They’re Calling for Slavery Now

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by W.F. Price on October 5, 2009

Women who have children with a man, and then decide to trade him in for a monthly check aren’t happy with the coercive child support system that can take all and more of a man’s pay, put him in jail and revoke his right to leave the country. No: prison, poverty and Soviet-style restrictions on movement aren’t enough. Nor is even good old-fashioned peonage.

In fact, according to one single mother, who had children with a man she describes as a drug addict, slave labor is the only appropriate remedy.

April McCaffery, who writes for Examiner as the LA single parenting correspondent, gives this recommendation on her personal blog:

Deadbeat dads should be forced into slave labor. It’s the only possible solution that might actually lead to results.

Never mind the fact that she chose to have children with this alleged loser of a man — he still owes her a better standard of living, goddammit! I have no idea who left whom, but chances are the woman did the leaving, and rather than being happy about having children and no longer being responsible for the drug addict she willingly had sex and children with, she has decided that she should be able to use the state to force the man to break rocks for her.

This is the ultimate attitude of entitlement, and gives us a view into the hearts of women across America who ditch their husbands. In their twisted little minds, men not only owe them children, but a lifetime of enforced servitude as well. And of course, the fathers have no rights whatsoever to parent their children (who could suggest such a thing?).

As men, our freedom is our most precious asset. If that can be taken away by faithless women, there is something so inherently unjust about the system under which we live that mere acquiescence may not be enough to remedy it.

I am curious as to what men think the proper response should be to the reintroduction of slavery for the benefit of women who choose to leave their husbands. Perhaps our readers have some suggestions. There are lines we cannot allow to be crossed, but dare we articulate a response when they are?

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