sources of support for Islamist groups, resist further implementation of Shariah, and recognise that protection of Muslim women from abuse “is better secured through Western marriage and family law than through Shariah schemes”.

Just like the preacher who rails against men in his Sunday sermon only to find that they are soon absent from the pews – indeed, absent from any church at all – the conservatives will soon find themselves and their feminist allies of convenience all alone in their counter-jihad.

If the abuse of men by family law, which provides women with incentives to leave their husbands and attack them with government agencies, is not addressed by these conservatives they will simply be abandoned by their base of traditional British men, and they will have deserved it. The Church of England, once a bastion of British respectability and national character, is a faint shadow of its former self. Confronted by a more vigorous and manly faith, even the Archbishop of Canterbury is now endorsing Sharia.

Although I do not support Sharia in the West, because I think it is a poor fit for Western culture, environment and civilization, it would be disingenuous of me to write that it does not offer an attractive alternative to contemporary family law. If the West cannot address its own broken law and the millions of injustices it has brought down on its men, we may soon face the specter of a home-grown Taliban, and if the only people fighting it with all their hearts are Feminists and opportunistic Social Conservatives, there’s a good chance it will eventually win.

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